Right Before Work

It wasn’t everyday that I reached work early and spent some time sitting outside the shop looking around aimlessly. Just then, a familiar couple stopped in front of me and I recognised them immediately from their frequent visits.

Lady: ‘Not open yet?’
Me: ‘So sorry about it. I think they closed late last night.’
Girl: ‘We can come back later.’
Me: ‘Actually I can open the shop I won’t be able to run it alone.’
Lady: ‘Oh. We are in no hurry. You can take your time.’

I unlocked the glass door and let them in, starting up the air conditioning while cleaning up the front of the house. In fifteen minutes, I was done and served their drinks shortly after, since being regulars, I knew what they liked.

They invited me to join them after requesting me to lock the doors, as I won’t be able to manage if more customers entered. With a mug of iced cold beer, we sat deeper in the shop where no one would see, and they chatted about my work at this place.

When I first saw them as walk in customers, the mother and daughter were dressed very sexily, totally unexpected that she would allow her girl to wear such clothes. A few times they visited, the slimmed waist mum wore a chiffon low cut top and a layered black floral skirt, so short that anyone walking up the stairs behind them would be able to see what’s underneath. The daughter was mostly in her school uniform, except for weekends, when she would join her mum in short skirts and revealing tops.

This time, she wore a pair of jeans but her daughter, whose name was Felicia after I learnt through some conversation, was in a flaring denim skirt that almost exposed her butt cheeks. Indeed, it was hard to concentrate and the causal sitting position often brought her skirt so dangerously high. After a while, the mum received a call and she left in a hurry, shoving a few pieces of ten dollar notes into Felicia’s hand.

Now, all that’s left was just her and I, sharing the mug of beer since her mother wasn’t around. I did not wait for her to invite me to sit beside her and joined shamelessly, ready to be shunted away if she did not like it. But instead of distancing herself, we sat closer until our legs were touching.

Felicia: ‘How nice to have a cafe just to chill out at right?’
Me: ‘Well, from a business point of view, it’s money going down the drain.’
Felicia: ‘I’m still paying for my drinks!’
Me: ‘I know. Boss just texted me, that we’re only opening in the evening. Means I’ll have to be alone for at least a few hours.’
Felicia: ‘Not exactly, you can sleep or do anything you want.’

We cocked about what could I do and unknowingly, a slip of my tongue blurted out, ‘We can have some kinky fun’. The girl’s eyes opened wide and almost seemed excited. She excused herself to the loo and shouted through the opened doors, asking me to go over.

Felicia: ‘Is here discreet enough?’

Standing in front of her, I stepped forward close enough to take a whiff of her scent, and the slight tremor in her eyelids told me she was breathing me in too.

Me: ‘Discreet enough for? You have to be clearer.’

Her hands went around my neck and a little tiptoe lifted her high enough to peck on those sweet, young lips. We kissed without worries until her fingers dug into my belt, undoing the straps to free it. Her skirt needed no unbuttoning as it went easily down her legs with just a push, and that silky thin panties was all that stands between our intimate beginning.

Me (whispering): ‘Won’t your mum hate me?’
Felicia: ‘Let’s not get started on the men she brings home.’
Me: ‘Won’t your dad find out?’
Felicia: ‘He has his fair share of women too.’

I was at a loss of what to say, for anything that follows might cause more harm than good. Returning my attention to her, I ran my hands under her shirt to the pair of developing boobs. The smooth padding unlike a clothed bra was what I knew as ‘NuBra’, dropping onto the floor with just a peel. I cupped my hands over her tits and felt her hands roaming into my jeans, feeling up my butt.

Me (whispering): ‘Let me take my jeans off.’

She backed off and let me step out of the pants, before her hand quickly grabbed onto my snake. On such long days, I would usually wear a more comfortable underwear, since a smooth material would prevent abrasion too. Within minutes of her teasing, I was lowering my underwear for her hand and her skirt was high at her waist too. I couldn’t wait any longer to get into those panties that felt so soft.

We made out for a while more and I was asked to sit on the toilet, given a little show of her pulling her skirt so it wouldn’t get in the way. As she climbed over my legs, I watched her spread those pink pussy lips in preparation for me.

Me: ‘You’re not a virgin right?’
Felicia: ‘No. I do have an active sex life with my boyfriend.’

Wasting no time, she sat over my rod and the tightness just caused me to lose my composure. The entry was like shoving my dick into a tiny rubber hole and the juices that came out of it seemed like it was just waiting for me to unleash itself.

While she began riding my cock, I sucked at her nipples in response, creating moans in the steamy single cubicle. After some time, I could see the tiredness in her eyes and got her to stand up, over the sink in front of the mirror.

Pushing her back forward, I separated her feet and rammed my dick in, turned on by the thought of fucking someone else’ girlfriend. But it wasn’t my fault too, there must be something missing that she had approached me so daringly for it. Ramming deep at the same time, her boobs were still in my hands, squeezed to a pulp.

All I could hear were her voice moaning another guy’s name, while she held my hands over her breasts. With time getting nearer to the delayed opening hours, I increased my speed regardless of her pleas and shoved myself so mercilessly hard at her pussy.

Finally, the moment of truth came and I slowed down, exiting just in time before the trigger was pulled.

Felicia: ‘Why did you stop?’
Me: ‘I’m cumming?’

The panting girl sat on the toilet and grudgingly reached for my dick, ready to empty the rifle. Standing in front of her, I closed my eyes as she planted a kiss at the tip, very slowly pushing her mouth down my shaft. The contrasting temperature really did made me harder as the door was left opened with cold air circulating, and her mouth simply placed my vital organ into a 36.5 degree bath.

A little groan left my mouth as she sucked deeper, letting her tonsils stroke the penis head. Felicia was good with her tongue as it swirled non-stop as she pulled my dick out. I was already in a deep trance when she sucked harder, urging me to give her the warning as I froze up.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey.. I’m about to cum.’
Felicia: ‘Ja.. Shoo.. ‘

Somewhat, the noise made sense and I relaxed my balls, letting her take control and milk it. Within a minute, the thick, yummy mayonnaise came spurting out and her cheeks puffed up, only to start swallowing as soon as she realised her lips might just give way.

Thankfully, there was no mess as I squeezed my last drop out, sending her to the sink to rinse her mouth.

Felicia: ‘It tasted like coffee!’
Me: ‘Yeah. I drank quite a bit yesterday.’
Felicia (whispering): ‘And I love coffee.. ‘

We exited the toilet after we cleaned up and she returned to her phone which was buzzing to a Whatsapp message.

Mum (Whatsapp): ‘Had fun?’

Felicia’s reply of ‘:P’ shortened the conversation and she went to the car parked on the double zigzag lines outside the shop. Her mum gave me a wave and I nodded in reply.

Then on, she frequent the shop more often before the opening hours or right before closing and we had tons of fun trying out at the various spots where most people would say ‘impossible’.

That was where she knew of Asumi, whom also visited once in a while at approximately the same time. Guess what happened to the three of us?

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