Sweet Sweet Sex

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A few minutes of silence later, a buzz woke her up from her dazed state.

Andrew (Whatsapp): ‘You can come up now.’

Samantha went up the block behind the bus stop and joined her sugar daddy who was naked waist down. He cuddled her in his bed and planted kisses all over her forehead, while her hand was fondling that long erection of his.

Andrew: ‘How many times did he cum today?’
Samantha: ‘Twice.’
Andrew: ‘And you still have energy?’
Samantha (whispering): ‘You do right?’

She stripped her skirt off before climbing over his abs, where her jacket came off button by button. His strong hands went over her 34B cups and played with them erotically, juices leaking from her pussy onto him.

Samantha took her time sitting down on his cock, allowing her pussy to stretch wider to accommodate her daddy’s girth. He was after all almost twice her age. Once inside, Andrew sat up and flipped her on the bed. The hip-thrusts forced all the air out of her when he shoved his cock deeper, engaging a rapid fire mode that her eyes quickly rolled white to.

He loved how naturally tight she was, even though she just had sex. The initial few strokes really blew his mind but once properly stretched, it was a condom-tight fit over his rod.

Positioned in push up stance over her shoulders, he picked one of her legs and spread them to the side. Drilling in even deeper, Samantha unknowingly reached for her clit to massage it, brain slowly fucked to a mash. Andrew had lots of energy for her and was displaying it unrestrained. Strokes after strokes, her pussy received the full wrath of it by the non-stop orgasms.

No matter how her pussy contracted, he was not showing any signs of exhaustion. Soon, her other knee was lifted to her chest and he was in way deeper than before in her life. Her pussy was completely exposed and vulnerable to every change in angle, tearing her mind apart from the ferocious ravage.

Dirty words begin to come out of her mouth in a slur, and he was grunting like a bear. His thick cock could only take so much abuse and she was driving him over the edge with her demure expression, lit by the pinkish glow of sex.

Samantha (moaning): ‘I’m going crazy daddy!’
Andrew (groaning): ‘Me too babe. A while more. A while more!’

He shut her legs in midair and a shocked look flashed across her face. He pushed her hips together for the climax of the night and rammed his hips to create the loud slapping noises.

Andrew (shouting): ‘Fuck me babe! Urgh. I’m gonna cum inside you!’
Samantha: ‘Oh yes daddy. Please give me everything!’

His body weight pressed her legs close to her body and their eyes locked in a deadly gaze. As a shiver build up from his hips to his biceps, Samantha gasped and placed her hands over her belly. His cum had began unloading into her and it was in such quantity she had never experienced. His dick slowly slipped out of her as he came, lining her vagina with his man-juice reserved for his sugar baby.

Once he was out, he moved to the pillows where his little girl laid, still shaking from the intense sex they had. Using one of her hands to massage his rod, the other stuck into her pussy, scooping out gooey, thick cum for him to see. ‘Finger-licking good’, was what he saw when she cleaned her fingers with her tongue.

For an after-service treat, she rolled on her side towards him and cleaned his rod too. Apart from cleaning, there was something kinky she always did for him. Since he had more foreskin than any dicks she had came across, she would ‘hide’ his cock under the loose skin, and wriggle her tongue inside the skin-blanket to tease him.

It was never boring to see how a grown man squirm to her mouth. After a ten minute rest, Samantha went to the TV stand and opened the drawer of toys. In one hand was a compact camera, and the other was a bottle of banana lubricant. Just as agreed, she would perform an act of his one-and-only fetish in front of his camera.

Once he got the camera started up and filming, she poured a handful of lubricant and began stroking him. It did not take long for him to achieve maximum hardness again, and her other hand flattened over his dick head.

Samantha: ‘Ready?’
Andrew: ‘Uh huh.’

She started rubbing the tip with her palm and jerked with her other. Girly screams came instantly and his body flipped around uncontrollably. His legs wrapped around her without harm and the camera was held as steady as he could despite the agonising torture he enrolled himself for.

After five minutes of cock-head abuse, his masculine body arched high up before spraying cum into her hand, where she did not stop what she was doing. They kept at it until he came the second time, making Samantha smile widely knowing she did a good job.

By then, he was drained and she was left to clean up the mess. Like a dutiful daughter, she took a shower and tucked him in, before joining him in bed in his arms. A tiny peck ended their monetary relationship and a long night of rest await them.

Samantha (Whatsapp): ‘Goodnight baby love. I’ll drop by in the morning for my ‘breakfast’!’

At 1am, through the opened door of their bedroom, Samantha saw Andrew’s wife coming home, with a young stud holding her weak body. Reeking of alcohol, they entered the opposite room and kinky noises started filling up the house. It was the first time she had seen such thing, and Andrew assured her that nothing uncommon was happening. It was normal for them to have flings outside, especially after he discovered he was impotent and still wanted a baby.

Andrew (whispering): ‘That guy to her is like you to me.’
Samantha (whispering): ‘But.. there is a problem though.’
Andrew: ‘What is it?’
Samantha: ‘They are making me horny again.’

Her hands went to his dick and her pussy again, touching herself and the strong man she dedicated her free time to. With a bit of energy left, he was soon up on his knees as she went on her fours.

Two rooms, four person, sex was occurring in surround-sound.

Part 1 | Part 2

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