Sex and Drugs

Sales had been great in the new dark alley the drug dealer found, without a huge crowd around, suspicion was especially low in the back row of a coffee shop. Work began at 2am and a small table was set up, with two bottles of beer and a ice box filled. Customers would walk by and sit for a minute, before leaving with their wallets empty and urges curbed.

Kim, a girl in her 20s, appeared after a customer left the table and she sat on one of the red chairs opposite Mickey. Her sunken eyes and slim figure was the result of the abuse of controlled substances. It was a way for her to maintain her figure, and to get the energy to work non-stop on her day job.

Mickey: ‘So you’ve got your money?’
Kim: ‘No, not yet. But I will have it in a few days. Can I go on credit first?’
Mickey: ‘You know we don’t work on credit.. but I’ll give you a special.’
Mickey (shouting): ‘Yong! Let you try something new. Bring her to the back.’

Yong was the newly hired look out for his little corner. And since it was just his second day at work, his boss was nice enough to let him have a taste of a fuck-for-drug deal that was common, but seldom entertained since money was their main objective. Still, the quota was reached and it was just a few more appointments with some regulars left.

He walked to the table and Kim saw how young he was, probably in his teens, with a nerdy spectacle that showed how blur he was. Well, that was the kind of people Mickey would want working for him. She got up and followed Yong through the backdoor of the coffee shop, left open intentionally in case of emergency. Whatever the deal was with the owner, it was worth it.

She walked in front of him and pulled her black working skirt up, till her garters were exposed and the bare shaved pussy was in his view. Yong clumsily undid his pants and let it drop onto the floor, waiting for Kim to bend over one of the tables.

Kim: ‘Just this?’
Yong: ‘Yeah. Boss didn’t say anything else.’

Right then, Mickey’s head popped in and saw what his apprentice was about to do.

Mickey (shouting): ‘Zhar bor! You better give him a full package! Yong! Fuck you!’

She immediately knew he was not to be meddled with if she wanted her dose. Sitting on the fixed chair in the shop, her mouth went down on Yong and her lips sealed tightly around his shaft, before moving her head up and down. Being the naive guy, Yong could last longer than she expect and was getting tired of him pumping his dick into her jaws, he was basically gaining control and fucking her mouth.

After a few more minutes of choking, she pulled her mouth away and gave him a kiss before he pushed her away.

Yong: ‘Yuck! Don’t kiss me.’

Shocked and frightened by what she just did, she apologised and assured him that something better would come to make up for her mess. Kim was just so afraid of doing all these for nothing if she failed to satisfy the young chap. She quickly got to the edge of the table and bent over it, waiting for Yong to fuck her.

The lost look on his face amused her but no sounds came out of her. She moved her body closer to the seats and rested one of her knees on it, knowing how wild it could get if he really went crazy. Yong finally got started and his fingers went up her slit from her clit, and poked into her without much teasing. The roughness wasn’t as bad since she was a little turned on by the innocent little boy, but she knew she had to do it anyway.

After his fingers went in and out for a few times, his dick was next to go inside of her and in one move, the rod just slid through her unprepared pussy to the deepest spot. Her hands grabbed the edges of the table while feeling his hands shift to the sides of her blouse. The force he fucked her at was so strong and violent, giving her a hell of orgasms as one particular side of his little head kept rubbing on her G-spot.

Mickey had packed his table and brought all of the barang barang into the shop. He took out a cigarette and with his mug of beer, sat in front of Kim. It was totally irrelevant to her as she could not see with her eyes closed in ecstasy. With the loud slapping sounds from the dick shooting in and out of her, the craving for the drug was diminishing. Mickey saw that as a cue to quickly offer her a badly rolled joint with the white powder she was fucked for.

She took a deep breath from the stick and her body went limped from the relaxation. With Mickey at her mouth giving her the puffs, Yong was going even harder and deeper inside of her, until he was about to cum.

Yong: ‘I’m cumming!’
Mickey: ‘Just shoot inside her.’
Yong: ‘Cannot cannot.’

He pulled out and went over to her mouth, still covered with Kim’s juices, shoving it between glossy lips and shot his load onto her tongue. She coughed from the mix of smoke and sperms but was still gagged by the dick.

Mickey: ‘Swallow it. If not you won’t get anything.’

Kim had no choice and swallowed still with his dick inside her mouth. A few more strokes from Yong cleaned his dick off of cum and juices and he was finally out of her. Totally drained, her movements were in slow-mo and her pussy was red and sore from the thrashing.

Mickey: ‘How Yong? Enjoyed it?’
Yong: ‘Yeah. How I wish I can have more.’
Mickey: ‘Haha! You work more shifts with me lo. Anyway, she will only get about fifty dollars worth.’
Kim (blabbering): ‘Just fifty?’

The two guys chatted a while more for Kim to get her energy back, finally giving her S$80 worth of her drugs. As it was just three days before her pay day, the packet of white stuff would last her till then. She took the pack from Mickey and left the coffee shop for them to pack up and leave.

It wasn’t just the drug that she was so desperate to get, but after the sex and drug session, it was a new sensation she knew would give her more kick. She stalked Yong for a while and approached him, bringing him back to her place so she could get the buck’s worth of high.

Now, I wonder who is addicted to who. It could be Yong to her, and her to drugs, and drugs to Mickey. What a pleasant cycle.

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