Teenage Gang

A group of secondary school students gathered at Qun’s house, whose mum was known to be lax in her management. They had known her as a mother who did not mind her son smoking and drinking, sometimes even spotting them together at a nearby coffee shop with beers.

After their long holidays started, a total of three girls and two guys, including Qun, decided to spend a night that his mother agreed to sponsor beers for them. In that evening, they went to his house in the typical casual clothes of today’s generation, girls in tight tank tops, short shorts or skirts and guys in t-shirts and slippers.

The night began early with the five of them drinking and feasting on roast pork, laughing at their life stories. Qun’s mum left them for her fortnightly mahjong session. Only then, did Qun quietly went to his parents’ bedroom to retrieve a small bundle of drugs, which he himself did not know what it was. For that evening, he skipped the usual cigarette and bought the Butterfly brand, so he could roll them with some of the powder.

Five joints were rolled up and each of them took one, with the two girls having their first puff of their lives. They lit up together and inhaled a deep breath, ladies dragging without a cough to the guys’ surprise and felt light headed immediately.

Chloe was the first to be seen holding her groin as redness flushed across her face. Her chest was rising harder from the breathlessness and her lips grew redder.

Chloe: ‘It’s making me so weird. What is it?’
Qun: ‘I don’t know too. Always see my dad rolling it into his cigarette. Nice?’
Steph: ‘Oh yeah.. It’s fucking nice. Everything is like a fantasy now. And I’m getting wet too. Look, Jessie is too stoned to say anything.’
Rick: ‘Yeah man. I’m just getting bigger for no reason.’

The guys were the first to take their top off, before the girls could not stand their bodies sticking on the tank tops and removed them. Jessie was the quietest among the three who wore a skirt that day, and the other two girls had pulled her top off while she was high. The guys could not stay focused from the view between her legs and the other girls were dying for some attention too.

It was pretty awkward to be high without any actions and the group was just leaning against each other, mumbling nonsense. Qun, who had been exposed to the second hand smoke of the drug before, was more awake and hugged Steph, the girl he liked for the longest time. She knew of his feelings for her too, but did not make a fuss of it and kept things pretty much as they were.

Now, with an unclear mind, Qun’s hands were massaging on her bra and the rest were especially quietly watching, as though they wanted to do the same too. Rick turned to Chloe and opened his legs for her to lean on his body, running his hands under her bra to play with her nipples. Soon, four of them were making out in their top naked selves and Jessie was still too disorientated to realise anything.

The guys were half awake when they toyed with their girls, but Jessie was the one who drunkenly reached under her skirt to run on her panties, hiding in a corner formed by the bean bags and couch. Seeing what was happening to their girl friend, the rest of the females began moaning to the advancement of the guys’ hands, entering their shorts this moment.

As the intensity increased, all of their shorts were gone and the guys pioneered to strip their undies. Chloe and Steph got curious in the uninhibited minds and fondled their dicks, kissing and stroking it while watching how they reacted. As fun as it was, the guys were getting hornier by the minute and couldn’t wait for some action to start.

The girls were soon asked to sit down and the males went behind them, tugging their shorts and panties off their legs. Once their bottoms were naked, they were pushed onto their hands and the tongues went right at their pussies. Lapping them like hungry dogs, their bodies were wriggling in response to the teasing. In no time, the guys had forced their fingers in and fingering them non-stop.

Qun was first to sit directly behind Steph, who was puffing away on her second stick, and felt the mind numbing entry of his dick coupled with the high from the drug. Within a few seconds, she was being banged silly and moans were getting louder.

Rick couldn’t stand what was happening and did the same to Chloe, except that she was too stoned. Lying on her back, Rick went missionary on her and Steph crawled on top of Chloe.

The girls in 69 was sucking on each others’ boobs while the men pounded them respectively. Given the craziness in the room, the guys soon realised they could use the other holes of the girls. Rick quickly pulled out of Chloe and stuck his cock into Steph’s mouth, and Qun did the same too, into Chloe’s mouth. Using their fingers in replacement of their dicks, they let their thrusting hips set the momentum to finger their girls’ holes.

It was pure havoc in the room between the four of them, and Jessie was just lying in the corner, curled up getting herself off. After a synchronised orgasm from Chloe and Steph came to exhaust them out, the guys were pushed away while they rested, falling asleep at the same time.

This round, the guys went up to Jessie and pulled her into doggie, Qun taking her mouth while Rick plugged her pussy tight. As the pumping began, she was like a lifeless sex doll, with some mechanism to make sounds. The threesome went on with choking and gagging sounds, dirty comments about how she felt best among the three girls.

Unlike the ladies, the guys had actually gotten bigger and could last longer with each puff. Giving them power to fuck the half-dead bodies lying around the floor. They were having the last burst of energy at Jessie when they decided to line the girls up on the floor and shoot at their mouths.

It had took them some effort to place them side by side, young and naked bodies fully exposed for them to do anything. Of course, a few photos later, the girls were sucking them off until Rick came into Steph’s mouth, making Qun so jealous that he went to Chloe’s pussy and fuck her till he creampied.

As wild as they got, they did not forget Jessie and toyed with her vulnerable state, testing various household objects to masturbate her. That night, the five of them slept sprawled on the floor, randomly waking up and finding a partner to fuck in the middle of the night.

By dawn, the guys had a sunken look from the non-stop sex the girls demanded, and the girls were the ones happy and excited about the previous nights.

Another line-up was done on Qun’s bed to check who had the most cum and shockingly, Jessie won. Steph and Qun got together after that, presumingly for his access to that awesome drug. Chloe and Rick became sex buddies till they decided to be together for a lifelong sex partners.

For Jessie? Well, she knew me through this very blog and told me about what happened over dinner, plus a little special at the end of it.

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