Raped with Pleasure

‘No no! Please don’t!’, cried Laura as she was dragged backwards in the arms of a stranger, having a punch delivered across her cheek bones. She was flung into the tall bushes nearby, pricking across her arms and legs painfully, but face protected by her hands. As soon as she got on her knees to crawl away, strong hands held her ankles and flattened her on the uneven ground.

Holding her face against the rocks-covered soil, his knee jabbed into her back with his full weight down on her. ‘Struggle and your pretty face will be losing bits of skin to the glass shards here. Understand?’, the fierce whisper was only audible to her as breeze hustled the leaves, silencing the fateful rape in the foilage.

Laura knew exactly what left her in this mess. It was the pink, one-piece tank top dress that made her wore G-strings and a tube folded in half, to hide her nipples under the extra layer of cloth. The walk through the playground in the park was the que for the man to pounce, and there she was under his brute force.

He remained on one knee on her lower back as her dress got stripped downwards, all the way into the leaves behind her feet. The tube bra was left hanging around her waist and G-strings? Easily ripped apart to quicken the process of getting her ready.

As he moved between her thighs to feel her soft skin, he slid right up to her pussy and jolted her ass up. Fingers then started tugging skin into her vagina as he forced his way in, thrusting a few times before juices eased the warming friction. Finally, she was feeling better despite meeting this horrific encounter.

Without much space and privacy to carry his mission, the zipping noises injected fear right into her heart, making her fully aware that there was no protection between them. After his jeans were opened, he laid himself on top of her and wriggled his butt to get his dick in. He had his hands on her breasts, fondling them while blindly poking at the two holes.

In the mix of sobs and cries, a part of her was trying to get him into the right hole and getting the whole hellish torture over. And that random jabbing did not help. Left with no choice, she swallowed hard and turned her head to whisper what she had say, ‘it’s lower’.

A disgusting phrase of ‘thank you’ later, she sent a scream into his quick-shifting hand, which told him he was in. The man began humping immediately and groaned in a satisfying tone, complimenting her with words like ‘you’re so tight’ and ‘you like being raped right?’

Well, he wasn’t just patronising her with those comments. The unwillingness of her body was making the sick crime more enjoyable. A biological response she could not overcome. With that intense level of pleasure, the brute rammed even faster to meet his personal objective.

As for Laura, the stiffness of her pussy was forcing all her sensitive spots to stand out like splinters ready to be sanded. Each time he pulled and pushed, short, powerful shocks would send more lubricant leaking through the pleasure tunnel. Three minutes was all she took for her first orgasm to spasm her thigh muscles, jerking violently under the man who got more excited.

‘You actually came before me huh? Glad you enjoyed it’, those were the last words she heard from him. Once her body calmed down, he spread her legs and positioned himself between. His hands held her waist and brought her ass up, adjusting into the much-loved doggie stance. Laura quickly brought her face off the ground and reached behind to push him away, only to end up with both her arms locked like a horse in harness.

What followed next was a rampage through her pussy, dick tearing her apart to a point her mind snapped, giving into the rape with moans. As she was nowhere loud, he let her be and continued fucking, pounding in a rhythm that soon brought him near orgasm.

Since damage was already done, he took his time pulling out of her and egged her on with ‘I’m gonna cum soon. Where should I shoot little slut?’. That sentence woke her up and her body slouched lower to free her pussy from his dick. Ironically, he laid on top of her as she went down, keeping his dick tightly fitted inside.

‘Not inside me please.. I’ll let you shoot in my mouth’. That was the only deal-breaker she could think of and his sudden gentleness kind of put her mind at ease. He got up on his feet and placed both her hands on his legs, head in front of his dick.

The moment she laid eyes on the rape tool, the amount of liquid embarrassed her a little, as if her body had betrayed the inhumane act on females. Without wasting anymore time, she brought her mouth to his dick and moved back and forth, milking his rod to the best of her skills. After all, she needed to get this over and done with.

Manly groans came shortly after and confidence delivered his dick down her throat, slurping wetly on the coarse drill bit that just completed its job. Her sixth sense was telling her that she had him under control, and making a run for it would be possible. Except that.. she was nude.

Part hand, part mouth, the final lap began and the man had a hand holding her head to guide her speed. ‘Fuck yeah!’, she barely made out what he muttered and a pile of cum just unloaded into her jaws, spraying it over her tongue and into places she could not lick off.

Once he got his fun, he yanked her tube off her waist and flung her dress at her. In a flash, his jeans went back on and he dashed out of sight. Now, feeling lost and confused, Laura wore her dress and picked her purse up.

Safely in her home, there was no tears nor shame she felt. Her body had made a pact with her mind on the walk home. As much as she wanted to feel victimised, the tingle in her clit constantly reminded her how much she enjoyed the process.

To be fucked unwillingly, and achieving a tightness she had never given to any man she had consensual sex with. What she just went through might just be that one experience of her lifetime impossible to recreate.

Strangely after that day, that particular pink, tank top dress was her favourite to go out in, never failing to get wet while feeling the thin cotton material rubbing all over her body as she moved.

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