‘Hey dad.. ‘

I wasn’t sure if I had completely missed what she said after that as the next thing I felt was some movements over my crotch, which genuinely jolted me awake in case my ‘faithfulness’ was challenged. Instead, all I saw was just my precious little girl all curled up (on the couch) next to me, with her head resting in my lap.

Without thinking too much of her, I let the drowsiness of the whiskey I had earlier – consume me again, putting me right back to sleep. Subconsciously, I knew my body was fidgeting a little, mostly in response to her hand she placed under her head (and atop my groin area) as she snoozed away.

Over time, the ‘bump’ in my boxers grew too big to be ignored, and definitely very inappropriate seeing how it was literally in her face.

‘Little monkey? Wake up.. ‘

‘What’s wrong daddy?’

‘I think you should.. Haa.. Sleeeep in your bed now.. ‘

It got harder than before to maintain a straight face, as she had formed a ‘fist’ around my bulge, almost clutched in her hand as she sobered up. Instead of moving herself away, she just playfully buried her head into my groin, making the whole situation even worse.

My thoughts to ‘keep things proper’ apparently came too late as before I could execute my first evasive maneuver, she had stuck a hand up the wide (thigh) opening of my boxers and held ‘me’ in place, squeezing and relaxing her fist to wear me down.

Of course, that wasn’t going to work and I had barely held onto her arms when she yanked my waistband down, and took my cock into her mouth – in one, swift move.

Bombarded by the sheer rush of immorality, I pried her forehead back as hard as I could to no avail, while she circled her tongue around my engorged cock.

‘Dada.. It really wants me..’

A slip of my hand (on her head) caused her face to slam straight into my crotch, jamming my rod further into her mouth. Combine a relenting suction with skilful balls-massage, my mind was throbbing in and out of consciousness.

Still lying on my thigh, she began to slide her head back and forth, replicating the sensation of a pussy as my cock slipped in and out of her warm, loosely-closed lips. In the midst of confusion, she took one of my restless hands and directed it under her shorts – one that was (also) so ‘casual’ that it barely covered her pussy.

It only took her a few seconds of ‘guidance’ before I went automatic, rubbing her clit gently as she savoured my manhood. We so happened to be in such a convenient position that my hand reciprocated exactly how good I was feeling, adjusting its speed and intensity as she covered varying depths on my cock.

About a few minutes later, she shut her legs hard together and it kind of snapped me out of it, though we didn’t make any sudden movements that would otherwise hurt each other.

So it seemed, that she had climaxed from my fingers, and there was precisely no better time for us to distance ourselves from the fuck that just happened. In an instant, she dashed into her room and I was left alone, on the warm couch, to regret what I had let happened.

Wishing that the alcohol could once again lure me to sleep, I rested my heavier-than-ever head onto the sofa (headrest), as my mind was kept awake by the guilt, despair, disappointment, and shame that I had brought upon myself.

(Soft whisper) ‘daddy?’

Not too keen on seeing her again that night, I remembered taking a deep breath as I opened my eyes again, to see her in just the t-shirt she wore earlier, too short to cover anywhere below her waist.

‘What are you doing?’

Staying silent, she literally climbed onto the couch, stood over my legs, caught my hands in hers, placed them behind my head, and lowered her groin to where my belly was.

‘Monkey, I think we have gone too far with.. With theee.. Ahhh..’

By then, the tip of my cock has found her vaginal opening, and even poked a little into her. The both of us were half-grunting and half-hissing as more of me pierced into her, until she was snuggled in my lap, tucked in my chest.

We just held each other for what felt like a long time in that pose, not making any ‘unwanted’ sexual movements until I sensed a little ‘squeeze’ on my shaft.

Looking deep into her eyes, I saw that naughty grin again, and swiftly shut my eyes harder together. I stood up with her in my arms and carried her into her room, before placing her down carefully in her bed.

Of course, it couldn’t be helped that I laid my body a little too hard onto hers, pushing my cock deeper that it already was.

(She whispered) ‘are you going to leave me? daddy?’

To answer that, I raised myself off her by straightening my arms, doing sort of a push-up. Gazing straight into her eyes, I made sure she caught the slow, fateful closing my eyelids as my hips shifted backwards, and then forward into her pussy.

A shy, gratifying purr was then heard, and continually emitted as I pounded the little girl, splitting her delicate walls repeatedly apart at her absolute expense. More juices began to run along my shaft as I maintained a steady tempo, a self-taught habit formed by making love to a woman not too unfamiliar to her.

Her body, then began to tremble harder and harder, until a point where she asked if she could come, as if like I would say otherwise. When ‘allowed’, she requested me to go faster, to which I logically refused, since there was no apparent reason for me to.

(She pleaded) ‘Please.. Please daddy.. Let me ca.. Come alreadyyyy.. ‘

That selfish request was promptly managed by my sudden extraction, instantly voiding her of the tool that drove her over the edge. As free as she was to use her hand, she just stuck her hands out in a fruitful attempt to ‘catch’ my cock, and refill that empty orifice again.

Paying more attention to me now, I placed one of her hands onto her clit and resumed thrusting, watching each other’s face closer than ever for the ‘moment’ to cum.

A little more than three minutes later, I gradually lost control of my rhythm and facial expression, signalling my readiness to climax with her increasingly-vigorous rubbing.

(I groaned) ‘CUMMING! NOW!’

Like a two-stage bomb, I first felt the abrupt implosion, before the ensuing eruption relieved all of the pressure built inside me. Her vaginal walls, were shaken up as well, by the way of tightening and loosening itself around my cock. And in some ways, triggering a few more squirts out of me.

After that exasperating finish, we returned to the koala-hugging moment, while experiencing the subtle vibes our genitals were giving off. About fifteen minutes later, she cautiously dismounted me and remained next to me, knees up in a missionary-like angle.

In front of my very eyes, she ‘tucked’ as much cum as she could back into her pussy, while massaging her clit with her other hand to ‘relax’ her vagina – so they (my cum) would stay nicely inside.

(She whispered playfully) ‘I wouldn’t want to leave any evidence.. Or else we can’t do it again.’

The next morning, I was awakened by a hand stroking my morning wood, followed by the hazy vision my fluttering eyes sighted as I was rode cowgirl-style. But believe it or not, it took me another soul-sucking, balls-emptying, ejaculate to truly accept the unforgivable act, which by then has became ‘acts’.

Reality is indeed, harsh.

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