Sunday Morning

Me: ‘So early huh? Where are you going?’

Rika: ‘I’m going to NTUC to get some groceries. Thinking of cooking something today.’

I was just supposed to go to Sheng Shiong opposite my house to get milk for my Vanilla Latte I’m attempting. But since this little girl clad in a white spaghetti dress, is going to a supermarket alone, I shall be resourceful and not let this chance slip, or let her clothes slip without me. Standing at 160, and a tiny frame supporting her average build, probably not more than 42kg (I was once that weight), quite an ideal height and weight to have for a girlfriend.

Though this could take some time, let me give you a little background on Rika before we start. Her ancestry had a balanced mix of Japanese and Korean bloodline, until two generations ago, authentic Chinese blood were then introduced. Still her mum was from Japan and dad from Singapore. Everyone must have thought Japanese-Korean Chinese girls would look too hot and impossible for peasants but that wasn’t the case. Out of the three siblings, her younger sister looked most Japanese, her older brother looked most Korean and unexpectedly, she looked most Singaporean. The attraction probably only came when guys learn about her family history.

We attended the same kindergarten since young, and always waited together for the mini-van the school had chartered for us. She lived across the street which made us the ‘longest neighbours’ since childhood. On rare occasions, I would see her along the way and sadly, it would always be the three seconds of ‘umm.. are you?’ kind of ice breaker. Simple reason, I had schoolboy haircut (secondary school), then longer AC/DC style (three years of poly), finally the army cool cut (after poly), thus explaining the ‘new look’ concept every time we bumped into each other. And without fail each time, we would be in a hurry to go somewhere, and it never gave us enough thought or time to get each others’ contact.

Rika, on the other hand, had longer hair every time I saw her, till now, a lightly permed golden brown hair reaching her mid back, body releasing a mix of honeysuckle and Dove fragrance as we spoke for a brief moment before this fateful Sunday. I could still remember what she wore then (three days ago), a brown off-shoulder knitwear ending at her upper thighs and revealing a pink laced bra strap. Such a sight to behold, for every guy I guess?

Anyway, we bumped into each other again just three days ago, so I could identify her without guessing.

Me: ‘I’m going there to get milk too.’

Rika: ‘Haha! Great. We can catch up on the way.’

The trip took some time as we spoke and wandered around the supermarket, gathering random stuff her household needed and was short of, as well as the ingredients for baking. Throughout the journey, I didn’t see any bra straps from her spag nor a tube of any kind below her neckline. Was she even wearing anything?

We got what we wanted and having only bought a 2L bottle of milk, I went up to my place to drop it while she waited for me at the void deck. Shortly, I picked up her shopping bags and made her way to her place. It was seriously heavy, and she only had to carry a small bag because the two environmental-friendly bags were overloaded. Imagine a guy going through NS complaining heavy, it’s really a lot of stuff.

Me: ‘Eh? No one is home?’

Rika: ‘My sister is. She is going out soon though. Taking some test today. And from the way she dressed, should be out the whole day.’

Her sister walked out of her room wearing a one piece off-shoulder dress paired with jeans.

Rika (shouting to sister): ‘Don’t you dare remove the jeans when you go clubbing tonight.’

Did I mention the dress was super short? The type you can see the cutting of the jeans between the legs? Well, nothing can’t be solved without some pulling and tugging right?

Rika: ‘Will you be free to stay and cook together? I don’t think your granny will object.’

I made a call home while she refreshed herself. Throughout the cooking, it was kind of kinky to have this adorably dressed girl running about, while I either washed the crockery or stood around. After she put it into the oven for it to bake for a good 40 minutes, we finally had time to rest.

By then, I was sitting on the futon in her room which I placed my sling pouch. Rika came in and sat beside me, peering into my iPod Touch while I sliced fruits on Fruit Ninja.

Rika: ‘Eheh! Let me try.’

She got so engrossed for the start while I warmed up without air conditioning nor fan. I had a very temperature sensitive body which could easy perspire.

Me: ‘Can I remove my top? It’s kind of hot.’

Rika: ‘Haha. Sure. I’ll go turn on the air-con.’

Her side sitting position gave her white colored thongs away, getting me even warmer despite the cool air spraying around. As she was sitting just next to me, a quick peek at my shorts and she could tell I was getting turned on.

Rika: ‘Can I ask you something?’

*Uh oh*

Rika: ‘Are you hard?’

Being friends for a long time without much contact, I still consider her close. And I think she felt the same way too. That question just made me wonder how wild had she become. I turned my head to look into her eyes which was already on mine. Knowing that this is THE point of no return, I had to ask her the golden question.

Me: ‘Are you horny too?’

Rika continued staring into my eyes blankly, awkwardly deciding the next move. I closed my eyes and leaned towards her face, letting our cold lips meet. Her lips parted and a warm tongue received me, gently swiping her tongue left and right, brushing with mine. We went on for a few minutes and she pulled away. Probably thinking this is as far she allowed herself to go.

Rika: ‘Umm.. I’m wet.’

I could almost JIMP (a term my friend used for ‘Jizz in my Pants’) at that very point in time. There was no need to imagine her white undies with a damp spot, I would get the chance to see it, touch it and smell it. My lips went to work on hers and also to block out the awkwardness (of staring) while I reached under her dress. Sliding up her smooth legs under her hemline, I pulled at the sides of the thongs and it came off easily, of course not with a little help from her straightening her legs.

My hand went under her dress again and glided up her waist, feeling the clothed backing of a Nubra. Okay, don’t ask me how I know about it or even how I felt. I did my research whilst I was with my ex. It was already available for two years then. I pulled it away and her breasts came loose from it, fully contained in my hand. I sat between her legs and she lay on the futon for me, spreading her legs wider as my hand reached between her legs.

Me: ‘I’ve never imagined we’d reach here.’

Rika: ‘I’ve been imagining it even before we were here.’

My fingers toyed with her clit and then into the wet opening, churning response of gasps and moans as I pushed my middle finger deeper. I still had my shorts on then, right in front of her pussy, pointing forward at her slit. She signaled me to go over to help her up so she could play her part too. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I sat backwards onto my heels, setting me in a kneeling position. I took her hand and placed it on the stretchy seams of my shorts, while I pulled the knot apart. She peeled it downwards together with my boxers and life sprang from within. It was mere inches away from her lips, never I imagined that it would be in front of this childhood beauty whom changed so much.

An astonished look of curiosity and surprise covered her face as her hands come in contact with new meat for the first time. Undiscovered, but fantasized. Foreign, but had a soothing warmth. Menacing, but she knew it would be delivering anything but fear. Rika’s untrained strokes did not ring any bells from my past experience with my ex, nor it felt like anything before. Her strength, grip, speed, were different. Not too fast, nor too slow. I could look down and her cute watery eyes would look into mine, watching my response carefully while she pleasured me with a handjob.

Me: ‘Rika, what are you doing now? I mean your job or hobbies.’

Rika: ‘Oh, I am taking a Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy. Is that why I’m so good at it? :P’

It was quite awkward for a first timer to do it even better than myself. Nonetheless, lots of pre-cum from me and wetness from her couldn’t hide our desire for each other for long. Nor can fingering and a handjob release the monsters within us. I went to lie beside her to think a bit about what we were going to do next and at the same time calm my little one down for it got so close to cumming with her breathtaking fingers.

Questions about her virginity filled my mind and about where we might have gone too far. After all, I didn’t come here to take my good friend’s virginity away, nor use her to release my pent up sexual hunger. The smell of the cake was already filling up the house, and it was quite hard to contain her hunger from growling from the aroma of a banana-strawberry cake.

Me: ‘You’re hungry?’

Rika: ‘A little.’

She turned over towards me, went down and sucked my dick like a lollipop, juicing me up and and down, sinking my dick in and out between her sweet glossy lips. Her skillful tongue was brushing everywhere, sliding here and there, occasionally trying to pry into my pee hole. Her mouth deserved every bit of my cum right then, but that wasn’t on her mind at all.

After I got really hard and throbbing, she got up and went out of the room, returning with a condom with soft silicon spikes on it. It wasn’t like anything I’ve seen before, in no time she was prepared to cap me on.

Me: ‘Wait wait. Have you done it with your boyfriend before?’

Rika: ‘No. But the condom is for later.’

Me: ‘Later?’

She pulled me up and fell backwards onto the thick fluffy sheets, a pillow that was at her hips positioned her for the most tempting penetration ever. I knelt on the futon and dipped my penis into her pussy, coating it with her thick honey with one stroke it took to penetrate. Soon, I was on automatic mode, hips moving forward and backwards, pumping in and out, while she was trying to cope with her thrashed pussy, tightening and loosening from all the bombardment of pleasure.

Rika: ‘Wait wait. Put this on.’

She handed me the semi-dried condom she took out earlier and I slipped it on, diving back inside with little time wasted. The special texture was gave her even more to struggle for as her body twisted left and right, grabbing the edge of the pillows and pulling on the sheets. That I doubt would help at all.

Rika found a moment to focus and closed her eyes. The next thing I knew, her vagina walls were in control, while her face was in a controlled calm expression. She tightened while I pulled out and relaxed while I sank in. Making an unbearable suction that pulled me right deep. She just had to do that for about eight to ten thrusts, and I was struggling to maneuver my dick into comfort as the build up channeled up my shafts.

Me: ‘I’m about to cum!’

She pulled away from me and got onto her fours facing my dick, taking it deep and pulling out the condom with her mouth, I was just seconds away from wasting it on the bed but she came back after spitting the condom away, in time to feast on the protein load, spurting into her hungry mouth. She took a moment to wipe everything into her mouth and licked up whatever was dripping out, finally giving it a suck and sat still before me.

Looking into my eyes, she opened her mouth to show me my prize, and how she made them disappear down her throat. She came towards me for a kiss and after a short french, the digital beep from the oven sounded.

Rika: ‘Oops. Let’s go.’

She hopped up and went off without me, I left my boxers on and joined her in the kitchen. Well, most of the cake were either eaten off her body, or off mine. Leaving me hard and high, only to pound her from behind while she washed the dishes.

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