Surprised, Me

(I asked loudly) ‘IS THIS FOR YOUR SKIN?’

Against the blaring loud music playing in the club, I had to make sure that Maeve could hear my concerns, especially when she raised her glass of vodka to wash down the pill. Once her throat was cleared, she hopped off the bar stool and tiptoed to bring her lips closer to my ears.

(Maeve whispered) ‘it’s a surprise.. for you.. ‘

Intrigued, and somewhat taken aback by her reply, I could only ‘sit back and enjoy’ the execution of her ‘surprise’ as she strutted off, in a straight and absolute path towards the dance floor like she had already found someone to ‘prey’ on. I was still scanning the crowd for any familiar faces when she wedged herself between a dirty-dancing couple, and a slim, short-haired guy that vibed ‘recruit’.

As far as I, and very likely Maeve, could tell, there wasn’t anyone who appeared ‘romantically’ or ’emotionally’ involved in him, thus explaining her brazen move to pull him in for a kiss that no one was prepared for. Maintaining her firm, passionate kissing, she began caressing him with her other hand, running it over his chest, down his abs, and stopped right over his groin.

It was at this point one of his buddies, I supposed, whispered something to him that sent him glancing in my direction. Unwilling to spoil their mood, I raised a thumb-up gesture at him and he swiftly turned his attention to her. In no time, the two of them were ‘dancing’ in a conspicuous manner, hips moving in awkward, unnatural angles which was obviously lust-driven.

At one point, she broke lip-contact with him and mumbled something into his ear, leading him to gather his other, similarly-short-haired friends, towards them. After a few more seconds of inaudible ‘discussion’, the three of them dispersed for their respective tables, to collect their belongings and me, for more activities outside the club.

Over the next twenty minutes, the four of us took a cab to a budget hotel, checked into two rooms, but convened in one. During the brief moment Maeve was in a room with me, we just made out uncontrollably, until the two guys showed up. With time ticking down on the ‘transit’ clock, she led them to the bed and gave them literal free-reign, to which they gracefully honoured by stripping her down respectfully.

Once the trio were in their bathing suits, Maeve took the lead and began going down on one of them, while instructing the other to ‘get her ready’ without sticking his fingers in her pussy. As oppressed as they were, I was mostly impressed at how they treated my princess, like a princess that had some sort of hold over them. One by one, Maeve put their reputation of being NSFs to the test by sucking the lives out of their cocks, while I had to occasionally turn down their invite to ‘join them’.

When she was finally exhausted from vacuuming their unrelenting manhood, it was their turn to in her own words, ‘do some work’. The first guy laid her in the missionary position and promptly filled her pussy up with cock, and returned her favour by unlocking his ‘beast’ mode. Starting his ‘shift’ with strong, powerful thrusts, Maeve was very quickly overpowered by his sheer will, moaning and squirming out-of-control while she fumbled for the other guy.

Using the other guy’s cock as a gag, the three of them were finally in a proper ‘threesome’, though there was much to say about how long the guys would last with their unmanaged stamina. Maeve, who was lying on her back, slipped her fingers over her clit and instantly drove the cock inside her, crazy. The inexperienced guy then picked up his pace, only to reach his limits after two, violent minutes.

(Maeve asked breathlessly) ‘are you cumming? you can cum inside me.. it’s safe.. ‘

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yesss.. ‘

With that, she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in (and out), until he came deep into her pussy. Once he was done and out of the way, Maeve automatically went into doggy-style and asked, pleadingly, for the second guy to fuck him. In a flash, he was in, but moved in a more-controlled manner than his buddy. Thrusting his cock rhythmically into my princess, I indulged in the delightful scene while the first guy emerged from the bathroom in smiles. Sitting himself down next to me, we just watched their unraveling (of lust) in grateful silence.

With slapping noises echoing around the room, Maeve couldn’t help herself and returned her fingers to her clit, massaging them for as long as the second guy needed to show some ‘response’. In her tightened-pussy, he too, succumbed, though much later to the relief of Maeve. In those few, loud, intense minutes, she managed to climax twice before he let his seeds out into her.

When their casual, unplanned tryst ended, the boys retreated to their room while I tended to Maeve, who was dripping cum, and still hungry for mine. In my defence, she did say ‘do anything you want to me’ when I went all out at her pussy in missionary, then mouth, to feed her my cum-covered cock that would serve up my own dose of sex.

About an hour into our ‘stay’, we received a call from the front desk, about an ‘extension’ that ‘someone’ had made for us. We couldn’t help but ‘interrogated’ our guests, for a confession that they were the ones who converted our two-hour commode into an overnight package.

To thank them, Maeve asked for them to ‘visit’ as soon as they were ready and she took them for another (two) ride. Over a brief period of four hours, she extracted five rounds from them, and two measly loads from me. We spent the rest of the night in deep sleep for whatever came the next morning.

(Maeve confessed) ‘I have four more pills to finish.’

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