Twist Slightly

A fantastical story for Nat, the Princess of Natalie’s Sins.

‘Jhae.. I have something to confess to you.’

‘What is it?’

‘My boyfriend, M? He is just sitting behind me. Don’t look! Pause Sigh. He knows that I’ve been asking you to write cheating stories and.. and he is going to punish me.’

‘But it’s only stories right? Did he hurt you?’

‘No.. but he wants me to ‘cheat’ on him with you. He wants a reason to be rough with me, but not like hit me. Just.. have angry sex with me?’

‘Haha. That doesn’t sound too bad for you. But how are you planning to do that? You need me to act with you?’

‘Hmm.. you don’t have to act. Just.. Just be normal.’


After seeing Nat turn back to look at whoever mystery M was, I felt a feet going between my legs, oblivious to anyone else thanks to the darkened interior of the bar we had set up to meet in. There was nothing for me to do at that point in time, except to maintain a straight face as an erection was summoned in my underwear, making things as uncomfortable as you guys could possibly imagine.

That feet on my groin continued teasing up to our last bottle of beer in that bucket deal, before she let ‘me’ have a breather so I could walk properly out of the place. The only question I had in mind was, if I was supposed to be aware of Gary’s presence, or was it supposed to be ‘spontaneous’. I never quite had the chance to clear that doubt once we started walking towards what seemed like a random direction, having our smokes as she held my arm like a girlfriend would.

Until we stopped in front of Hotel Rendezvous to have another stick, did she reveal the crucial part of the plan – to enter a hotel room toegether. In that brief moment of privacy for the duration of our cigarette, I learnt of his plan that actually involved hidden cameras, set up in a room he booked and wanted Nat to bring me up to.

A part of me feared for my own safety since a gang could be ambushing me in there, but another part of me wanted to clear her name. Worse coming to worst, I could explain things face to face with him, right?

Once we were done, she picked up the key card and we made our way to the room, where she started stripping me as I took my shoes off. Slightly distracted by how ‘natural’ her act was, I actually reciprocated by lowering her off-shoulder blouse, along with her skirt that was only held up by an elastic waistband. When it was her turn to bring my pants and underwear to (and under) my feet, she remained on her knees and began stroking my cock.

It would be a lie if I said my mind was focused on the ‘role play’, especially when she gave me those pleading, innocent eyes. I had zero, zero resistance when she obligingly stuck her tongue out to ‘wipe’ The pre-cum off my small, big head, replacing it with her saliva. For fairness’ sake, I didn’t ‘see’ if she went down on me since my eyes were ‘naturally’ close the moment she brought those luscious lips down my shaft, gliding that wet, warm tongue underneath where it felt so soothingly perfect.

In no time, I felt giddy from the downward rush of blood, complimented by the playful licking of her own lips whenever she caught her breaths.

‘To the bed?’

‘Yeah.. If not I’m going to lose my balance.’

It was almost surreal when she jumped face-first into the luxurious bed, as if a little girl had been deprived of the comfort and freedom of a five-star treatment for too long. I too, forgot about what we were there for until she laid horizontal across the bed, reminding me the possibility of a hidden camera at the flat screen TV.

Staying on my knees under her wriggly bum, I then removed the tiny G-string she wore on a few of her photos, to feast my eyes on the perfectly waxed part she never showed on screen. It didn’t take any hints for me to start exploring her pussy, which going one ‘layer’ at a time made her totally susceptible to any commands I gave her.

(I asked) ‘Rub your clit for me?’

The nanoseconds she took to respond told me of how turned on she was, fearlessly performing her intimate activity for me to admire upclose. Being the more mind-fucker person in the room, I only asked her to do that for fun. I took over the finger on her clit for a few wild minutes before I toppled my body over her heaving chest.

There was just something so mesmerising about a lady who was so desirable, seemingly easy, yet unattainable, and dangerously attached to a man of unknown prowess. That would be as close as I could get to her without creating trouble for myself.

(She whispered) ‘Are you just going to wait outside?’

‘This is just for show right?’


My gaze remain fixated on her as she stretched her arm out for her purse not too far away, to retrieve a ‘prop’. The part where she managed to cap me without so much looking at where it was going over, definitely impressed me with her spatial awareness.

(She whispered seductively) ‘Come.’

A tug on my slightly deflated cock pumped it back to its interested size, before finding its’ way into an opening I needed to put some effort to go into. The alluring softness, welcoming warmness, inviting blushes on her angelic complexion, gave me no other way out but ‘in’.

My arms gave way almost instantly when I felt her vaginal muscles react to my entry, putting me right next to her face where she breathed sensual-sounding air into my ear. A single slap of her hand on my butt sent me thrusting crazily into that soul-sucking gap, until my body rang the alarm just a couple of minutes in.

Good things.. Just don’t last. I know that as well as any men. To say it was impossible, was an understatement, as I slowed my pace down to one I was consciously in control of. A rhythmic, timed series of thrusts soon put orgasms on the time line, for her benefit. It was the mental fight between body and mind that wore me out, but it was all worth it when I went through two back-to-back orgasms with her.

‘It’s your turn now. I’ve had enough.’

‘You sure?’

‘Yes. Let’s change position.’

She slithered out from under me and patted firmly on the pillow, for me to take my place like a royal in front of a devoted subordinate. The rubber came off my swollen antenna for some mouth action and the lack of barrier definitely increased the ‘reception’ for better ‘connectivity’.

It sure looked easy for her to send me grasping for everything soft within my arms’ reach, and her cute B cups happened to be a much preferred stress-relief ‘toy’ since she was going even deeper down as I fondled those two.

In the struggle of enjoyment, my body clock was soon counting down the seconds to the dessert she was too ready to have.



The ‘nope-nope’ hum made me lost all control and geyser-ed right into her mouth, starting with sunken cheeks before she was sipping air from where her lips sealed around my little head, to free up more space. While I was totally prepared to dash to the toilet anytime, she persevered till I gave my last squirt, before raising her head and tucking her hair back like she just slurped up some really good ramen.

‘Umm.. the toilet?’

Ahh Sorry. What?’

What I did not expect was the grin she flashed after she replied, a message too clear for me to ask anymore. As expected, she went into the toilet with her makeup pouch, leaving the door slightly ajar to signal trust.

‘Nat? Should I leave before M comes? Or should I meet him?’

Great. I would ‘love’ to meet the boyfriend of someone I just fucked ‘for show’. Well, that was it for me right?

‘Wait wait! Give me a while.’

Hopelessly checking the IRIS-like app for my last bus timing, I was too certain that M wouldn’t let me off so easily. He must have viewed erotica as a growing temptation for his girl to cheat, instead of satisfying her fetish for having an affair.

Submitting to my listlessness, I stared blankly into wall next to the bathroom, just to be kept speechless by her black, fully-laced robe with nothing underneath, an outfit obviously designed for the sole purpose of seduction and none of that keep-warm feature.

‘You were asking? Oh! No one else is coming. But you can spend the night here right? Since you’re not working tomorrow.’

‘No. I mean M. What time is he.. sigh right. I get you now.’

Well played Nat, well played.

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