My name is April, of Chinese ethnicity and 19 years of age. I am currently studying in a local polytechnic in a course I chose from the little choices I had. So I am not a high achiever, nor ambitious, nor very attractive.

I stand at 1.57m, weighs 46kg and possesses chest-length hair, highlighted brown at various areas. No previous work expeirence, never had a boyfriend, and if this makes any difference, my sex life consists of my fingers, and a comb I have been using for years, at both ends.

I think am different from other girls, in a way. In terms of how boring my life has been. Hah! I didn’t come from a rich family, but my parents have made sure that I never had to work for money. They give me enough, and occasionally more when they know that I’m going out.

I won’t lie about why I am here. It is because of that urge to have more money to buy nice things for myself. And maybe make my parents’ lives easier? It didn’t help that I had to watch my parents scrimp and save to replace my broken laptop, which if I had been more I.T. savvy, might have been saved. I only have my clumsiness and stupidity to blame for that. I mean, a broken screen and corrupted hard disk cannot be repaired that easily right?

My intention here is quite straightforward, but my expectation for anything good to come out of this is literally zero. My iPhone 6 is the one gadget I can never do without, that means I spend a lot of time on my phone. Apps, songs, random YouTube videos are what mostly do on it.

I am not ready to offer my body for any reason yet, and I am overly stressed by how photos are/ can be leaked to the girl’s disadvantage. So I doubt I will be sending any of those. For a start, I am not even that type of girls that dolls up and flaunts in pretty clothes.

No one would throw a second glance at me, that how I am, but I think I caught many first glance, which helped me felt better about myself.

You know, I doubt this is going anywhere. It’s hard for me to even imagine someone paying money just to text, much less so with a girl who has no sexual experience. I won’t deny that everytime I see a girl around my age in nice clothes, flawless make up and perfect long legs, I hate myself a little.

No one ever told me I looked bad without make up, no one ever told me of how important men’s attention is to me. Even if they did, I wouldn’t be able to afford those things that make girls ideal. I do have a few lipsticks though. That’s as pretty as I will feel in front of a mirror.

Still, if any of you finds my mundane personality attractive, you are free to contact me. I don’t know how J is going to do it, but he has my Kik ID. Please don’t expect too much out of me k? As fun as this sounds, I will probably be very careful about sharing any personal details.

I’m the type of girl who will believe anything you say, so please don’t cheat me k? I will let you decide how much my time is worth, but I won’t fault anyone if it boils down to nothing. After all, I really have nothing of value to give away.

Kik: [withheld under instructions]

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