Young And Braless

The benefits of having a full and firm breasts finally gave XueQi enough courage to head out in her spaghetti pink blouse that wrapped around her waist sexily and a thick fleece skirt at her mid-thigh length. She was heading out for the evening to drink with a French schoolmate and she knew he was a good catch for a boyfriend. Most of us would have knew that SG girls somehow preferred Caucasian and she was no different.

Henry only wore a simple outfit of a t-shirt and kaki shorts for the date, giving her the carefree impression of his lifestyle in Singapore. They had just finished their dinner and stopped at a park near his dormitory to chat a little. He was holding himself back despite the huge amount of skin her legs were showing.

Henry: ‘Are you in any hurry to get home?’
XueQi: ‘Nope. What do you suggest?’
Henry: ‘I will be alone in my dorm for the weekend. My roommate is back in his country.’
XueQi: ‘Is it alright to go over?’
Henry: ‘Yeah.. No one will bother us there.’

She picked up her handbag and hopped into a cab with him, feeling his hand land on her legs for the first time. No matter how fast the cab was moving, the trip felt like a long way and she couldn’t wait to get started with him.

He sneaked her into his room through the quiet corridors and made sure that the door was locked, before going over to her seated at his bed. Stripping his shirt away, she had been watching his lean body and getting her mind in the mood too. Walking to her feet, he pulled her panties and skirt off her legs, before climbing over her body.

Henry: ‘Can you suck me?’

She held the pale coloured rod and brought her mouth to it, licking the tip for a taste-test before wrapping her lips over it. It was definitely bigger than her Chinese ex-boyfriends, and it would well meet her requirements for a round of intense sex. While she was sucking away, he undid the buttons on her blouse and squeezed her boobs hard.

XueQi’s mind was in the state to pleasure him and he helped a little by turning her on too. After some time of oral sex, she waded on her elbows back to the bed and let him spread her knees open. Henry did not bother asking if she preferred a condom and just shove the tip in, to a gasp from her who then decided she would go without protection. The burning sensation from his entry was painful but she kept quiet so as not to disappoint him.

The slim guy began pounding her as though she was a sex toy and kept going while she climaxed on her own. He was just like a machine, thrusting at a steady pace to the girl going crazy. His huge dick was brushing along her vagina to stimulate every possible area and she was getting tighter effortlessly.

Henry loved how another Chinese girl fell to his looks and banged her harder.

Henry: ‘Let’s try doggie style.’
XueQi: ‘Alright.’

She went on her fours like a bitch and spread her legs for him. He rammed his dick in without any warning and continued pounding her, listening to her pleas to slow down. Feeling his time coming to an end, he tugged on her hair to hold her still and went all out at her, sinking his stick so deep it sent another wave of powerful orgasm through her body.

The whole thing only lasted fifteen minutes when his cum fired into her, sending fear deep into her heart. She had never had a creampie before and although it had felt soothing for her pussy, the thoughts about getting pregnant scared her badly. Before he was done, she crawled away and let the last few squirts land on his bed.

She turned herself around to sit and dug her fingers into her hole to get as much cum out as she could. For Henry, he was wiping his own perspiration away with a towel and picking up all her clothes for her.

Henry: ‘I think we’re done for today. You can leave anytime now.’

What? She could leave anytime? XueQi’s face displayed an expression of shock and disappointment, to that hurtful comment. Wearing her clothes back, she did not say a word to him and left, almost letting her tears ruin her make up. She took a bus home and kept thinking about what she just did, degrading herself to such a whorish state. Everything she knew about men suddenly went downhill and the level of dirtiness was indescribable.

Along the walk home, she saw one of her neighbours who spotted the sexy clothed girl, giving her a smile that showed her everything will be fine. He had made her day slightly better and she decided to go up to him, giving him a shocking surprise of a kiss. They had been greeting each other with ‘Hi’s and ‘Bye’s, but had never exchanged names.

She pulled him by his hand into the lift and continued making out with him, until they stopped at a floor none of them lived on. He was led to the darkened stairwell and had his pants forcefully undone, rewarded with a sudden descend of her knees and a blowjob. XueQi was filled with hatred for what she did and lost herself into giving this nice neighbour a good time.

Shoving her face at him non-stop, the soft groans were in full appreciation of her skills. After he got so close to cumming, he stopped her and held her tightly in his arms.

Guy: ‘Why are you doing this? You look hurt.’
XueQi: ‘Don’t say anything.’

She sat on a step and stripped her panties off, spreading once again for a man. He went on his knees for her and let his dick slid in, carefully without hurting her. The average size of Asian did not hurt one bit and fitted her so well she asked him to stay still for a minute. He only looked at her with an understanding face and did not say a word.

XueQi: ‘Thanks for accompanying me.’
Guy: ‘I didn’t do anything.’
XueQi: ‘You did a lot.’

She placed her feet at his butt and pulled him in, initiating his gentle thrust into that creampied pussy. He did not care about the previous load of cum that was oozing out but maintained his speed, going on for another ten minutes to her sighing voice. The young man was cumming soon and he did not tell her, not because he wanted to cum in her, but she was in such a good mood that he knew what he should do.

After a few more deep strokes into the beautiful girl, he stood up and sat with his back facing her. He took her hand and placed it around his dick, so she could jerk him off. Instead of shooting far, the load of cum overflowed from his pee hole and went over her hand. She kept pumping her fist until he could not take it anymore and pushed her away.

Taking her soiled hand to her lips, she slurped his cum up and swallowed. The confused guy did something after that made her liked him a little more. He had given her a hug and kissed on that sticky lips.

Guy: ‘Do you want to be mine?’
XueQi: ‘I already am.’

They got dressed and he sent her to her doorsteps, to her parents smiling at him. They liked the guy for his friendliness and helpfulness for his concern over his family, and did not disagree when XueQi told them they were going out. After all, his sperms did ‘went out’ with her and they started an unconventional relationship filled with lots of outdoor sex.

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