Hello people! Just because you’re here reading my site, I’m going to tell you something that I wished only the right people would know. Cause it’s going to make you somewhat attractive as hell. The best thing is, it doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl! Strong language incoming.

Okay. To all those assholes who have been posting on every social media in existence that you are horny, wants to fuck, up for flings, fuck you. Also, to those who feel lonely because the people you are there for, weren’t there when you need them, shut up already.

I am going to grant you guys one word after I get this off my chest, but first, a little history of this ‘epiphany’. There has been one too many people out there who are feeling unfair one way or another. The sense of void, loneliness, helplessness, desperate urges, we are all going through that. We are bombarded with so much influence that everyone is needy around us, we accidentally look at ourselves and feel the same.

Are we the same? Are you the same? Right. Of course you’re not! (Since you’re here). The one big thing that differentiate men from real men, is strength. So, the word is STRONG. Yes, be strong. I know you are feeling miserable that no one loves you, but don’t you love anyone? Be strong for them!

We all feel down once in a while, and making it known to everyone who cares about you actually makes you look fucking weak. It doesn’t matter how many hours you are strong that you get to feel weak. You aren’t supposed to be weak in their eyes. For people who don’t know you yet, do you want to appear weak to them?

Your needy needs, please keep it to yourself. Come up with something strong, confident, inspirational and let it tell the story of you. No one really wants to be your listening ear to what made you feel shitty. Let them WANT to be with you because you are strong, stronger than them. If you haven’t realised, friendships that come about from pity or sympathy sucks. Everyone is depending on everyone that no one feels strong anymore. If someone is toppling like a loose piece of domino, be the fucking wall that keeps them from falling onto their friends and loved ones.

If their friends and families feel that you are dependable, would they oppose your involvement with him/ her? Imagine you’re a fucking train wreck, who would want to be near you? Much less fulfil your needs. Thing is, be the one to fulfil others’ needs, and show that you can handle your own needs and shit, they will be closer to you before you realised.

In case you still haven’t got the jizz of this entry, just be strong. Or stronger. People asked you to be there not because you’re nice or rich or useful. They think you are stronger than them who couldn’t be there for themselves! Okay. Maybe not that serious but don’t count on those who asked you to be there to be there. You – fucking stand firm on your feet and be there for those who need you whenever.

Now, does it seem unfair that you’re there but they’re not? Good. Keep feeling unfair and no one wants to be around you. For fuck’s sake, accept that life is unfair. And you’ll be the first to be fair to everyone else. You can be the person to go to when everyone is crumbling. Just imagine how fucking awesome is that. The rock hard pillar. ;)

Whew. Okay. Everything is out. Lesson learnt, lesson shared. It’s up to you guys now.

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Bro seen like someone get u really angry or u want to tell what the true which I kind of agree with

Joze, thanks for your concern but I’m not angry when I wrote it. I am trying to put a message across in a way everyone will know how important it is to hold your own weakness to yourself and find a way to be strong without feeling injustice.

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