Swimming Pool

Dad: ‘Day! Are you ready?!’

Damn! Dayana’s thought was interrupted and quickly pulled her one piece swimwear up her chest and the decorative neck strap through her head before slipping on a shirt and shorts. The juices she made from masturbating was leaking onto her slit area, but the swimwear held it up fine. Knowing she had about an hour journey to the swimming pool the family always visited, the tiny bullet vibrator was in her pocket, having its vibrating hum masked by the radio. Reaching as far as she could, the pocket was long spoilt and the tip of the toy was pressing onto her clit perfectly, closing her eyes to enjoy the little orgasms keeping her warm.

The car gradually came to a stop and woke up with her dazed look. Slipping the toy back into her sling bag, the four of them, including her sister, went into the complex. Pulling her shorts off, the stains were camouflaged under the mini skirt that its purpose was never explained. Dipping into the pool, it was not until an hour later before her skin started wrinkling and coldness overwhelming her. Climbing out of the pool, a group of guys were staring at her butt as she lifted them out of the water, and the little shake while she walked kept the guys drooling.

Alex: ‘Guys, I need to use the toilet.’

Guys (exclaiming): ‘Just pee in the pool luh! Haha!’

Ignoring their jokes, he disappeared where Dayana walked and called out to her. Without a word, he pulled her into the nursing room and held her hands.

Alex: ‘My name is Alex, and I am deep attracted to you. Will you be my friend?’

Dayana’s eyes was onto his body, toned and muscles defined. His grip on her arms was strong but not painful, his fingers was firm but gentle. She was taken aback by the whole of him. But she knew she was a girl that could have anyone she had her eyes on, and this guy in front of him was merely thinking with his dick – wait.. dick.

Dayana: ‘Umm.. I’m sorry. I don’t think I will be comfortable with you.’

Saddened by the reject, he placed her arms back into position and got prepared to leave the room until Dayana tugged at his trunks.

Dayana: ‘Since we are in this room, and I decided that you cannot be friend with me, let me make it up to you?’

Tugging even harder at his waistband, she pulled him back and immediately dropped to her knees along with his tights. Sniffing the fully developed penis and embracing the size she was about to devour. Kissing the head passionately, the rest of the shaft disappeared as soon as she was done making Alex’s knees wobble. Slurping to prevent any saliva from escaping, it was what she needed to do to keep going, milking the cum out of the man. Every bit of fluid would be of help, and so her pussy was thinking on her own, dripping the precious cum all over.

Pushing her head upwards, Alex lifted Dayana up with ease onto the baby table and aimed his dick at her opening, flicking her clit up and down with his pee hole and then ramming into her with full force, banging the table against the wall. It was the first time Dayana felt full, even to a point she felt it was her limit. The constant waves of going unconscious, uncontrollable orgasms and the spasms her pussy had was taking all the energy out of her, throwing her into a trance only LSD users would reach.

Feeling her pussy tightened, the suction got so bad to a point he could no longer pull his dick out, and the minute movements in and out was blowing his mind away with the sensitivity of his mushroom head. With a slip, he fell backwards but pulled Dayana’s hips at the last moment to drive the final thrust into her, coating her vaginal walls with thick warm baby-making cum, and stuck once again to her pussy.

The five waves of orgasms hit her at one shot and Alex could totally feel how his penis was being juiced for even more cum, even though he was too exhausted for anymore. Ejecting himself out of her, he pulled his trunks back up and splashed warm water from the sink onto her before making a move, leaving the creampie to drip loudly onto the floor, and Dayana to stagger out of the room, trying to look as straight as possible before her family exited the pool.

As usual, she washed up and showered, but the ride home was in slumber. We all knew what happened in that room right?

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