Two Weeks

After two whole weeks of wearing the chastity belt, the desire to have her pussy filled with her boyfriend’s dick was growing like a drug addiction. Doreen had to squeeze a pad between the strap where her pussy was constantly rubbing against, to keep her juices from leaking. Her boyfriend, Ryan, was just enlisted into the Army and she had confidently assured him that she would not cheat on him by wearing that belt. Now that he was about to book out for the first time in weeks, her heart had been racing to quickly get her sexual needs satisfied.

The buses ferrying the recruits finally arrived and she waved excitedly at his green uniformed boy, who was looking out for her as well. The outfit of a red bustier tube top with a loose black flare skirt attracted the army boys’ attention but she was only interested in one. Ryan bided his campmates goodbye and walked towards Doreen, who had jumped into her arms, whispering that she had been so horny for him the whole day.

In her wallet was some extra cash he had put with her during the two weeks, but on her mind was the plan to check into a hotel for some wild sex with him. They went to his place shortly after to get him out of the uniform, before they left house in a hurry, cabbing towards one of the many hotels at Geylang. In the quickest possible manner, one of the spacious rooms was booked and they checked in, frenching each other the moment the door shut on them.

Ryan: ‘Can you shower first? I want to unlock the belt together with you on the bed.’

Without hesitation, she went for the bathroom and spent some time inside, while Ryan stealthily set up two pin hole cameras, and dialled one of his buddy’s contact on Skype.

Ryan (Skype): ‘Come in when I ask you guys to.’

The phone was left on and he laid on the bed, waiting for Doreen to finish. A few minutes later, she came out of the bathroom with just a towel around her chest and she joined him on the bed, dropping the towel onto the carpet beside.

Ryan: ‘Lie down and put this over your eyes. I’m going to unwrap my present now.’

He took the few seconds when his girlfriend was tying the blindfold to send a text to his two friends, asking them to wait at their door. After she was prepared, he unlocked the door and ran back to her, unlocking the belt that contained her deprived raging hormones. The two guys stepped into the room quietly and removed their shorts, taking their positions beside the bed and Doreen.

As soon as Ryan clicked his fingers, they moved to pin her arms down, and Ryan’s hand went to her pussy to rub on her clit.

Doreen (screaming): ‘Dear! What is happening! Who is holding me down?’

Ryan: ‘Shhh.. just two of my friends whom I asked to help.’

She struggled to free her arms but was helpless against the strong hands holding her down. As Ryan continued to tease her clit, the strength to fight was slowly drained away, leaving her begging for him not to let them do anything to her. The guys picked up their belts and tied her hands together, securing it to another belt around the bed frame to keep her still.

Once she was restrained, Ryan pushed her knees upwards and positioned himself at her pussy. Giving his dick a coat of his saliva, he impatiently drove his cock in and began thrusting, sending Doreen screaming with pleasure as her body approved the forceful thrusts. The men had climbed onto the bed and one of them took her hand to his dick, making her stroke him while the other placed his manhood at her mouth.

Ryan: ‘Open your mouth and take it in. Help my friends out too.’

At first, she did not listen, but the pounding from her boyfriend finally broke her silence and she opened her mouth, giving the guy his chance to shove his dick in. Doreen’s head did not have much space to move, not when her arms were over her head. So she quietly let his friend mouth fuck her, while the horny side of her slowly gave in to suck on his pee hole.

Only working her mouth for a few minutes, she was made to turn to the other side for the other guy, who was much larger and she blew him like a horny slut, engaging in a 4p that her body had secretly wanted.

Soon, Ryan’s hips got tired from the fast paced sex and he waddled his way over her stomach, stopping his dick a few inches from her face.

Ryan: ‘Suck me baby, I’m in front of your mouth now.’

She stopped playing with the dick in her mouth and switched to her boyfriend, feeling more comfortable with the size she was used to sucking. The guys beside her had disappeared from her sides and went over to her pussy, where one guy pinned her thighs painfully by her sides, spreading her wide. His dick then pierced into her unexpecting cunt and rammed furiously, giving her no chance to ask for forgiveness.

The guy was clearly starved of sex when he pounded her, cause it was delivering some of the hardest orgasms she had. At the speed he went, Doreen was letting Ryan fuck her mouth faster as the slight suffocation amplified the climax her body was constantly shivering to. The other guy was heard disturbing his busy friend until her pussy had a chance for a rest. But not for long after the third guy stuck his rod in, thrusting in hyper speed at Ryan’s girlfriend.

Guy2: ‘Oh god! She’s so tight!’

Ryan: ‘Shut up and fuck. Don’t need you to comment.’

Laughters were heard in the background and Ryan got off her body. In under ten seconds, two mouths went over her nipples and sucked on her firm cups, making her body sensitive with the triple tease.

Guy2: ‘I’m cumming!’

Ryan: ‘Shoot inside, she’s on the pill.’

Doreen (pleading): ‘No no.. please dear.. don’t let him.. ‘

The gush of warm liquid filled her womb up and she knew it was too late. The unknown guy’s cum kept pumping her full and she felt dirty yet hornier at the same time. Something inside her knew her boyfriend would be the last to cum, and the extra wetness would help him go super fast.

With some tinkering of the straps on her wrists, she was flipped over to doggie and the larger dick found its way into her again. Her waist was held firmly and the banging resumed on her ass. The extended dick tore its way into the untouched region of her pussy and she came immediately, pushing the guy to his limit with her contracting cunt.

Guy: ‘She’s really tight bro. I won’t last long.’

Ryan: ‘Just finish it and then it’s my turn.’

He rammed her so hard that her head hit against the headboard, and the waves of pleasure echoing through her body was so intense that she could not make anymore sounds, except to open her mouth wide.

Doreen: ‘Dear, let me suck you.’

Ryan knelt in front of her head and she found his dick without seeing. With the pounding at her rear, the momentum was in the guy’s hands and Ryan simply closed his eyes and enjoyed the automated blowjob.

At last, a groan from the dick inside her pussy came and he pulled her waist down hard over his groin, flushing his cum into her while he squeezed her breasts. It had taken him a full minute before he was done, and the exit from her cunt accidentally dirtied the sheets.

The guys wore their clothes back while Ryan untied his girl’s hands, but kept her sucking him until they left the room.

Ryan: ‘Don’t take the blindfold off first.’

He led her to lie on the bed before he pierced her in missionary, before pulling those cloths off her eyes.

Doreen: ‘Who are they?’

Ryan: ‘My camp mates. Don’t talk anymore, let’s finish and clean ourselves up k?’

The change in atmosphere calmed the sex-hyped girl down and she hugged him closely, while his hips sank his rod in and out of her. They kissed passionately while their genitals kept thrusting, until Doreen began squeezing her pussy tight.

The change in Ryan’s expression pleased her to know that he loved her work, and he went faster, without holding himself back. He placed her legs over his shoulders and pounded her ass hard, reaching so deep that some of the cum got forced out.

Ryan: ‘Baby, I’m cumming now.’

Doreen placed her hands on his ribs and pulled him slightly, making him go faster until he reached his maximum speed. The hot streams of cum sprayed into her, hotter and in bigger volume than the other two guys. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held him inside, not letting him go until his dick started shrinking.

They disconnected from each other and a thick spat of cum dribbled out of her pussy, onto the towel Ryan quickly snatched from the floor.

Doreen: ‘It’s so much coming out.’

Ryan: ‘I know. It’s beautiful.’

Doreen: ‘Really? You don’t mind?’

Ryan: ‘No, I love it, especially when you enjoy it that much.’

He picked her up and went into the showers, giving her a thorough clean up and she did the same for her, sucking him to clear his chamber, and at the same time going for another round of deep throat. The second load exhausted him and they went to bed in that early afternoon, cuddled up in each other’s’ arms.

Doreen (whispering): ‘Will you bring another two friends the next time? Or will it be them again?’

Ryan (whispering): ‘What do you prefer?’

Doreen (whispering): ‘Sam is in your bunk too right? I can ask his girlfriend if she wants to join us, she’s my secondary school friend.’

Ryan (excitedly): ‘So it will be a foursome but with two couples?’

The cute nod from her answered his question and thoughts of fucking his buddy’s girlfriend stirred him hard again. It’s a fair trade after all, cause Sam would be having Doreen in exchange too. That weekend was filled with non-stop rounds of sex and just before he left for camp, she had put on the chastity belt again, saving her pussy for him (and his buddy) to enjoy the next week.

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