Do survey?

Our secret relationship started when I was at BMT. It was one of those usual Sunday nights that we had to line up to book in at Pasir Ris bus interchange and since I’ve never been late before. This night was no different. I arrived about thirty minutes before, and sat on those benches near the wall.

Girl: ‘Umm.. Excuse me, can you help me do a survey?’

*Wah! Kena this kind of things again. Okay lah. this girl looked quite cute too, help her out.*

The tactics are usually to deploy good looking girls around here, where the fresh army boys are. Figuring that I still have a long wait, I did the survey and ‘checked in’ to Tekong Resort.

On Thursday night, just when I was about sleep earlier, my phone rang with this unfamiliar number. The thrill would be picking up stranger’s calls ehh?

Me: ‘Hello?’

Girl: ‘Hey, is this Jasper?’

Me: ‘Yahh. Who is this?’

Girl: ‘This is Natalie from XXX insurance company. You remember you did a survey a few days ago? The pretty pretty girl one? Haha. Are you free tomorrow? Want to meet at night?’

*Huh? They got meet their victims at night one meh?*

Me: ‘Uhh.. Okay ah. Can. Tomorrow night. Where do we meet?’

Natalie: ‘Meet near your place lah. *Pause* Ang Mo Kio right? We meet at the Mcdonald’s outside AMK Hub.’

Me: ‘Okay then. See you tomorrow.’

The night past and I booked out as usual. Was quite expecting what will happen luh, since she’s so sweet to meet me at my area. I went home and changed and before I knew it, she called and said she’s on her way. Within minutes, I was out of my house and towards the restaurant.

I waited for a few minutes before a familiar face but not sure if it’s her – too pretty le. Dressed in short skirt and tank top, she recognized me and waved. Of course, I would be most proud to have this girl with me for the night.

Natalie: ‘Sorry leh. You waited for quite long?’

Me: ‘Ya lah! You treat ah!’

Natalie: ‘Ehh.. C’mon. I in this line means no money de. Always travelling. Luckily you stay in Ang Mo Kio. I also stay here de.’

We had our meal and she tried to psycho me to get a savings plan. Throughout the whole conversation, I asked her so many questions she doesn’t know how to answer, and ended up with me telling her how the plans work. It was about 11pm before we took another break. If nothing’s happening, I’m going home le – that’s what I told myself.

Natalie: ‘You need to be home tonight? Can come my place to finish this up? Wahh. I so scared I won’t be so attentive once we leave lo.’

I knew what she meant, she wanted to keep going whilst she had this attention with me. Once broken, she won’t be able to focus like that. Hmm.. Would any of you guys reject such an offer? I agreed to go to her place and for your information, the walk to her house was short, and unbearable for my little brother.

Surprisingly, there was no one at home, but she isn’t someone who is not allowed to bring friends home. Once into her air-conditioned cosy little room, we went on till about 2am, which she just nodded off in a seated position. Carrying her to her bed, there wasn’t enough space on the floor for me to sleep.

Snuggling beside her, I covered the blanket over both of us and slept. Slowly, I felt a hand moved and went around my waist. I was in the wrong position! I was facing away from her.

Natalie whispered: ‘Thank you. You helped me summarised six hours of product training and made it so fun to learn.’

I rotated my body towards hers and looked into her sleepy eyes. She slowly closed her eyes and pulled me towards her. Trying to ‘glide’, I didn’t want to wriggle and shake the whole bed. Once within range, I touched her lips with mine. Gently spreading her lips apart, my tongue ventured into her mouth and teased her lips by moving left and right, entering bit by bit.

Her tongue touched mine in return to welcome me, for the wild party that will happen. Our kissing became intense once our kissing ‘leveled up’. Hands running over each other, quickly undoing each others’ clothes and fumbling with taking it off and getting it out of the way. We were down to our bare skin in no time and rubbing our bodies together, sharing the warmth and feeling of the smooth skin.

She sat up and turned around, getting into a ’69’ position.

Natalie: ‘We start together k? See who die first.’

Me: ‘Ready.. Go!’

My tongue immediately ran up and down her pussy, flicking and sucking on the clit. She was so taken aback that her mouth just let go of my dick and started moaning. I did not rest nor even wasted 2 seconds breathing. Her natural response was to sit back on my mouth and let my tongue go as deep into her as possible.

For the third time her pussy juice flowed into my mouth, I knew she didn’t had much energy left to ‘service’ me.

Me: ‘Natalie, lie down. Let me finish you up.’

Without a word, she got off me and lay beside me. For a change, I got up and went down on her, licking her clean and getting her ready for the penetration. As I continued clit-flicking her, I capped on a rubber and started stroking myself. Quietly, I lifted my head away and inched my dick towards her vagina.

Natalie: ‘Hey Jasper! What are you doing? Did you put a condom on?’

Me: ‘Of course I did! Safer mah.’

Natalie: ‘Huh? Can you wait?!’

I was shocked. Did I just done something wrong? Maybe she never thought of having sex with me at all. Still in my kneeling position, she pulled herself back and sat up. She grabbed my weakening dick and looked at me.

Natalie: ‘I want to suck you off first. You still got condom? I’m going to remove this.’

She tugged the rubber off and took my whole dick into her mouth. Making sure it was at her comfortable depth, she sealed her lips around my shaft and gently gave it a little vacuum, twirling her tongue around the dickhead, it was totally out of the world. Saliva would gather around her lips and she just used it as a lubricant, bobbing her head up and down, my dick going in and out of her mouth.

She stopped after a while and we took a minute break before she asked me for a condom. I passed it to her and laid back on my back. From how she capped me on, I could tell she did it a few times already. I didn’t care though, we were enjoying ourselves.

Natalie: ‘Are you ready?’

Not intending to wait for my reply, she climbed over me and slid herself over my dick. Her body moved without much effort and her pussy simply got tighter with every bounce. It was a nice sight looking her her boobs bouncing while my dick was getting satisfied.

Me: ‘Ehh, we try something leh. You support yourself with your knees, a bit higher around my dickhead there. But don’t let it slip out.’

Natalie: ‘Huh? Like this? What you want to try?’

I moved my hips vigorously up and down, darting in and out of her pussy, I could literally see her juice dripping out and I cleaned her insides with my long meat. After a single minute, her body jerked upwards with my thrust into her and she fell onto my body.

Grabbing her ass, I continued fucking her, moving my hips up and down. She turned her head forward to give me a grin and went back down to listen to my heartbeat. As her fists clenched tighter onto the bedsheets, her pussy got tighter as well. She could control her vagina muscles to increase the pleasure even more.

I came within strokes of her tightening and after she took it off for me, we went to clean it up before getting back into bed, naked.

Natalie: ‘Can you put it inside me again? But don’t move, just leave it inside.’

I nodded and she climbed over me, sliding down my body and over the once-again-rock-hard meat stick. We slept till a good 5 am before ending our one-night-stand with a wild wild wet fuck in her bathtub. To think I woke her up by doing a doggie on her, and sex in the bathroom was fun! There was so many positions to try out. Why not?

Will we meet again?

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