White Nightie

Claudia was in one of her three nighties for the night. It was just five in the morning and she was wide awake. It must be the early night, which was so warm she couldn’t take. There was nothing under the white lacy night dress, and it made her felt somewhat sexy.

Tons of guys chatting online couldn’t get her horny cause of three reasons. 1. She doesn’t masturbate. 2. She doesn’t know what’s pleasure. 3. She can’t imagine that well like guys. Yet, she managed to feel (sexily?) ‘weird’ at such time without any stimulation.

Hmm, what would she do? Ignore the thoughts to explore herself? Or give it a try?

Pulling away the thick quilt, she stretched her body and rested her hands at her thighs. With her eyes closed, her legs widened and hands got closer to the forbidden fruit. There wasn’t anything to see, she knew she was safe, doors locked, protected by darkness and plenty of time before her waking hours.

Slowly, she peeled the lips, protecting and shielding the sensitive parts from accidental arousal, apart and gave the insides a prod. Somehow, it doesn’t feel deep enough under the skin and she pulled apart more pink flesh, revealing the unknown clit and the surrounding nerves.

She gave a little nudge again and this time, her fingers landed somewhat near the clitoris and she felt a little tremble and electrical sensation, generating some warmth up her body to her face. Something in her mind told her it’s safe, and she found it. The key to clitoral orgasms for a start. A sense of relieve and uncertainty came over her as whether to continue or not.

Only five minutes have passed and there was plenty of time to play and explore, might even have time to nap a little more.

Her fingers went back to work and she started exploring the areas between the flaps, poking around the dry rough flesh, till she found the most sensitive spot. Knowing that too much pressure will generate a tickle instead of the new-found sense of goodness, she took her time and tried different strokes, with different pressures. And in no time, she found it slippery below and easier to slid her fingers around, and between the complex flaps of unprotected pink flesh.

Her fondling with her clit soon were accumulating an emotional rollercoaster, the type where it launches fast and high up, with you wishing it will keep going for a bit more every time it slowed down, never wanting it to end.

As her fingers went faster, she could feel the ‘catapult’ effect gathering energy, until her fingers went as fast ad they could, going in furious circles, a countdown to ‘overload’ started in her head.

5, 4, 3, 2, ahhhh~

An unexpected moan which she tried to contain, escaped her mouth as her body released a stream of thick warm juices down her slit, flowing down her fingers and between her butt crack, wetting the bed. After she took a few minutes break, she took her panties which was hanging at the corner and wiped herself, accidentally touching the super sensitive swollen clit, giving her a shiver up her spine.

That very experience took so much energy out of her that she slowly drifted to sleep which felt very long.

Mum (outside the door): ‘Dia. Time to wake up for school.’

Claudia jolted up and was wide awake. Totally sobered and interestingly refreshed too. What exactly happened? She was still in her night dress, panties hung neatly at the edge of the bed.

Was it a real? No. I’m still sticky, but the bed is dry and my panties… Maybe just a wet dream?

No matter what, she definitely had an orgasm. I wonder if she’d dare to do it again.

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