Void Deck Bonk

Keller was smoking away at his void deck quietly that cold night, deep in thoughts about his current life that was heading nowhere. Being freshly graduated from a prestigious local university, he had never expected life to be so hard even with his degree. The years he had put to study, could well be used to work and a long term plan was needed to set him on the right track immediately.

At the carpark right in front of him, two scantily dressed girls were walking along the quiet street and he stared at them, too far to see anything in detail. Still lost in his own world, the girls went up the stairs in his direction and stopped a few steps away from the stone chess table he was at, checking him out before approaching him.

Girl: ‘Smoking alone?’
Keller: ‘Yeah. Can I help you?’
Girl2: ‘We’re looking for somewhere to smoke too.’

Seeing that the both of them do not have anything resembling a pack of cigarettes on their shorts and skirt, he opened his pack to offer them, and they took it with thanks. Both of the girls took one side each and started talking between themselves, letting Keller listen in to their conversations. Since his trail of thoughts were long distracted, he introduced himself and they did the same. The girl in a shirt and short cotton skirt was known as Bernice and the other girl, in a small tank top and shorts, was Fiona.

They both had devilish looks to die for and their top was translucent enough to expose their S shape bodies, giving Keller a good estimate of their figure without clothes on. Bernice had her legs perched on the other stool, hiking her skirt up to her thighs, just inches away from giving him a peep under. For Fiona, she was resting her ample boobs on the table beside him, cleavage going as deep as her bra cups were.

Chatting at his normal tone, the girls couldn’t help but look up to him, listening to the life story of someone who had the luxury of going through school without a hiccup. Soon, Fiona’s hand was roaming up and down his shorts, in a material too thin for comfort. As her teasing got more daring, her fingers ‘accidentally’ went under his pants and rose to his groin, without an underwear for more airflow.

Suddenly, her head went sideways near to the table and whispered her concerns to him, ‘You didn’t wear underwear?’

Keller: ‘I just live above here. Don’t have to dress too nice for a smoke right?’

Bernice turned towards him and hugged one of her legs, letting him catch a glimpse of her pink polka dots white panties.

Bernice: ‘Don’t be shy. I like smart guys.’
Keller: ‘I only sound smart. And you don’t know me that well too.’

She then lowered her feet and made a quick attempt to remove her panties, placing it on his lap before raising one of her knees again.

Bernice: ‘You can know more about me through my panties.’

A little embarrassed by the admirable courage from them, he held her panties in his hands while Fiona continued teasing his inner thighs, occasionally brushing onto his foreskin. That pair of panties were slightly damp and it was clean, like bleached white type of clean. Bernice silently took one of his hand and placed it on her thigh, before lying on her outstretched arm on the table.

Keller had his fair share of girls from the past relationships he had, but had never came across such.. casual ladies. With his fingers exploring the perfectly shaven cunt, he was in his little piece of heaven from Fiona’s hand, which had started stroking his penis under his shorts.

Fiona: ‘I want your fingers too!’
Bernice: ‘Too bad you’re in shorts.’

Fiona pulled her shirt longer to check if the length could provide enough cover and before Keller could decide for her, she had slipped her shorts out under her feet, leaving that black panties to be shielded from her stretched top.

Bernice: ‘You’re really desperate.’
Fiona: ‘Looks who’s talking.’

Fiona placed Keller’s other hand on her panties and let him massage her, while she dug into his shorts again to work on that long piece of meat. After some time of triple foreplay, Bernice grew agitated by the lack of privacy for him to go all out. Fiona too, was so close to an orgasm but it never came, because he couldn’t reach his fingers deep enough.

Fiona: ‘Eh.. It’s more inconvenient for me since I am wearing panties. Keller, help me out first.’
Keller: ‘Help you out?’

She stood on the stool and sat on the table, hands at the hems of her top to pull it down readily if anyone saw them. Bernice stuck her hand into his shorts and took over the handjob, while Keller turned his attention to the dark black haired girl. She peeled her panties aside for him to finger and he did so, thrusting worriedly. Soon, the quietness calmed him down and he took his time, curling his fingers slightly before pumping his hand slower.

It did not take too long for Fiona to start shivering from the gentle orgasm he created and her thighs went to clamp his hand still, trembling while her juices wet his palm. Moments later, his hand was pushed away and she went back on the stool, resting for the public orgasm she just went through.

Bernice: ‘My turn now?’

She climbed onto the table and opened her legs, giving Keller ample space to thrust his fingers at. WIth his non-master hand, he curled his fingers the same way but was hearing more noise from Bernice, who was moaning while squeezing her own boobs discreetly.

Bernice (whispering): ‘You are good with your fingers huh?’
Keller: ‘All my ex said the same thing too.’

Right then, his lighter fell to the floor and Fiona bent over to pick it up, stopping at his groin and pulling his shorts’ waistband just enough to let his wiener out. Her warm mouth went over his dick instantaneously, upping the speed he was finger-fucking Bernice. The girl on the table was soon adjusting herself to the edge, tugging her skirt up to her waist before a strong stream of cum squirted at a distance.

Bernice (trembling voice): ‘Fuck! It’s the first time I squirt!’

His fingers went sore from the impossibly tight pussy of hers and by the time he pulled out, Bernice had gone all weak and fell her head on his arm on the table, panting deeply from the intense orgasm.

Bernice: ‘Fion, let me try too.’

Fiona raised her head and wiped her mouth satisfied, before sticking his hand into her thighs again. Keller proceeded to finger her again, and closed his eyes in enjoyment from the blowjob. Bernice was taking her time to taste every part of his shaft, licking and kissing on the exterior. Soon, her mouth was all over his manhood and slurping sounds went echoing in the silent void deck. Her tongue was pushing him to the edge, lightly pressing under his rod when she sucked him off, and swirling when she took a break.

Fiona: ‘Is she better?’

Keller: ‘Yeah. But I think you’re better at something else.’

Fiona gave him a playful nudge on his shoulders before rolling her eyes to his deep thrusts, breathing soft moans out of her glittering pink lips. After some time, Keller lifted Bernice away and wore his shorts back to the disappointment of the girls.

Bernice: ‘You’ve had enough?’
Keller: ‘I am thinking we should just go all the way. Here.’
Fiona: ‘Bernice, you dare?’
Bernice: ‘As if you can.’

She moved her butt to the edge of the table and pulled Keller up, forcefully lowering his pants and holding his dick towards her pussy. Wrapping her legs around his waist, a strong pull brought his dick directly into her and they hugged tightly to his pounding hips, sinking his rod so deep into Fiona.

Bernice: ‘What the fuck! I want it also!’
Keller: ‘I have something else in mind for you.’

Thrusting fiercely at the same time, his fingers went to work on Bernice’s pussy while his dick busied with Fiona. The oblivious sex happened in silence and the girls knew how to keep things down. In less than five minutes of the table bonk, Keller was in and out of a trance from that skilled pussy which knew how to squeeze and relax as he rammed. For the last lap, Fiona came really again from the intercourse and Keller knew it was time for the next girl.

Keller: ‘It’s your turn.’

He pulled her by her hand and placed her in front of Fiona, who was resting in a sitting position. Her feet stood a few steps away from the table and her skirt was flipped up. Keller held and shoved his cock in once he felt the opening behind her and kickstarted a rapid fire mode, jerking in short strokes while deeply embedded.

The continuous high-speed small movements drove Bernice insane and Fiona had to kiss her to muffle her moans. Still ramming at that fine tight ass, he was kneading her breasts under her shirt and forcing her to cum fast.

Keller: ‘Bernice, where do I cum?’
Bernice (moaning): ‘I.. don’t.. know.. Anywhere?’
Keller: ‘Inside you?’
Bernice (moaning): ‘If you want.. ?’
Keller: ‘Just kidding.. I’m pulling out now.’

Bernice reached her hands to his waist and held him close, moaning ‘Just a while more.. I’m cumming~’. He knew his body could take it and finished her orgasm, where her knees gave way and Keller let her fall on his lap sitting on the stool.

The only part of his dick that was inside, being the tip, was going through an overwhelming push-pull motion from the suction at her pussy, putting Keller in desperation from the over sensitivity. Finally, the agonising ordeal was over and the girls were asked to sit next to each other.

This time, Keller sat on the table with his dick out and let the girls suck him off, taking turns to give a few strokes while their pussies were still being fingered by their own hands. Feeling like a king, he had two hands on their heads and swapped their mouths whenever he liked. It was only a matter of time he had to decide, who would get the king’s cum.

Keller: ‘Bernice, you’re better with your mouth. Finish it off, then share with Fiona.’

An eager nod came and she began working her mouth, forced down by Fiona who wanted this to end so she could rest. With the deep throat and contraction happening in her mouth, Keller was soon pressing her head in his groin and letting the powerful spray empty his balls. Bernice did not just stay still but kept shoving his rod down her throat, until ever drop was emptied.

A comb of her fringe to the sides and her mouth was unobstructed by any hair. Fiona landed her lips on Bernice seamlessly and they split their winnings. Pushing a little of the white liquid onto their lips for show, they cleared their throats in one gulp and Fiona moved one seat to let Keller between them.

Fiona: ‘Will you be here often?’
Keller: ‘I can give you girls a call.’
Bernice: ‘Just call me will do.’
Fiona: ‘Don’t be a slut. We’re going to share.’

The three of them exchanged numbers and Fiona hurried home after picking up a call. For Bernice, she had followed Keller home, and pleased his long dick like a slave, sucking on it the first thing they went into his bedroom, until it was big enough to pleasure her. That night, it was an endless cycle between oral sex, and sex.

Of course, Fiona had her share of personal fun behind Bernice’s back and no matter who had clocked in more orgasms, Keller is the winner.

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