Shooting at a Star

Me: ‘Hi Jacelyn. K here. We’ll be doing the shoot here.’

Jacelyn: ‘Umm.. okay.’

She entered the lift with me, and reached out for the 1.5 litre bottle I was holding with my tripod. As the lift whizzed to the highest floor, the silence was expected at our first meeting, since she said she was shy with strangers. There was not yet anything to say then. Upon reaching the twenty third storey, I walked into the door leading up to the roof, and she followed suit, standing behind me while I placed my equipments down.

Me: ‘You can just sit there.’

Jacelyn: ‘Is there anything you want me to change into?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Hang on.’

I passed her the grey bag with a slit on the top, still in it’s original packaging after it arrived at my place. Just wearing a simple t-shirt and shorts, she removed them while I looked away, and changed into the white blouse and plaided skirt, resembling a school uniform from Japan. As I felt the material for the first time between my fingers, the high quality of it made me pleased with the money I spent.

From my bag, I took out a small vibrator, similar to a longer bullet without any wires. The camera was set up easily and switched on, ready for action.

Me: ‘For a start, just put it on your panties, don’t have to remove anything. Make it look like you’re hiding here to masturbate. I will be walking around, you just hold your pose.’

I walked down the stairs and aimed the camera at her, snapping away at the skinny built of her. Just as she told me, 1.6 meters, 42kg. A small yet beautiful package. Thankfully, the clothes fitted her well. As I roamed around her taking the photos, the awkwardness was getting to her. I knew I had to give her something to do then.

Me: ‘Actually, you can press the button on the back and use it. It will help you be less shy.’

A click sound was heard, and the buzzing started. Almost immediately, her face flushed and goosebumps were seen forming on her skin. Her head fell on the wall beside her and her hands were moving under her skirt, presumingly guiding the toy to where it felt best.

After I was done with the side angle, I stood in front of her, squatting at her knees. Her eyes remained shut and was slowly drifting into her own world – exactly the mood best for photos that would appear here. Beneath the shutter sounds were her moans, coupled with shallow breaths she took. It was a moment that would definitely advance further if I did lost control of myself.

From her initial appearance, I would never expect her to have such a photogenic kinky side that appeared so well on camera, much less guessing her wilder side. It was a subtle, wild mood that was coming from her that softened my heart.

The photoshoot moved on to me telling her to unbutton the shirt for the photos, and turning her body so she could rest her feet on the same step, all for aesthetics of the images I took. Soon, the buttons were all undone and the bare centre of her body was showing. The only thing that was left was the center of the bra, which preserved the decency of my photos.

After I got the photos I needed, I placed my camera on top of my bag and sat one step lower. With her eyes shut, I slipped my hand between her legs, one higher than the other, on different levels. I took over the vibrator and pressed it harder on her panties, where her hands fell to the sides lifelessly. Bringing the toy to the seams of her underwear, I pushed the thin material away and landed the plastic toy on her slit, before sliding it up to where her clit was.

Tucking it behind her panties, my hand went back outside and played with the lucky bullet, which was turning her on and getting her panties soaked.

Me: ‘You want to remove it so you won’t stain it?’

She opened her eyes slightly to look at me, dropping her palm on my knee.

Jacelyn (panting): ‘Is that what you tell the other girls? Cause it’s a good idea.’

She took her own panties off and I could see that nicely trimmed pussy hair, shaved to a single file leading down to her slit. Running my fingers down the short bush, my middle fingertip touched on her raw flesh and a little upward drag brought be under the tiny hood that covered that reddish pearl. Swapping to my thumb, I pushed down hard on it before rubbing it, making her moan with a shy tone in it.

Me: ‘Do you finger yourself?’

Jacelyn: ‘Yeah. I do.’

I stopped after more of her juices leaked onto my thumb, and changed to my index finger that poked into the entrance of her pussy. Taking a pause right at that spot, I let my finger did a little thrusting until she could not take it anymore. Placing her hand over mine, her index finger pushed me in and I let myself in all the way, feeling the undersides of her pussy, right below her groin. The tiny bumps jolted her up and her wide opened eyes told me how good it felt.

Smiling to her, I curved my finger upwards and started to finger her, but not before I took a minute to explore her insides. The way she arched and bent her back was so sexy, especially in a small body like hers. I went on with the slow speed before she whispered ‘go faster’. Juicy sounds were coming out from our intimate contact and driving her wild.

There was no intention of getting pleasured in return at our first meeting, so I was relatively ‘soft’ throughout my service to her. Halfway, she stopped me and pulled my hand away, reaching innocently to my groin and feeling for the hard on.

Jacelyn: ‘You’re not hard?’

Me: ‘Nope. I guess I’m weird in this sense. I didn’t expect anything from you.’

Jacelyn: ‘Come. Take it off.’

I got up and removed my shorts. It was then my dick slowly grew awake and getting semi-hard. She walked down the steps and had me sit just two steps off the ground. She sat crossed legged on the floor and stroked my dick hard, using juices from her pussy as she continued to masturbate herself. Once there was enough lubricant to start, her fingers went around my rod and began jerking up and down.

To me, it was a simple motion that required not much explanation, but her attentive eyes was locked on the underside of my dick that I could not see. She was just admiring the complex veins running along the shaft, and watch how the veins brighten themselves as she pumped upwards. For the first time in a long while, her slow and attentive handjob was really charging me up like a super soaker.

It took her a good ten minutes of continuous strokes to get me to the edge. And it was one I could calmly tell her that I am about to cum. She tightened her grip on me and jerked me for a few more times, before her hand removed itself from me.

Me: ‘You don’t want me to shoot?’

Jacelyn (whispering): ‘I want you inside me.’

She got up and went on her fours on the concrete ground, back facing me. I was surprised at her openness and even asked her if it hurt. Shaking her head without a word, I got up as well and pulled out a condom from my bag. Hmm.. to think I even had one prepared.

I rolled it on quickly and did a half-squat behind her, pointing my dick at her pussy. In just one stroke, my meat was delivered into her and I held her tiny waist firmly in my hands. Keeping her still, my groin slapped hard onto her bum, and sank my rod so deep she had to moan. Pumping with all my might, I knew I could not last long at all. Her slim hips were squeezing so hard on my dick that it was starting to hurt, but I couldn’t care less.

Jacelyn: ‘Cumming soon?’

Me: ‘Yeah. You’re so tight.’

She let me pumped her a few times before suddenly crawling forward and letting me slip out. Quickly turning around, she pointed down for me to sit and kneeled between my legs, unrolling the rubber off and replacing it with her mouth. Sucking on it, her hand stablised my rod at the base and her head pumped up and down along my shaft. That wet little tongue, gliding at the sensitive nerves under my little head.

Within half a minute, my hands had gone behind her head, resisting my mind not to hold her down. Her mouth felt the slight enlargement of my girth and her lips sealed themselves tightly. Squirting the slimy silk into her, she did not flinched a bit and just kept looking at me, trying her best to feel the end of my presents. It did took me close to a minute to calm down, and by then, her mouth was full to a point she couldn’t talk.

Slowly lifting her head up, my cum was all safe and sound until she went to the drain around the pipes, emptying her mouth clean. We cleaned ourselves up after that and packed our belongings before sitting back down, giving ourselves a little debrief.

Me: ‘Why did you let me put it in?’

Jacelyn: ‘Cause I want to know how sex feels like?’

Me: ‘Oh shit. Yeah. You told me you’re a virgin.’

Jacelyn: ‘Nevermind. No one will know anyway.’

At that point, I wasn’t sure to laugh with her or to feel sad. But I knew for a fact, that she had fun. I guess she only gets wild when she is turned on. Still wearing the school uniform, she asked if she could wear it home as she liked it a lot. Sadly, I had to reject, just so I can wash and keep it so she wouldn’t forget to bring. However, the vibrator was hers to keep, as a present before the photos went online.

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