It was intentional when Ivy felt a wedgie between her pussy thanks to the close fit panties she wore. That range of undies had an open crotch designed for ladies to protect their privates while they peed, and the seam right between her slit was pressing onto her clit. Getting wet in a crowded last train was what she needed last and the swerving of the cabin just kept her on her toes to keep massaging her pussy against the uncomfortable panties.

Face reddened from the unwanted teasing, she alighted at her stop to the staring eyes of strangers at her beautiful face, brightened by the natural glow under the make up. Clicking her heels all the way to the station toilet, she was urgent to relieve her bladder from the two cups of orange juice she had before leaving work. Upon slamming the door in the hurry, she wiped the seat clean and sat over it, carefully spreading the seams of her new undies to pee.

A shudder came and went as the pressure was eased, and a quick clean up was done with two pieces of toilet paper stacked together. Ivy got up without adjusting the opening and fell back down when she felt her pussy lips got squeezed together, delivering a mind numbing sensation of pleasure along her slit.

Since the toilet was quiet, she knew there was no one waiting and once again opened the crotch area, taking out her lipstick vibrator. Putting it over her clit was the last thing she needed to relax after a tiring day of work and she rested on the cover, placing one leg over the toilet paper holder to reach her intimate spots.

Dipping the vibrator deeper, she ignored the noises coming from the next cubicle and focused on getting herself off. As the ruffling of clothes stopped, two voices were heard from next door and she realised it was a couple doing something they shouldn’t.

Man (whispering): ‘Are you sure there is no one else?’
Woman (whispering): ‘Don’t care. I want you inside me now.’
Man (whispering): ‘Shhh.. turn over.’

A few seconds later, the shadows under the cubicle stopped and a moan was heard as Ivy imagined his dick penetrating the girl’s pussy. Ivy’s mind was getting distracted by the soft slapping sounds accompanied by groans and moans, while her fingers moved on their on. That red part of her toy was getting useless to fill her urge and she switched to use her fingers. Fingering herself faster, a juicy wet sound was produced and the couple next to her had picked it up during the moments of silence.

Man (whispering): ‘I think there is someone next to us.’
Woman: ‘Hello?’
Ivy: ‘You guys can continue. Don’t mind me.’

A long break came and a black satin drawstring pouch was slipped into Ivy’s cubicle. She took it up and unwrapped a black rubber dildo, clean and smooth to the touch.

Woman: ‘Use it. It’s clean.’

The man shoved his dick harder to cause another louder moan and pounded his girl harder, to help Ivy imagine better while the dildo thrust deep into her. As time past, not a single soul stepped into the toilet to disrupt them and Ivy was getting dizzier from the orgasms she had quietly.

Woman: ‘You want to join us? I have condoms with me.’
Ivy: ‘No thanks.’
Man: ‘And eight inches.’

8 inches?! Ivy had not tried that before and the offer with protection seemed too good to pass. She quickly unlocked the door and the couple entered naked, with the girl leaning over Ivy’s body to use the water tank as support. The man took his time to roll the condom on and the girls spoke for the period.

Woman (whispering): ‘I am too weak to continue. He made me cum three times already.’
Ivy (whispering): ‘You’re okay to share him?’
Woman (whispering): ‘Yeah. He’s my loving husband. And we’ve never done it before with someone else.’

The man was done in no time and his girl shifted away, giving Ivy space to stand on one leg and the other kneeling on the toilet cover. The other girl sat with her legs folded in front of Ivy and rested her head on the tank, since there was not much space for three person. He carefully guided his rubber covered dick between Ivy’s open crotch panties into her pussy and started moving in slow strokes, splitting her vagina with little difficulty.

In a few more thrusts, he was ramming into her deepest spot and the other girl was touching her neck to increase the pleasure. She went on to unbutton her chiffon blouse and went under her bra, twisting those nipples as Ivy got redder from the pumping dick.

Ivy (whispering): ‘He’s really big.’
Woman (whispering): ‘I know right.’

After that sentence, a small shiver shot through her body and a couple droplets of juices landed on the toilet cover with a thud. The man was pounding her harder as her pussy tightened, driving him wild.

Man (whispering): ‘Fuck arghh.. I am shooting.’

The woman stretched her hands towards him and pushed him away, before helping Ivy step to the side. She removed the condom and sat at the edge of the seat, bringing her mouth to his dick and let him mouth fuck her. Ivy took the small space behind her and returned the favour, pinching her nipples and rolling it between her fingers.

His hands shoved her head so deep that it frightened Ivy, but she knew the girl would be alright. The minute felt like an hour to Ivy and when he finally froze, the girl pulled her mouth till her lips were just around his dick head. The man fell hard against the door and his hips trembled, pumping his man juice into his girl’s mouth.

The couple was done once she swallowed and they sneaked back into their cubicle after he checked the corridor. The toy was taken when she left and Ivy was once again alone.

Man: ‘Thanks for the chance.’
Ivy: ‘Don’t mention. You’re good.’

They got dressed and the three of them left together, girls holding hands and the guy carrying his girl’s bag.

Woman: ‘You live around here?’
Ivy: ‘Yeah.’
Woman: ‘Let’s do it again if we’re fated. I think he loves it. He came so much in my mouth.’

Ivy loved it too, having a round of sex filled with that huge piece of meat that gave her two orgasms in a row, and there was no strings attached, not even names. They went their separate ways home and Ivy was pleased with the undies she bought. That night, thoughts about that quickie kept bothering her and she masturbated herself in that same soiled underwear she wore after shower, draining the rest of her energy for a good night’s sleep.

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