Seen my Cat?

It was 6pm and the alarm on my brother’s phone rang again, I knew what the alarm was for, and now, him being in BMT, it’s my turn to go feed the cat. Taking a pieces of fish on those unwanted flyer, I slipped on my top and went down in the Air Force’s comfy PT shorts. Thanks to the lift-on-every-floor, I can now be lazier and use it.

*Ding – level one*

Stepping out of the lift, I saw a girl sitting at the stone table. Well, as I was suppose to feed my kitty, I went around to look for it, sure the girl was quite cute and wearing a pair of shorts and and a combination of tank top, tube and bra. I don’t quite understand that dress code though, but sure the straps makes it look like a little more well wrapped present. I went around the blocks and couldn’t find the grey stripped pussy. There is only one way to know if the cat is even in the area.

Me: ‘Umm.. Excuse me, did you see a cat nearby?’
Girl: ‘Grey? Stripped?’
Me: ‘Yeah yeah. I’m suppose to feed her, but.. no idea where she went.’
Girl: ‘I think I saw her. She went around the stairs and disappeared, it didn’t come out from the other side as well. Might have gone up.’
Me: ‘Thanks. I’ll be going.’
Girl: ‘Can I come along? Cats are so cute. They’re always playing.’
Me: ‘Yeah sure. If you don’t mind going up the stairs with an awesome stranger like me.’

She got up and sling her bag across her chest, following me up about three floors up. The cat was sitting there, staring at the door.

Me: ‘Ouh. Umm.. this is my house.’

She gave out a giggle and I handed her the food, she placed the food down and took a seat beside me on the steps. As usual, I would tickle the cat’s forehead and give it a pat. I did notice her fear of touching it or getting bitten by it. Hmm.. Good excuse to hold her hands? Maybe?

Me: ‘You’re afraid of cats?’
Girl: ‘No.. just furry animals.’
Me: ‘Haha. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Humans don’t taste good to them.’
Girl: ‘Haha! You sure made it sounds harmless and safe.’
Me: ‘They are!’

I grabbed her hand ┬áby the wrist and after a little struggle, she relaxed and used her index finger to poke the kitty’s head while it continued eating.

Me: ‘See?’

She smiled and ruffled the cat’s fur all over. And the cat did enjoy it as well, for the food and the fondling.

Girl: ‘I’m Jessica.’
Me: ‘And I’m J. What are you doing downstairs? Alone?’
Jessica: ‘I’m waiting for a friend, but she’s caught up with some family matters. Not sure what time she’ll be done.’
Me: ‘Oh okay. You can play with the cat for now then.’
Jessica: ‘That’s your place? Anyone in?’
Me: ‘Nope. No one in. You want to come in?’

Without waiting for a response, I stood up and opened the door, inviting her in. Jess entered and while I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, she took the chance to explore the house and found what seems to be my room and made herself specially comfortable.

Jessica: ‘You like bunnies too!’

Her exclamation was loud as I went to wash up, relieve myself and finished my half-eaten sandwich. When I was back, she was lying on my bed, hugging the biggest bunny and looks asleep. Quietly laying down the cup of water, I opened up my blanket and covered her, sitting beside to watch her sleep. As I tapped away on my iPhone, her weary voice broke the silence.

Jessica: ‘Sorry. I fell asleep.’
Me: ‘It’s okay, you must have been tired out.’
Jessica: ‘You want to lie down too?’

Somehow she was quite daring to be so comfortable in a stranger’s house and even lying on his bed. No sense of danger huh? I guess this was what made her feel so close to anyone. There was no suspicion or even doubts. I could tell she totally believe in people and for who they are.

She moved inwards and made some space for me, being the ‘naughty’ me, I lay beside her and went one more step ahead to hug her at the waist. She turned towards me and hugged me back, gliding her head against the pillow towards my lips. It was quite a make out, I remembered. Our tongue fight lasted some moments before our hands were busy stripping each other’s clothes. Sitting up to remove some pieces of clothes, then lying down to remove our bottoms. I didn’t even know if she was a virgin or had a boyfriend.

We just advanced with our lips no more than five seconds apart at any one time, kissing and licking each other all over. From her face to neck, down her chest and the two perks, to her belly button and a good paintjob on her pussy, which smelled heavenly – after shower scent. We swapped our positions and she returned the favour, licking me from top to bottom and marking her spot with an awesome mind blowing job. She skillfully worked her tongue up and down my shaft, swallowing it deep and using her tongue to caress and fondle every sensitive spots. I was so close to cumming, but she always seemed to read the signs correctly and did not push me too far.

She slid her ass forward after the blowjob and sat over me, ready to receive my present into her. She rammed downwards and ate it up, bouncing on top of me, like she haven’t done it for a long long time. It wasn’t the pace nor speed she went at, it was her tight hole she could control. The sensation of her vaginal muscles moving and closing in on me, sucking me back in as she lifted herself up or out. A blowjob and a great fuck combined.

Her phone rang midway and she picked it up while I was inside her. Slowly grinding her hips, she managed to ‘hide’ her activity from the caller.

Jessica (to phone): ‘Okay, I’ll be right there. Give me a few minutes, I’m nearby getting some stuff.’

She threw the phone down onto my bed and started her quick squats, just allowed her pussy to go up and down, tightening so closely I couldn’t last more than thirty seconds.

Me: ‘Jess! It’s cumming.’
Jessica: ‘Inside me.’

There was it. My shaft pumped all my seeds into her and as she paused for my unloading, she was sucking me with her pussy, drying it out. She got off me after a minute and got dressed. To think I caught the sight of cum dripping down onto her panties as she put it back on. She continued a handjob as she wore her clothes back on.

Giving me a goodbye kiss at the door, she did a ‘shhh’ sign on her lips to make our little sexcapades as a secret.

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