Me (on phone): ‘Rina, are you here yet?’
Rina (on phone): ‘Give me five more minutes. Am on the cab now.’

Like she said, a cab pulled up beside the hotel and she climbed out of it in a boyfriend tee with shorts. To make herself seem more demure, a pair of flats completed her girl-next-door look. We’ve arranged for a photoshoot, one where she would pose in different stockings for a guy she wanted to pamper. That guy is one helluva lucky.

We checked into one of the 81s along Balestier specifically asking for a room with a window for the lightings’ sake. It wasn’t that awkward, since do look like a couple with raging hormones for a start of a day. The staff probably wouldn’t notice the gigantic camera bag I’m lugging on my shoulders.

The room wasn’t too bad, brightly lit by natural light, table and TV well positioned out of the bed’s way. While she went to the toilet to wash up, I removed the items on the table in case we’d need the mirror. As she was done, I placed my loaned D300 lightly on the table and walked over to her, standing closely while unbuttoning her shirt.

Rina: ‘Ehh?’

There was no resistance, but she was taken aback I guessed. I gave her a grin as I peeled her clothes away.

Me: ‘Helping my model change.’

She was soon in her bra and panties, seated beside me as I rummage through her bagful of clothes and stockings. As planned for the first attire, she would be in an oversized-tee just long enough to cover her butt. Since it was long enough, she didn’t bother to wear anything under either.

With the constant chatting and feedback, we managed to experiment a few other ideas and shot more photos than expected. Having about one more hour of time to spare before we have to check out, we decided to finalize the shoot. Since Rina was the model and always moving around, staying still for the camera, she was pretty worn out. So she had the luxury of taking a nap on the comfy clean sheets while I browse and note down the serial numbers of the better pictures.

Rina: ‘Hey, do you want to lie down? The bed is so cold.’
Me: ‘Haha. So do I warm the bed or you?’
Rina: ‘You can warm me from top, or below, or inside out.’

To be frank, a hard on was already at play since the shoot started. She was posing panty-less, sometimes on purpose for the pictures, and nothing quite beats watching a girl strip in front of you. Rina wasn’t a girl to trifle with, she didn’t just change as though you’re invisible, in fact she would do the sexy way of removing her clothes, and slow enough for your fingers to hit the shutter button if you find an angle you like.

I joined her under the blankets and wrapping my arm around her waist, she was covered in this thin tee shirt, bra-less and panty-less, still in a fishnet stocking. Her hands reached for my impatient meat and massaged up and down. She was just a little wet, and I could feel it as the warmth gather at my upper thigh, which were between her legs.

Rina: ‘Let’s not wait any longer. Warm me up.’

I flipped over above her and sink my warm rough semen delivery tool into her, with a lot of friction that started her engines, roaring with moans. Well, just a few seconds and her little clit fountain is wet, ready for some pump action. My hips thrust hard and deep into her, releasing the starving hormones which were quite tortured in camp, having only seen guys in green or in their underwear.

After a few minutes of missionary, wait. Missionary. Soldiers on a mission. (: She turned over and raised her tiny butt up.

Rina: ‘Doggy?’
Me: ‘Yes mdm.’

Her ass was quite average, but it sure was meaty and tender. Giving it a good rebound as I forced it in, prying her tight pussy open. We went for as long as we could till I was about to cum. She had an idea which completes the whole theme for the shoot ‘Stockings’.

She took off her fishnet she was wearing, and placed it around her hand.

Rina: ‘Kneel?’

I got on my knees on the bed and she stroked me with her other hand, without the stockings. Till I was about to cum, I warned her. She managed to catch all of my cum and after arranging it nicely on the bed, we took a photo to commemorate our hard work.

Rina: ‘That’s a picture worth the stockings.’

Well, that’s about it. The last statement was about the stockings. I think she’s not going to keep it anymore. Hmm. About the photos. Let’s see.

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