Two Teachers

Like many of those ‘confessions’ made on FaceBook and smaller sites, J has received one so far and it was certainly most unexpected coming from someone who is teaching in a secondary school. It was a brief description that the person gave, but nonetheless, I find it arousing enough to be written into a story, mixed with a little of my imagination to it. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do.

For this entry, compromising details like the school’s name, location will be left out, but names, will be kept the same, in accordance to the email. Like most of you would address your teachers (back then), Tay is the female partner while Lee is the male.

Here it goes;

Lee: ‘Tay, where do you want to try today?’
Tay: ‘I have a lot of work to rush. Can we leave it for tomorrow?’
Lee: ‘How much more to go?’

He went behind her office chair as she continued making lines with her red pen, letting him hug from her neck. His hands unbuttoned her short-sleeved blouse and slipped right in onto her bra. Wriggling into the cups, he kneaded on her soft breasts, successfully distracting her from her work. Hearing no sounds from Tay, he just kept fondling her boobs until she gave up fighting the urge, undoing her bra hooks to free the padless constricting bra.

It had took him a bit of an effort to remove it completely, but once it was off, his fingers dived in to her nipples, twisting it as she tidied her desk. She stood in a semi-squat state to let him take her seat, and then falling back onto his lap tiredly.

Tay: ‘See lah. I’m too turned on now to do anything.’
Lee: ‘Just a quickie alright? I know you have to go back to marking papers.’

Tay rested comfortably on the man’s body while he continued massaging her chest, until her brown nipples poked painfully at the thick material of her top. Between her butt, she could feel the hard on hinting at her to proceed once she had enough. Pulling her knee-length skirt up, Lee’s fingers went to rub on her panties and moans were finally coming from her. Tay’s hands were all over his head, pushing him down to kiss her neck while her body shifted to his teasing.

After a while, she could not take the foreplay anymore and got up, bending over the table for him to remove her panties. As her panties were left hanging at her knees, she shook them down and off her ankles, giving some time for Lee to unzip and take his magic stick out. Checking the other cubicles for the last time, she was feeling safer and rolled her skirt high enough to expose her pussy, that was a little wet from his fingers.

Admiring her long legs with heels on while she stripped, Lee parked his meat behind her and her legs could not open anymore wider than what the tight skirt allowed. The cosiness of her pussy did give him a tighter entry and he groaned during the trip into her, feeling her soft flesh wrap around his hard on.

Tay: ‘This is what I am waiting for.’
Lee: ‘You are especially tight today.’
Tay: ‘I know. We are fucking so much that my body just lust for this moment to come each day.’

The gradual increment of his speed made her moan louder as her body jerked against the table, feeling that warm piece of meat stroke her insides non-stop. The two of them were having fun in that empty staff room without regards to any recording cameras, ravishing each other as his dick grew bigger in her.

After a good five minutes of doggie, she rotated herself on the table to come face to face with that intelligent, sexy man. He slipped himself in easily between her opened legs and she placed her heels on his butt. Thrusting steadily, they just held each other in their arms, indulging in the connection between their intimate body parts. Both of them were already engaged in their own relationships, but the stress from teaching simply drove them crazy, looking for ways to relax during school hours.

The first time they did it was when he snuck a pack of beers into the staff room, drinking it after everyone left – or so he thought. Tay walked in on him emptying a can and couldn’t resist joining him. Being a poor drinker, she got drunk quickly and went kinky on the darkened mini lounge, teasing Lee until he lost control himself. Making their way to the single cubicle washroom, they just stripped naked and went all out in the constrained space, going rounds after rounds while drinking. As she had noted down her safe days, it was a fun-filled day of creaming her pie hole full and feeling her mouth going up and down his rod as frequent as he asked.

Since then, they had been finding chances to do it again with no luck, only to stumble upon this particular Wednesday before a long weekend. Ramming his hips at her table, she gave in to the urge to make out with him and they lasted for ten minutes in that position.

Lee: ‘Is it your safe day?’
Tay (whispering loudly): ‘No.. it was merely two weeks since we last did it!’
Lee: ‘Then can I cum in your mouth?’
Tay: ‘Do I need to tell you?’

A cheeky smile came across her face and he gave his last few strokes, before pulling out and letting her take the rolling chair. Sitting at the warm spot on the table, he watched closely as the sex-filled lady took his rod into her mouth, working up and down on it with diligence. It was the same attention she had given to her students when they needed help in their work, and Lee was totally weak from her sucking.

Occasionally looking up at him, the pleasure of satisfying men shook her confidence up and she sped up, sinking his rod deeper as she did so. Within three minutes of her sensual blowjob, Lee opened his legs wider and laid on the vertical file holders. She knew what was about to come and slowed down, moving her lips in longer length along his shaft. A few more strokes later, the first gush of cum landed on her tongue and she kept her tongue still, teasing only under the ‘hood’ with a shallow thrust.

An involuntarily groan came to signal the end and she slurped all the juices up, clearing his rod of any sperms stuck inside. They took turns to visit the toilet to wash up and wear their clothes back, until she came back to her table with Lee waiting, holding a pretty box in his hand.

Lee: ‘This is for you, and your fiancĂ©e.’
Tay: ‘What is it?’
Lee: ‘Open it and you’ll know.’

She ripped the poorly wrapped gift and took out a skin-coloured dildo, feeling as soft/ hard as a real one and did a thorough check on it.

Tay: ‘Why is there a hole behind it?’
Lee: ‘So he can put it over his dick to amp up the size? Don’t girls like it big?’
Tay: ‘Not all girls, but luckily, it’s fleshy enough, not too hard.’

A few seconds later, the unique bump at the middle of the toy stirred some resemblance to something. She gave him a deep-thought look and then a sharp breath of air entered her mouth.

Tay (whispering loudly): ‘Isn’t this your dick?!’
Lee: ‘Yeah! So you’ve realised.’
Tay: ‘Asshole! You made a replica of your dick, and want my husband to fuck me with it?’
Lee: ‘Yupp. Won’t that be fun?’

She happily accepted the toy without a word and went back to her papers, sitting on Lee’s lap while his fingers resumed masturbating her outside her panties. Indeed, she completed marking much faster with that extra stimulation and he drove her home, before returning to his waiting wife for dinner.

You guys could have guessed how glad Tay’s husband was when he saw his wife with a dildo, a sign that she had grown more sexual. As much as I hope he doesn’t find out whose ‘dick’ had been inside her with that extension on, cause Lee was also doing his own wife with Tay, just the sexy fucking scenes playing in his mind.

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