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Guys, here is the much awaited part 2 to White Wolf’s previous entry. I couldn’t stop reading once I started on it and this time, it’s more arousing than ever, with those innocent, adventurous characteristic of the younger times. Shall not hold you guys up anymore. Have a good time reading it~


Yours Truly

While writing this, I spent the month visiting all the old hideouts that we once spent so many hours at… Bishan Park had changed beyond recognition. Ang Mo Kio Library was somewhat the same. AMK park as well. Still plenty of dark corners where we had shared quiet walks and kinky moments. It was bittersweet to write about this time in my life because there was so much going on for the both of us. Most people would only spend some time thinking about their past, but never in such detail and deliberation about what to set down in black and white.

Honesty, I believe, is the most powerful transformative element in any relationship. I was very fortunate that my first relationship was with such a wonderful girl who was always honest with me. Since chapter 1 is over, I will break out some details for readers who didn’t manage to figure them out. This was in 1997, back when handphones were not so common, and calling Xin Yi’s house number would be literal suicide. We met the week after our June holidays… And as everyone knows, that meant that the ‘O’ levels were creeping too near for comfort. I think many elements in the story will surely resonate with the people who grew up during the 1980s and 1990s.


Hey You,

I wonder if you have any idea that I am writing this now. I wonder what you are doing at this moment as I listen to the music that we once danced to. I wonder if you still think of me from time to time.

Do you?

I still smile to myself on the train when I remember how you’d snuggle up against my chest. I’d gaze out the window with a silly grin, remembering how I’d tease you by turning up my chin whenever you wanted a kiss. Then, you wore heels and I called it cheating. I wonder if you still have trouble with a kiss.

Do you?

Do you still put the sun to shame with your radiant smile? Do you still capture the stars and moon within your sepia eyes? Do you still walk as though you danced upon the clouds with angels about you?

Do you?

I’m sure you do.

Yours Truly,
White Wolf


I woke up before my alarm clock went off. Stretching, I drew a deep breath and slowly sat up in bed. It was 7a.m. The curtains in my room were aglow with the silver light of dawn. I could hear my parents moving around the house, getting ready for another day of work. I could hear their quiet conversation, smell the toast and coffee my mother was making.

That morning, the cool air felt different somehow. It felt as though a droplet of water was almost falling off a leaf, but time was frozen in that moment before its descent. I trembled involuntarily. Lightly placing my feet on the cold stone tiles of my room, I walked over to the windows and threw open the curtains. It felt like the world was more vibrant today. A fresh chill breeze greeted me, crisp and moist from pre-dawn rain. The sky that morning was layered with shades of lustrous silver and gold, pearly white clouds streaked into the horizon as the world around me came awake with the distant hum of vehicles. My toes curled tightly, my fingers clenched upon my cold window sill.

I have a date with Xin Yi today.

Xin Yi.

My girlfriend.

The events of yesterday caught up with me at last, giving clarity to the hazy thrill of energy rushing through me. I felt a little dizzy, a little breathless, and suddenly invincible. Love really does give me superpowers. Do your worst, Life! Heh. I grinned right out at the sun as I greeted the world for the first time in my life.

“Good morning, World.”

And again for the first time in my life, I meant those words as I said it. It was a good morning, and I sincerely wished the world to have a morning just as wonderful as mine. I drew another deep breath of the cold morning air, absently hearing the mechanical thunk of the bread toaster, while I stared into the sunrise. How am I supposed to look my best in my school uniform? Shit. I am so dead. I buried my face in my hands as the sun wisely decided not to answer. Life, please spare me.

I found myself brushing my teeth with furrowed brows half an hour later, still contemplating how to make myself look good in my school uniform. I look absolutely horrendous in them. I mean, who the hell still wears shorts in Secondary 4? Hell, muddy green shorts at that! What kind of sick and twisted mind would think of imposing muddy green shorts upon decent young men at the springtime of their youth? I rinsed my mouth thrice for good measure and spat bitterly into the sink.

“Morning, Father. Mother,” I mumbled absently. Yeah, I know it’s kind of weird for me to address my parents that way, but that’s just how I was brought up. I never thought much about it until I had friends come over once and they remarked on it. Well… Guess I won’t be having any friends come over soon. I liberally spread butter on my toast and dipped it into my little plate of half-boiled eggs as I felt my stomach make a few more somersaults at the prospect of meeting Xin Yi in my school uniform.

“Ah boy ah,” my mum spoke up suddenly while spreading kaya on her own wholemeal bread, “You got test today ah?”

“What? Where got?”

“You look stressed.”

“Prelim finish already la…”

At this point, my father set his huge coffee mug down like a judge with his gavel. The wooden thump resounded through the suddenly silent kitchen as my father’s chair scraped against the floor. “I hope so. Else you won’t even be in poly with your current results.”

I felt like someone just punched me in the gut. Why do my mornings always have to be like that? My mother sat quietly between the both of us. Father and son standing up, but not looking at each other.

“I’m going to work.”

“I’m going to school.”

I stood still until he left the kitchen. Silence reigned as I did my dishes together with my father’s; he never did his. Then, I entered my room at the same time he stepped out of his. I didn’t turn to look at him, but as I closed the door behind me firmly, I could smell that familiar earthy cologne that he has always used for years. My body felt heavy as I put on my uniform and straightened my school tie in the mirror. My face lifted a little at the thought of meeting Xin Yi, but that didn’t quell the hollow ache in the pit of my stomach. Why do things always have to be like this? When will it end? I sighed. Picking up my bag off the floor, I switched the ceiling fan off and put on my white shoes at the door.

“Mother, I’m going to school,” I called out as I opened the door.

“Have a good day at school!” She called back with her head peeking out from the kitchen.

The heavy air around me did not lighten even after I’d stepped into the lift. I looked down at the concrete floor, absently walking out of the lift… There she was. Just a dozen meters away from me, her neatly tied ponytail caught the morning sun and was shimmering back at me. Seated at the stone table, she was looking right at me, those large innocent eyes creased in a slight frown as she jumped up immediately and made her way to me. I felt a tightness in my heart as our arms went around each other naturally, and a tear found its way down my cheek. Yeah sure, call me a weak pussy for crying over my father. I can’t help it, alright?

Xin Yi looked up at me as her hazel-brown eyes scrutinised me lovingly, “Do you want to talk about it?”

“I don’t want to spoil your morning…”

“Pfft!” She poked me in the stomach suddenly, causing me to double over again, “Please leh! Spoil what? Just talk please!”

I must be a sadist. For some odd reason I couldn’t figure out, my stomach’s hollow ache disappeared immediately. My girlfriend still stood there with arms akimbo, looking down at my bent form with a smile sweet enough to cause death by diabetes and a mischievous sparkle in her eye. “Okay, I’ll tell you about it, but we better get going…” I muttered with a shake of my head.

By the time I was finished, the bus ride was over and I felt like a useless man for dumping all my worries on her. This really wasn’t how things were supposed to go. I sighed and looked down on the ground in misery. Not cool, man. Really not cool! What happened next changed my perspective of relationships forever.

Xin Yi touched my arm lightly. I lifted my gaze to see a face of openness and love, her eyes filled with only empathy. I felt a lump in my throat and swallowed. I have never had an experience like this before. “My father is like that too,” she murmured just above the rumbling of a passing bus, “I spend a lot of my time proving him wrong… Wondering just when he could look at me and love me as his daughter… Wondering when my mother could speak up and not keep silent… But you know what? I realised that I don’t have to be brought down by how my parents behave. They are just afraid for us… Afraid that they aren’t good enough for us… Afraid for our future. So let’s show them that we can be responsible for ourselves. Show them we can take care of ourselves first.”

That was something that I never expected to hear from my girlfriend; total honesty and vulnerability about herself. Given the amount of horror stories about clingy and wild girls, I felt so grateful at that moment. Lucky me. I really wished at that point in time that I could sweep her into a hug and kiss her, but I didn’t because we were already nearing school. There were plenty of people around at that point in time, so I settled for gazing deep into her bright soulful eyes with all the love I had in my heart, “Thank you, dear.” Gosh, her blush was cute. Everything about her was cute.

Smiling at each other fondly one last time, we both turned just in time to see the distant figures of Xin Yi’s schoolmates clustered right outside my school gate. No more romantic moments from now on. It was an immediate instinct for us to plaster on our best public face. Once inside the school, my fellow prefects ushered everyone into the school hall to get seated. The event itself lasted for an eternity and was almost like a cruel form of torture; listening to speeches that droned on and on. I couldn’t even sneak peeks at my girlfriend because she was hidden in the middle of her schoolmates. Meanwhile, my fellow species were ogling and staring at the sight of girls in an all boys’ school, and quite a few of them were directed at Xin Yi. I was a proud man that day. Perhaps due to my subconscious actions, I ended up being the guide for her small group during the school walkabout tour. I remember trying very hard to avoid stealing glances at her because we obviously did not want to go public with our relationship… It was going well so far. Then, my impression of girls was changed that day.

“Hey,” one of Xin Yi’s schoolmates spoke up while we were walking around during the tour, “We got a joke. You want to hear?”

Bored and curious, I shrugged, “Okay, what joke?”

Clearing her throat, the girl went on, “There was an American soldier who was fatally shot while fighting a battle and on the verge of death. The field doctor couldn’t save him, so they asked if he had any last wishes. The soldier asked for a flag of America so that he could kiss it before he died, but for some strange reason, nobody could find one. At their wits’ end, a hot, sexy female nurse admitted that she had the tattoo of the American flag on her butt.”

Suddenly, Xin Yi cut in, “The sexy nurse then pulled up her skirt in embarrassment as she wasn’t wearing any panties that day. Everyone could see her privates, while the dying American soldier kissed her butt loudly and then said, ‘Now, turn around and let me kiss Bush.’ ”

I stopped walking. I turned around fully to stare at my cute girlfriend, who feigned an air of sweet innocence. There was a full three-second pause as I absorbed what just happened and uttered, “What the fuck?” At that, all the girls around me burst into laughter at my expense, laughing at their perfect execution of the joke… And the joke’s on me. Damn it. I chuckled helplessly as Xin Yi grinned mischievously and flashed me a wink that only I could catch amidst the bout of hilarity. I felt my face grow hot and was thankful that I don’t blush visibly at all. I hope.

Fuck me, right?

Girls these days…

Much later, the event had already ended way earlier than school would have, but the teachers decided to give us the day off since it was a Friday. After much warnings against loitering around outside school and creating trouble, we were finally set free. “Chen Sian! We going J8,” one of my buddies called out once the group of us were a safe distance away from school. That sly bastard! He had an arm around the waist of one of the sexier prefects already. She sure looked like she was enjoying it. Looks like some people have all the luck.

“Nah, I going home la.” I carefully chose not respond to one of the girls who winked at me. Damn, her skirt was short for a prefect. Those legs!

“Wah lao, why like that?” Was that girl touching his butt?

“Sorry la bro! Another time can? That Miss Chung give me so much homework for physics. Don’t do, can die leh.” I tried not to stare at the girl groping my buddy’s ass.

“Wah really ah… Up to you la, bye!” Sly bastard. He discreetly tried to cope a feel of the girl’s boobs with his arm, but she giggled and turned away.

Staying on at the bus stop, I could hear Xin Yi go through a similar conversation with her friends. Some people left, some people stayed. The group went on smaller than before, and I had no doubt they would split up once things got steamy. If anyone thought that people ‘back then’ were all chaste and innocent, they were so wrong. We just knew how to hide it better. Xin Yi silently sat down a respectable distance away from me, but did not appear too friendly. Something felt off. Was she… Pouting?

When our bus finally arrived, she made a beeline for the backseat immediately, leaving me to stumble clumsily after her. Thoughts flying through my head, I was bewildered at what could have caused the sudden change in moods. She was all sweet and loving to me in the morning, how could she suddenly be so cold to me? I sat down carefully next to her, the same way I would carefully pick my steps across a nuclear minefield.

It didn’t work.

She shot me a look that sent fear into the very fibre of my being. I froze.

Holy shit. Now what? I’ve heard plenty of horror stories from some of my other buddies about girls having mood swings, but that didn’t prepare me for… This.

“Oi…” I nudged her gently with my shoulder, while she hugged her schoolbag tightly and pouted into it.

“What.” Woah, I could feel the weight of her full stop.

“Uhm… What did I do?” She turned her head very slowly to glare at me.

“What did you do? You were looking at Sandra!”

“What? Who? Whuh??” I was so confused and panicky that it took a long moment for her words to mean something to me. Ah, the leggy sexy girl.

“You want to lie?” The way she said it, it sounded like ‘die’.

Vigorously shaking my head, I stammered out, “Eh… I… I got look at her, but look only!”

She pouted some more, “Why you look at other girls like that?” Was she blushing?


“I only want you to look at me like that.”

There was a long pause as I mentally and emotionally fumbled on a grand scale. Deep inside, there was a part of me that went “WOO HOO!!!”, while the other part just jumped off the edge of a cliff screaming and laughing madly. Okay, best to say something easy so I won’t fumble.

“Uh… Okay…” Yeah, so damn romantic of me.

Xin Yi blushed even more, if possible, and hunched down lower behind her schoolbag, while mumbling something inaudible. I blinked in confusion and bent down to try and hear what she was saying above the roaring engines of the old bone-shaker bus.

“… Do you… Want to touch me?”

Inside my mind, I went “WOO HOO!!!” again, while cartwheeling and doing fist pumps high in the air. In reality though, I was scared as hell. If I said ‘yes’, what would it mean for us both? What would happen? I can assure you that no decent 16 year old in 1997 will truly have any idea what to do. We didn’t have access to pornography. Most of what we know were what we learned from friends who went havoc. I might hang out with some of the “big brothers” in school, but I wasn’t one of them. Sure, we all have fantasies and desires, but to suddenly have them come true…


Setting aside her schoolbag, Xin Yi turned to look up at me with those wide vulnerable eyes, giving me a little smile that seemed to say, “It’s our little secret.” It was a smile that I would come to be very familiar with. My hands were shaking as I scooted closer to her on the seat, looking around and realising that there was nobody on board the bus at this time of the day. The last auntie had gotten off the previous stop. There weren’t so many people in Singapore back in those days. How lucky could I be?

When I turned back to look at her, her face was again inches away from me… Her eyes were closing, her breath smelled sweet this time, and I could feel her hand creeping around my waist… My left hand reciprocated, but my right never did. Somehow, I decided to place it on her neatly pleated school pinafore, sliding it down till I was almost touching her knee. As she shifted closer to me, her skirt rode up higher onto her thighs, and I could feel the cool silk of her skin. I merely stared in wonder, gingerly moving my hand up her thigh as she squirmed into my embrace.

Then, I heard her quiet gasp as my fingers felt something different. It was coarser. A lot warmer.

Was that her panties?

My heart was doing rapid somersaults together with my stomach. I have often heard stories from the “big brothers” of my school since the day I enrolled. Stories of their wild conquests and titillating experiences with girls from other schools. Stories of what worked and what didn’t. Stories that flooded my mind now.

I curled my middle finger down towards where I guessed her clitoris should be… And nearly jumped up as I suddenly felt a tiny hand around my crotch. She didn’t do anything asides from just squeeze my penis gently through my pants, but I was very quickly on my way to getting a full-blown erection. Ugh. I felt embarrassment creep in. What would she think of me? Yes, I know it’s silly for me to worry about that when I was already fiddling around under her skirt.

Another inch down. Her panties felt moist. Was that it? I gingerly rubbed onto her panties and heard her mew softly like a new born kitten.

Ah, yes.

That was it.

I decided to chance it and vigorously started rubbing on her panties. Her reaction was a major turn on for me: She grabbed a hold of my thigh and clung on tightly as she moaned just audibly enough for me to hear over the engine roar. Mm, putty in my hands now. What if I decided to vary how I do it? I took a quick peek around to check how much time I had left.

About five more stops. Good. I was so focused on getting my girlfriend to climax that my own erection was starting to die down.

With all the strength I had in my finger and wrist, I started rubbing her as though I was madly scribbling answers down in the last minute of an exam. She bit onto my shirt, making me flinch momentarily, but I persisted whatever I had to do. Dear big brothers who imparted the ancient skills to me. Thank you, wherever you are now! Probably about a few minutes later, Xin Yi stopped moaning suddenly and gasped, her hips bucking rhythmically against my finger for several long moments as I felt her orgasm wet her panties thoroughly. My first girlfriend might be a squirter! Praise the lord!

I grinned at my achievement as she turned her face up to look at me… Her face was flushed deeply, beads of perspiration had formed above her brow, one of them trickling down her cheek slowly as she continued panting softly. Her smile… It was full of gratitude and love for me. For me. My sweetheart gave me a peck on my cheek and we cuddled up until we had to get off at our stop. It was our first sexual experience together… And I am proud to say that I was the one who pleasured her without demanding the same from her.

Once the bus rumbled off behind us, our hands sought each other and our fingers intertwined. I made to walk towards our block, but Xin Yi tugged at me. Curious, I turned back to look at her, as she suddenly wrapped her arms around me for a hug.

“Darling… I want to do it for you too.” She mumbled into my chest. I could imagine her blushing furiously now.

“Hey,” I gently lifted her chin and did probably one of the most incredible things in my life, “You don’t have to do it for me, dear. I did it for you because I love you. I didn’t do it, so you would return the favour. You don’t have to force yourself, alright? Besides, I know that girls don’t like to do such stuff for a guy…”

She gave me a look and silenced me with a slender finger placed upon my lips.

“Ahem,” my girlfriend began, “Who said girls don’t like it?”

“But!” Her finger pressed down firmly upon me.

“Tsk!” Xin Yi blushed furiously, “Please leh. I like it! I like it! I like it! Can? And I also know of many other girls who enjoy it. Some of my other big sisters have even had sex already!”

Now, that was shocking. I thought all girls were innocent and us guys were supposed to be the big bad wolves. It seemed almost strange to imagine my sweet, adorable, pretty girlfriend… Masturbating.

“Mmm…” Now it was my turn to give her a look, which made her look down shyly, “Do you masturbate?”

She gave a small nod. Inside, I tried to restrain myself. I think my heart probably skipped a few beats.

“At least a few times a week?”

She gave a tiny nod. My heart rate must have doubled. I could feel my full-blown erection pressing against her, and she didn’t pull away at all. I discreetly pulled her closer towards me, so I could feel more of her body pressing against me.

“Do you… Do it with your finger inside?” She gave a barely perceptible nod. I took a few deep steadying breaths and spoke up, “Hey, we’d known each other only a day. Don’t you think it’s too soon? What if you regret? I might not be the right one…”

She jabbed me hard in the side, “Please leh. When will I ever know who’s the right one? If I’m always going to be waiting around, I’ll never get to enjoy life.”

I desperately cast my mind about for a lifeline, “But… But where can we do it? You wanna get on a bus again? Cannot be right? Sure will have people what…”

She looked at me as though I was stupid, “I thought you cat high boys damn good at finding a way out?” She started stroking my erection through the material of my shorts. Okay, that was motivation enough. I thought for a few seconds more and then grabbed her hand. Xin Yi giggled and then followed me in silence as I made my way to a flat where I knew very little people seem to live… At least, that’s my impression because I don’t see many lights from that block at night. In those days, the stairwells were not open-air. They were fully enclosed, and the only way anyone could see us was to walk into us. We broke pace a dozen meters later, suddenly aware that we were in public when we saw a few people going about their business in the distance.

Casting a sidelong glance at my girlfriend, she was perspiring from the midday sun, and her skin was flushed pink from the heat. She looked really cute to me. Her hair was still pulled back in a ponytail and I still felt guilty for going along with this. Maybe I should stop it? Still, she was the one who agreed. So, it should be alright? Right?

After almost ten minutes of walking, we entered the lift at the empty block and got made our way to the top floor. Yes, we didn’t touch each other at all. We didn’t even look at each other inside the lift. She quickly walked out in front of me, and I followed her to the top floor. Once on top, it was obvious that nobody lived here. There was nothing outside the apartment units, and dust was in a thick layer on those doors. I bet you guys didn’t know there were empty apartments in those days.

Xin Yi sneezed daintily.

I chuckled at that and stopped when gave me the evil eye. I swear, she may be small, but she’s fierce!

I casually walked over to the railings that opened out to the sky and set my bag down. Okay, what do I do now?

I heard some rustling and a snap of a band behind me.

I turned around to see my girlfriend stuffing away something white in her schoolbag. No way…

“Was that your panties?” I asked with an eyebrow arched. She nodded. Holy crap, Xin Yi had no panties on now! I could immediately feel my erection pressing against my own underwear, straining to be free… My lips were dry as I reached out for my girlfriend and pulled her into my embrace, enjoying that same feeling that I had last night as I started gently grinding myself against her. It was amazing how arousing it was to me as she was both innocent and sexy at the same time. As she was one head shorter than me, I could now feel her breasts through her school pinafore. Oh god. They are large for her size.

“Take it off.” I instructed her, “Don’t dirty it.”

Stepping back, Xin Yi ran her tiny hands across my crotch causing me to twitch. Her lips were parted ever so slightly, as she ran her hands along her body and pulled her pinafore off sensually in one smooth movement. Almost panting, I unzipped my pants in response. Oh my god. There she was, standing before me clad only in her school blouse. I could actually see the outline of her bra holding back those definite C-cup breasts that were pressing against her blouse… And she had no panties underneath. Holy shit. I took my penis out and started to slowly jerk off in front of her.

“Take off also. I want to see.”

Dropping her pinafore on top of her schoolbag, Xin Yi reached up to the top button of her blouse and teasingly popped open each button until her cleavage was showing. She was breathing heavily as she begun to slowly bend over in front of me, allowing me to gaze deeply into her cleavage, while one of her hands went down between her legs.

She let out a long sensual breath, her eyes meeting mine in a moment of intimacy. I started oozing pre-cum from the tip of my engorged penis.

Then, her other free hand reached out to wrap around my penis as I leaned back onto the railings behind me with a satisfied sigh. I was gazing upon my sweet and sexy girlfriend, still in her partially buttoned school blouse and her cleavage showing, when I spoke up after a minute.

“Could you… Suck on it?”

She took a step forward, bent down to lick the head of my penis slowly and deliberately, causing me to groan out loud and buck my hips instinctively. Her smile was angelic and devilish at the same time. I swallowed hard as she kissed my erection. After a moment, Xin Yi leaned in to take the whole of my erection in her tiny mouth. I flinched violently and almost jumped. She looked up at me with lust clouding her eyes. “Your teeth hurts.”

She made a sensual sound in her throat to acknowledge my words, causing me to snap. I gently placed my hands around her head and took control, pumping my penis in and out of her mouth as I felt her fingers between her legs speeding up. Oh god, I can’t hold. It was probably less than 5 minutes, but I had already been teased too much beforehand. I started to fuck her mouth harder and I felt her gag a little, as the vibrations from her moans caused me to speed out of control.

“I’m cumming! Baby, cumming!” I whispered urgently as I noticed her hands suddenly sink in further between her legs. Holy shit, she just finger-fucked herself all the way in. The vision of my sweet girlfriend finger-fucking in front of me was too much. It sent me over the edge as I pushed my erection deep into her mouth, firing shot after shot of semen into her throat. I could feel her swallowing desperately, the velvet-like warmth of her throat closing rapidly around the head of my penis, and causing me to cum for the longest period of time.

“Baby… Baby…” I whispered again and again, as I continued bucking my hips and trying to get my erection deeper into her mouth.

I had never cum so hard, nor so long before.

I pulled out of her when I was spent, sinking down to the floor wearily. Xin Yi was a delightful mess; some of her hair had come loose, her face bore an orgasmic afterglow, and she still had eyes only for me. I felt terribly guilty. She must have seen my guilt in my eyes again, because she came forward and cuddled me as she looked up into my eyes to hold my gaze.

“I loved it. Thank you, darling,” She purred sweetly as she licked her lips in a decidedly provocative manner.

I didn’t feel so terrible about myself as that warmth of first love settled in my heart again.

Our first time together might just be sooner than I expected…

But I still felt uncertain.

Part 1 | Part 2

Story published with permission, courtesy of White Wolf.

My Best Friend 2

This is part two to a story submitted by a fellow reader/ writer, who has been nice to pen his experiences down and allow me to post it on my site. Guys, do drop any comments below to let him know how you guys feel after reading both stories and what turns you on the most. Ladies, I’m sure he would love to hear from you girls too! Have a good time reading, I assure you it could almost happen to you if you were at the right place and at the right time.


Part 1 | Part 2

In the earlier story, you guys read about how I had sex with Claire, one of my best friends. This second segment is my experience with my other best friend, Joanna.

Joanna is always known by all of us as the ‘blur’ one. She often got confused easily and could not catch on to the jokes we made sometimes, especially the dirty ones. Me and Claire used to laugh at her expression as she struggled to understand these jokes. When either one of us would explain to her, she would say ‘Oh!’ very loudly, proceed to slap the shoulder of the person who explained it to her and would go red in the face. This was a very comical reaction and we all had a good laugh every time she did that.

With time, Joanna also became experienced in her own way and soon, she was telling us about her sexual escapades. Naturally my imagination would fire up and I would imagine her fucking me instead. Joanna used to club extensively at one point of her life and thus, she had no lack of sex and causal partners. But I was always well-behaved, till one night…

I had set out to meet Joanna for drinks at a pub. I normally don’t drink so I would send Joanna home after she got tipsy. Believe it or not, although I wanted to sleep with her, I never once took advantage of her when she was drunk or tipsy, as I believe that sex has to be enjoyed by both parties. So there I was, walking into a pub, looking around for Joanna when I saw her already seated at a table.

Fuck. She was wearing what seemed to be only a very long shirt as a top and it flaunted her perfectly toned legs. Joanna is a runner and also plays various sports, hence she had very beautiful legs that I was gazing at through a glass table. She had already started drinking and was on her second bottle of beer that night. Joanna is an excellent drinker and can really hold her alcohol, so I wasn’t too worried. As we talked, I tried to discreetly peep through the glass to perhaps catch a glimpse of something more, but she always sat properly and thus I was denied the opportunity.

‘Excuse me Randy, I need to go to the washroom’ she said as she stood up to make her way to the washroom. As her legs parted slightly, I caught a brief glimpse of her black panties. Score! I was aware that I was becoming hard and I thought ‘Why did she have to dress like that? She knows that I have a very high sex drive, is she trying to make me do something inappropriate?’ Joanna came back then, taking her seat and flashing her panties at me briefly before she closed her lovely legs. I took a deep breath and focused on our conversation. Soon, our conversation turned to sex.

Me: So, how has your sex life been? Any particularly memorable guys recently?

Joanna: Haha, actually I did have sex recently but it was kind of disappointing..the guy could not get his stuff up despite my best efforts and when he did, I could not feel anything despite the fact that he said he already put it in.

Both of us burst out laughing at this point

Me: Aww, that’s too bad. You should try sleeping with me, I guarantee you’d enjoy it

Joanna: Wow, you really have so much confidence in yourself?

Me: Well, I deliver regular and punctual orgasms

Joanna: Haha. Good for you. Too bad I don’t sleep with friends.

This continued for some time, as we changed topics. Every time I steered the topic back to sex, I could tell that Joanna was getting more and more interested in it. She had also began to get a little tipsy and she began to unconsciously spread her legs slightly, making it difficult for me to focus on the conversation at hand.

Joanna: We can’t seem to stop talking about sex, huh? Are you really that turned on?

Me: Of course! I’m ready to go anytime, anywhere. All you gotta do is say yes.

Joanna: We’ll see about that. Haha. Excuse me I need to go make a call.

And with that, Joanna left the restaurant. I presumed she would be back in about 10mins and when she didn’t show up after 20mins, I started to get worried as the pub was located along a pretty deserted stretch of road. God forbid, something could have happened to her. I went out to look for her and I saw her standing next to a car.

Me: Hey Joanna!

Joanna turned around and to my surprise, she looked pretty red in the face.

Me: Is everything okay? You didn’t come back in so I got worried.

Joanna: Yeah it’s all good..sigh.

Me: Hey, whats up? You can talk to me. I said, putting my arm around her shoulder to comfort her.

Joanna: Okay, well the thing is..I got horny after our conversation and I’ve been trying to call a guy I normally have sex with, but I think he’s asleep!

When I heard that, I swallowed. Now was the opportunity to ask, to gamble for it.

Me: Joanna, how about..we do it?

Joanna: Do what? Have sex? No way, I told you I won’t sleep with my good friends.

But she didn’t seem so sure of herself this time and I pressed on.

Me: Look, it’s really simple. It’s just sex, something which I know both you and I want very badly right now. So why can’t we help each other out? And besides, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve… kinda slept with Claire.

Joanna: Seriously? Wow, your sex drive is really out of control!

She turned away from me and faced the car, as if it would drive me away. I hesitated before I stepped forward and embraced her from behind, one hand undoing the last button on her shirt.

Joanna: Hey, what are you doing? Stop, we can’t do this..

But she was not putting up much of a struggle

Me (whispering into her ear): Just trust me, alright? We both want this and I know I can make up for that unsatisfactory experience you just had.

I said, as my hand slid into her panties and slowly begin to finger her moist pussy. I felt for her clitoris and when I found it, I used my middle finger to slowly rub it in circles, causing her to moan and lean back onto me, her small tight ass making contact with my hardening dick. Her hands slipped behind and freed my aching dick from my pants.

Joanna: Mmm, you are really long..

Me: Tell me you want my dick in your pussy.

Joanna: I.. need your dick in my pussy. I need you to fuck me now.

She moaned as I pulled her panties to her knees and slowly, I rubbed my dick against her wet clitoris. She moaned and turned around ‘Fuck me already!’ she exclaimed as I teased her warm, wet pussy. Without hesitation, I pumped my dick into her small and tight pussy and groaned as I fully penetrated her, her small, perky butt in full contact with my body. I could not hold myself back and I pumped her as hard as I could. She began to moan louder and louder and it was like I was in a Japanese porno, as she moaned and cried every time I entered her.

Without warning, the urge to cum came and it was so swift that I barely cleared my way out of her pussy when I came on her butt, my warm goo hitting her butt and dripping all around onto the floor. I was shocked. I had never came so quickly before and as she turned around to face me, the inevitable question popped out:

That was it?

Me: Joanna, I’m really sorry it ended so soon but you were so fucking tight and your moans just drove me over the edge. I barely pulled out in time myself.

Joanna: Sigh, but I’m still not satisfied…

Me: I got an idea, come with me.

And so, Joanna pulled her panties back on and we hailed a passing cab when she was ready

Me: Uncle, Hotel 56

I said, beaming at Joanna. Her smile was equally wide as her hand rested on my crotch and began to squeeze discreetly while we were travelling there.

Part 1 | Part 2

Story published with permission, courtesy of Randy.

My Best Friend

Here I am again, this time to feature another story submitted by a fellow writer/ reader who had been visiting my site for a long time. Reading this story does turn me on and it reflects some of the ‘so close, yet so far’ scenarios we had experienced in our lives. I am sure all of us have friends that appears to be tempting from how they dress and act, but rarely we feel close enough to ask them to be FWB. Below, is the long, but totally arousing story Randy had submitted, and I am sure you guys will find it fun to read.


Part 1 | Part 2

They say that a guy and a girl can never be only friends. That sooner or later, either one would fall for the other. Well, this was not so in my case. I have two female best friends from my days in school and we’ve been great friends for the past 5 years. We talk to each other about everything and anything under the sun, and thus when my best friends started having sex with their boyfriends; these details were also included in our conversation. Being the only guy in the group, I was often asked questions that guys could answer best, like why some men like deep-throat, anal and certain fetishes among other questions. I did my best to explain this to them and they in turn told me about how they liked a man to fuck them.

This story is one part in a series of many stories we shared and this first story involves me personally. Yes, I broke the cardinal rule and had sex with both my best friends.

My friend, let’s call her Claire, is your average girl next door type; sweet with long hair that reached to her waist and brown eyes. Claire spent her childhood overseas and she’s very fair as a result, some guys even think she’s a Chinese Caucasian. Claire lost her virginity at a very young age of 14 and she has a sexual drive that is very high. By the time I met her and when we got closer, she shared with me many stories on the different experiences she has had. I really wanted to fuck her but the fact that she was attached and she was my best friend kept my dick in my pants. Till one afternoon…

My friend, let’s call her Claire, is your average girl next door type; sweet with long hair that reached to her waist and brown eyes. Claire spent her childhood overseas and she’s very fair as a result, some guys even think she’s a Chinese Caucasian. Claire lost her virginity at a very young age of 14 and she has a sexual drive that is very high. By the time I met her and when we got closer, she shared with me many stories on the different experiences she has had. I really wanted to fuck her but the fact that she was attached and she was my best friend kept my dick in my pants. Till one afternoon…

Claire always woke up late and I was forever going to her place to drag her out of bed. That afternoon was no exception as I made my way to her house. ‘Seriously, Claire!’ I muttered angrily for it was a scorching afternoon and it was a long walk to her house. I was let in by her maid and I went straight to her room, having been there countless times to wake her up for school. Claire had a habit of sleeping naked so the maid peered into the room from the door before saying ‘Okay sir, she got wear something’ Part of me was silently disappointed, but I pushed those thoughts aside and entered the room.

Claire was lying on the bed wearing a singlet and a pair of very used shorts. The singlet was green with ‘ARMY’ written on it, probably from one of her ex boyfriends or flings, I could never tell and the shorts were worn and fraying. Claire used to go out with guys but she lost faith in men after a particularly bad breakup and since then she had decided to try out being a lesbian. ‘Pity’ I thought gazing at her long white legs. As my eyes traveled upwards, I noticed her firm ass curled up and that her B cup breasts were stretched tight against the singlet. I looked away for a moment to calm down and reached out for her shoulder.

‘Oi wake up, time to go already! We’re going to be late in meeting Joanna!’ I said, annoyed. At least her room was air-conditioned, so I was cooling down fast. She turned over onto her back and moaned gently in displeasure before pushing my hand away. ‘Five more minutes lah, Joanna also confirm gonna be late’ she murmured sleepily. I realized then that she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were erect, probably due to the cold. ‘To take my mind off, I looked at her face and shook again, ‘No no wake up now, I know you take forever to get ready’ I said. ‘Mhmm…’ Claire slowly opened her eyes and squinted at me. ‘Oh it’s you’ she said tiredly. ‘Let me sleep awhile more lah, last night got late night activity you know’ she grumbled as she made to turn on her side. But I was not going to let her turn away and I put my hand firmly on her shoulder. ‘Haha well good for you, but not my problem. Let’s go, Joannna will be waiting’ I insisted.

Claire turned to face me then. I gazed at her brown eyes and thick red lips, and she stuck her tongue out to mock me. Claire told me that guys used to request that she give them a blowjob as she really knew how to use her tongue and I longed to ask her for one. But instead I said ‘Let’s go..’ ‘Fine, but you give me a massage first!’ and with that Claire turned onto her stomach. Claire loved my massages as she claimed that I could really massage her with strength compared to her girlfriend. When I didn’t move, she begin to whine and shake her firm butt that had near perfect curves. ‘Hurry up! Faster you do, faster I go shower!’ she promised.

Having no other choice, I took some cream from her dresser nearby and begin to massage her shoulders. I stayed on my knees as I did not want to sit on her butt and let her feel my growing erection. After about 5 mins, I began to make my way down her back. ‘You know that you can lift it up right? I won’t mind’ said Claire as she lifted her singlet up to her chest. I could only grunt in agreement as she exposed her back to me and I could see her side boobs, which made my dick harder. I did not dare go lower than her waist but my thighs were complaining about the position I was in. ‘Eh Claire, don’t mind if I sit on your butt ah, more comfortable for me’ I said as I lowered myself onto her butt. Her response was a low moan, she was enjoying the massage too much to bother how I did it. As I sat on her butt checks I felt my dick respond immediately to the soft curves of her shorts. Holding back a moan, I began to massage her lower back. ‘Harder, harder!’ she said as I began to apply pressure to her lower back. I decided to use my momentum to press down harder on her back and I began to rock back and forth slowly on her ass, grinding it. ‘Mhmm..don’t stop. Right there, that spot..just keep doing that, you’re doing great’ said Claire and she sighed in pleasure.

This was going out of control. My dick was nearly fully erected and it was becoming uncomfortable to keep in my pants. Claire also was beginning to moan like I was fucking her and I was becoming frustrated at not being able to do anything. ‘There, done!’ I said reluctantly as I lifted myself off her butt. ‘Wait, wait I want more!’ Claire complained as she lowered her singlet and turned around to face me, sitting on the bed. ‘No I can’t, no more strength’ I lied, trying to remain calm as I saw her generous cleavage of her milky white breasts peeping out of her singlet. ‘Don’t bluff, you tell me you work out and you can’t even do a 30 min massage’ Claire pouted. ‘It’s not that, I..can’t lah’ I said, starting to rise from the bed before she could ask me anymore questions. ‘Hey, what’s the matter, tell me lah’ said Claire as she pulled me down beside her.

I decided to go for broke and tell her the truth. ‘Look Claire, you’re my best friend and I don’t want to do anything stupid but I’m a guy too. When I’m massaging you like that, I’ve got an erection and I just want to fuck you so badly.’ There was a moment of silence. Then Claire giggled. ‘I know, I could feel it through my shorts. That’s why I was moaning, because it felt good. I haven’t felt a dick on my ass since I became a lesbian and..I kind of miss it’ Claire then looked away. ‘Claire, I know how you’re feeling, it’s not easy for you to just stop fucking men’ I said with some hope in my voice. ‘ If you want… we could just do it. I’d keep it a secret and your girlfriend would never have to know’ I whispered softly into her ear as my bulge slowly started to stroke her thigh. ‘ Promise?’ asked Claire in a small voice. ‘I really promise, I know how much you love her’ I said, turning Claire to face me and looking into her eyes. She closed her eyes and kissed me softly on the lips.

She moaned as I slid my right hand into her singlet and gently massaged her left breast. I leaned her back as I removed my shirt and she removed her top, freeing her breasts. We then had a tongue fight as she removed my pants and I moaned when her cold hand grabbed my warm, hard dick. ‘Mhmm..finally’ whispered Claire as she stroked my dick. ‘ Not yet, hang on’ I said as I gently took her hand off my dick and placed both my hands on her B cup breasts. She had pink nipples, which I begin to nibble on delicately at first. Claire moaned loudly and I attacked both her breasts with my tongue and mouth, slurping up every last bit I could taste.

Claire could not wait any longer and after letting me lick her nipples for a few minutes, she pushed me down and began to kiss me fiercely as her thighs clamped shut around my dick, stroking it. I could not belive it, I was actually dry-humping my best friend! A small part of me felt guilty, but I pushed that part away and focused on looking into Claire’s eyes. She slowly descended, leaving a trail of kisses till she reached my dick. Without taking her eyes off mine, she slowly licked my head once. I shuddered in pleasure. She gave it a little kiss before slowly licking the sides and bottom of my dick. She then formed a seal around my head with her thick lips and proceeded to lick me using the tip of her tongue. I could not hold back any longer and I held onto her head, slowly guiding her lower till she had my entire dick in her mouth. She then released her grip with a sucking sound that left saliva dripping from her mouth all over her bed.

‘You like that, Claire?’ I asked as she went down again on my head. Her response was to go faster and she went on for a good five minutes at the fastest speed she could before she slowed suddenly. ‘This is what I do that to make the guys want me to blow them again’ Claire said as she slowly sucked on my head. And without warning, the tip of her tongue entered my pee hole and began to flick up and down. I went berserk and turned her around before she could go down on me again. I jammed my tongue into her already soaked pussy and I heard her moan as her lips were around my head. I found her clitoris and began madly flicking my tongue the same way she was doing to my head. She gasped in pleasure and pressed her vagina onto my mouth. I felt her muscles tighten and loosen suddenly as she moaned her loudest ever. ‘You came, eh?’ I said as I gazed at her face through her breasts that were swaying, begging to be fondled.

‘Yes, and now it’s your turn..’ she murmured as she got off my dick and lay on her stomach. Claire liked to be fucked doggystyle and I was only too happy to oblige. She laid flat on the bed and closed her legs, perking up her butt. I slowly entered her, and we both moaned as I filled her up. ‘Fuck, you’re tight!’ I said as I slid my entire length into her pussy. ‘And you are so fucking long..of course I’m tight you’re the first dick I’ve had in at least 2 years’ she moaned as she grabbed the bedsheet. I did not waste any more time and begin to bang her hard, smacking her ass as the sounds of ‘piack, piack’ began to fill the room. If I thought Claire was moaning till now, I was wrong. She was moaning so loudly now that I was afraid her maid would come to investigate. ‘Fuck me, fuck me, oh that’s right it feels so good, fuck me!’ she cried as I pulled my dick out and flipped her over to fuck her in missionary. As I banged away, she held on to my shoulders, her nails digging into my shoulder blades as I pumped my dick into her wet, tight pussy.

She crossed her legs over my butt and tightened her grip. She was so wet and tight that I could feel her muscles contract and relax every time I went in and out. ‘Oh fuck, I’m cumming!’ cried Claire as I felt her pussy juice flow down on my dick and all over the bedsheet. ‘Oh baby, you’re so good..let me help you now..’ murmured Claire as she pushed my chest down and began to ride me, her pussy pounding my hard dick. She leaned forward to lock lips with me and her breasts were crushed against my chest. My hands made their way up her legs and found her firm ass. Cupping her butt, I lifted and dropped her on my dick, making her grind her pussy harder.

The countdown had already begun and I was already in the final stages before I gave her a creampie. ‘Babe, slow down you gotta let me out’ I said as she pounded hard on my dick. She did not want to stop and I could see on her face that she was making up for two years of not having a dick inside her. But I was not going to give my best friend a creampie. ‘Claire, get off!’ I said as with one final burst of energy I pushed her off and pulled out, my dick coated with layers of her pussy juice which began dripping on the bed. Without hesitation, Claire got up and rammed my dick down her throat. I could not take it anymore and I held her head down as I came, wave after wave of pleasure going through my body as I emptied my load into my best friend’s mouth.

After I came back to earth, I looked at Claire and realized that some of my load was leaking from the corners of her mouth. Grabbing a tissue, I cleaned it up for her. ‘Thank you’ she murmured as she swallowed the rest of my load. We looked at each other for about 30 seconds, then we realized ‘Oh fuck, we forgot about Joanna!’

Both of us were so fucked that day :)

Part 1 | Part 2

Story published with permission, courtesy of Randy.

01 Sunlit Eyes

Part 1 | Part 2

Guys, it’s Jhae here to deliver a special feature by one of my readers, White Wolf, whom had written a novel out of his own free time. While I busy writing punching keys on my short stories, he was working hard to recollect and brought his memories out in a detailed yet casual manner, filled with emotions close to my heart that I can relate, or anyone could per se.

From here on, I will let him tell you his story, and hopefully enjoy it as much as I did. Like all writers preferred, a minute to write your comments under this entry would be greatly appreciated. He will be closely following any feedback on his work.

Yours Truly: The Beginning

To be completely honest, this wasn’t a story that I had intended to write. While I was musing about writing a short kinky story, I grew more and more dissatisfied with that idea. I wanted to write something more. I wanted a story that would bring fond memories to surface, cause tears to flow, bring about silly smiles, and a whole range of emotions that would awaken the heart…

The more I identified with these emotions, the more I discovered the kind of story that I wanted to write. So here it is. It’s not a “quickie” story, so you might lose patience with it, waiting for the kinky bits. But I promise you, that the build up to it is worth it. This is a story set in the days when phones could be used as hammers, and internet made phone calls impossible.

This is a story of our first time.


In a certain all boys’ secondary school, I was having a pretty bad day. My buddies had gone off to the arcade, but I was stuck here moving tables and chairs for some wonderful event tomorrow with our dearest sister school. Didn’t help that it was ridiculously sunny and hot today. Fuck me, right?

I hammered on the toilet tap for more water, scrubbing black dust off my hands and face. Those tables must have been in storage since Singapore gained independence. I won’t be surprised. My white shirt had gone grey, and my green shorts gone brown. Ridiculous. Stalking out of the toilet, I was going to get my stuff in my classroom when I heard a girl’s voice behind me.

Woah there.

You see, after three and a half years of intense competition with other boys, I have developed this super power to instantly detect any pretty girl in a hundred meter radius around me. It’s an important evolutionary capability to survive at my school… And if you believe that, I’ve a gold mine to sell you.

Putting on my cool face, I turned about… And lo and behold, before me stood this tiny girl a whole head shorter than I was. That’s pretty short for a girl when I’m measuring 165cm. Her black shoulder-length hair was neatly tied up in a ponytail that presented an incredibly adorable pretty face. Clad in a neatly ironed blue pinafore, my eyes wandered down her chest and the rest of her body. Damn that school uniform. Why can’t they just do away with the pinafore? I can’t see anything! Then, I noted her tie and badge. A school prefect. I tried not to stare. Really.

“Hey?” She said again.

“Eh?” I put on a straight face, “Yes?”

“Where the fuck is the girls’ toilet? I’ve been looking for one and I can’t find!” Okay, now that got my attention. Blinking from the unexpected vulgarity, I pointed a finger over at the well-hidden teacher’s toilet, “Eh, behind me. But the lock spoil.”

“Shit la!” She fumed as she fiddled with the lock, “I really need to use. You stand here hor. Don’t let anyone peep!”

As if anyone would, you flat-chested bitch. I crossed my arms and leaned against the wall outside, while wishing all manner of violent death upon her. So I tried to be a gentleman. Fuck me, right? Whatever happened to cute girls being cute? Nobody would come by this part of school at this time, so why am I even doing this? Just as I wanted to walk away, the prefect came out and shot me a look, “Can you bring me to the school hall?”

Biting down my frustration, I simply nodded and said, “Look, if you’re here for the event, it’s tomorrow. Not today.”

She looked at me like I’m an idiot, “Of course I know. I came here so I can tell my friends where to go tomorrow. Now, can bring me there or not?”

What’s with this streak of bad luck I have? First, my teachers picked me to stay back. Now, this girl. Fuck my luck today. “Yeah, can. Let me get my bag from the classroom first,” Stalking in there, I slung my bag over a shoulder and tried not to react violently to her face of disgust as she peered into my classroom. Show some respect, damn it! That’s my sacred ground!

Heading down a few flight of stairs and along some corridors helped improve her attitude a whole lot. She must really like me to keep ranting so much. Finally unable to bear it any longer, I rolled my eyes and she noticed. Whoops. She turned her pretty face towards me and “tsked” in disgust, ready to let loose another bitchy remark… Moments before she walked right into an open classroom door with a resounding bang!

I couldn’t help it.

I laughed.

Clutching her face, she fell against the wall and slumped down upon the ground. Retribution! Oh, thank the lord! Then, her face scrunched up and she started crying. Holy shit. Not cool! Not cool! It wasn’t like what you would see in a drama or anything. None of that false dignified sobbing that a pretty actress would use. This being real life, she was really bawling it out like a little kid lost in the mall. It was like death’s knell. My laughter choked off as I froze in place.

Shitshitshit… Shit!

My mind bailed and went blank on me. Now what do I do? Right, tissues! Hurriedly rummaging through my bag, I grabbed a half squashed pack that I never used and squatted down to hand it to her. My mind absently noted her name tag spelt “Tan Xin Yi” and that her shoes were pretty white. Funny how many details the human mind can pick up in moments like this…

After a torturous moment of watching her cry, Xin Yi finally plucked the tissues out of my hand and tore it open, her face turning away from me as she blew her nose daintily. I looked away politely and shuffled my feet uncomfortably. Thank god there didn’t seem to be any teachers around in the late afternoon. I would be so screwed if there were…


What did I just hear?

“Hey, I said I’m sorry,” came the cute little voice again. Woah, where did that angelic voice come from? It had to be a trick. I wanted to give her a piece of my mind. Seriously, did she think a simple sorry would cut it? Fuck her! Spinning around with some choice vulgarities in mind, I immediately lost them as soon as my eyes fell upon the sight of a wide-eyed adorable pretty girl huddled up against the door.


Her liquid eyes were a rich chocolate-brown that shimmered as the rays of the late afternoon sun danced within them. Her now-disheveled hair framed her delicate heart-shaped face, lightly tanned skin slightly flushed from her tears. She was biting down lightly upon her lower lip, vulnerability plain upon her face as she waited for my reaction. My heart melted. How could I have ever thought to unleash a torrent of vulgarities this sweet little thing? What was I thinking?

Puss-in-boots has no power compared to her.

I cleared my throat lightly, realising that it had went dry in the past few seconds, “Eh… It’s alright. Erm… Why’re you here anyway? There’ll be prefects to bring you to the hall tomorrow.”

If possible, she looked even more miserable. I tried hard not to rush up and cuddle her.

“It’s not like I want to. My teachers decided that prefects won’t have school tomorrow, so we all can make our way here from home. I have to tell everyone how to get to your school hall. If I don’t come here, how can I know?”

“Oh… So you’re the same as me,” I said with understanding, “I had to stay back to prepare the school hall for tomorrow’s event.”

“Huh,” She look cute when confused, “Just you?”

“No la. Everyone else went home. I was washing up.”

A long silence before she sniffled and spoke up again, “Uh… Can you help me? My legs are numb.”

“Ah! Sure,” Without thinking, I squatted down and carried her up easily. She was so light I could swear my schoolbag was heavier than her! She gasped and clutched me tightly as I probably stood up too fast for her, her eyes squeezed tight as her lips trembled. Why is everything about her so adorable? Be still, my thumping heart.

In those days, classrooms were always open because there was nothing to steal. Holding her delicately in my arms, I went into the war zone of a classroom and used a foot to pull back the chair at the teacher’s table. Gently setting her down on it, I went back outside to get our bags. Xin Yi looked absolutely forlorn, her petite form slumped in the large chair. I handed her bag over and she hugged it with her chin atop it. It was silent for a few minutes.

“Thanks… Hey…”


“I’m hungry.”

“Got hawker centre nearby.”

“I still haven’t tell my president how to go to your hall…”

I bit back a sigh. This girl is so troublesome.

“Where’s the nearest phone?”

“Come,” I offered my hand to help her up. As she took my hand and our fingers touched, she blushed a tomato red and clutched her schoolbag tightly, as though trying to hide behind it. Com’on, those were just her fingers. Get a grip, man!

“You got phonecard?” I asked nonchalantly as we stood around the payphones.

“Got.” She said as she fumbled in her bag for her wallet and slipped the phonecard into the payhone, while I gave her several minutes to make the call…

“Okay, finished.”

“Huh? So fast”?

“Yeah, I’m awesome that way,” she said proudly.

“Sure… Sure…” I muttered while rolling my eyes again.

“So when can I eat? I never eat lunch!”

“Now also can. You want to bite my arm?”

She snapped her teeth as though to bite me and stuck out her tongue at me, “Mmm… I’m Xin Yi. You?”

“Chen Sian. Nice meeting you,” I replied while leading her out of my school. Boy, is it great to be out!

“You know… You’re actually nice.”

“Huh. So you saying I look like bad guy?”

She gave me this absolutely sweet smile that sent my heart skipping. “No,” she giggled ever so deviously, “You look like Ah Beng! And Chen Sian? Really? Since when did you become a deity huh?”

I tried to think of a witty remark and failed. Instead, I snorted. “Someone suddenly don’t want to eat hor?” I shot her a sidelong glance and smirked as she looked at me in mock horror.

We grinned stupidly at each other for a moment before sharing a bout of laughter. It was easy to hold a conversation with her. The walk to the hawker centre was not as much of a torture as I expected. “Kay, we’re here. Not so crowded in the late afternoon,” I dumped my bag at a table. “Meet you here?”

She simply waved me away imperiously as she marched towards the hawker stalls. Some minutes later, we met back at the table and I no longer felt so self-conscious. Our lunch together was a simple and silent affair. I didn’t feel the need to strike up some meaningless chatter… Neither did she. We shared a comfortable silence.

I remember stealing glances at her during our lunch. Some of her hair had come loose from her ponytail to give her a fringe, so she had to tuck it behind her ear. Her small hands handled her spoon and fork deftly as she picked up bite-sized portions of meat and rice. She looked up suddenly and caught me looking at her, which made her shyly look back down.

I cleared my throat. “Trying to bury your face in your food ah?” I teased her cheekily.

She murmured something that I couldn’t hear over the noise in the hawker centre, but suddenly started eating really quickly and finished in a minute. Avoiding my gaze all the while, Xin Yi took out a tissue and offered me some.

“You going back?” Deciding to spare her from my teasing, I changed the topic while wiping my mouth.

“En,” She nodded her head while still looking at the table, “Ang Mo Kio. You?”

“Er… Same.”

“Really? Where?”

“The St Nick Primary there.” That got her attention. She looked up at me in surprise.

“Block 271?”

I nodded and gulped. “We’re…”

“Neighbours,” She finished for me. She looked shocked and I felt the same. How could we have never met each other?

Breaking the silence, I grabbed my bag, “So… Shall we get going?” She mirrored my movements and we both headed for the bus stop. While waiting, Xin Yi pursed her lips and peered closely at me, “How come I never noticed such a mean looking guy like you?”

I failed to think of a suitable comeback again, instead opting to look hurt. Delighted at my response, she gave that cute devilish giggle once more. I felt my heart take a tumble. Okay, get a grip. What’s this I’m feeling? Something must be wrong with me today. It was probably the hot sun. It was pretty empty when we boarded the warm and humid bus. She nudged me out of the way and slipped right into the last window seat all the way back. “What was that about?” I muttered as I took the seat next to her.

“I just like it here,” she murmured while hugging her bag like a pillow. I grunted in acknowledgement. Unable to steal glances at her this time, I chose to settle back and keep my eyes ahead. I don’t recall how much time passed, but to this day, I will forever remember the leap of my heart as I felt a gentle pressure against my left shoulder.

I didn’t have to look to know that her head was there, but I turned to look anyway. The rumble and jostle of the bus became a distant noise as an aching sweetness filled my heart for the first time in my life. It was then, at that moment, looking down at her dozing form that I knew I would do anything for her… To see her sweet smile, hear her cheeky giggle, and catch the twinkle in the depths of her chocolate-brown eyes. That ache in my heart mellowed into a tender warmth as a smile found its way across my face.

I’ve heard that time speeds by during moments like this, but I didn’t feel that way. The 24 minutes on board that bus 562 seemed to last for an eternity. With infinite care, I delicately tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. I touched her shoulder lightly, “Hey… Hey, it’s our stop next.”

Murmuring something incomprehensible, she rubbed at her eyes blearily and froze. Our faces were centimetres apart as our eyes met. Chicken rice. I remember she smelt like chicken rice. I probably smelt like char kway teow. It seemed like Xin Yi was moving ever so slowly towards me, her eyes seemed to be closing again… My heart was doing a tap dance. Then, some auntie pressed the harsh buzzer to get off and we broke apart abruptly. We both grabbed our bags in a fluster and got off the bus, aware of the giggles and stares from other passengers.

“Uh,” I was breathing pretty hard. Stay cool man. Get a grip! “Let’s walk back.”

“Yeah…” She nodded absently, slinging her bag around. The neighbourhood we stayed in was a very quiet one, pretty far away from the main road, so it helped us both to calm down as we walked back home. Without anyone around, I felt far more comfortable and less self-conscious. Stealing a sidelong glance at her, I saw her fiddling with her ponytail. A gentle wind sent some leaves rustling by as Xin Yi tugged away the rubber band holding her hair together. With a gentle shake of her head, her long hair fell free across her shoulders, tumbling down in a wave.

She looked good. Really good. I swallowed hard, my throat clenching up all of a sudden.

There was a half-smile playing across her face as she started to say something. Turning to me, she noticed the look plain upon my face and smiled shyly, her footsteps faltering. “We’re home…” She murmured softly while looking down. I stepped in front of her and she fidgeted with her fingers as the wind picked up a little more.

My throat felt tight. My hands shaky. My vision just a little dizzy.

“Hey, Xin Yi…” I swallowed hard. “Would you… Be my girlfriend?” Oh my god, I must sound like an idiot! Nobody asks that question on the first day of meeting! The wind picked up a little more as Xin Yi finally looked up from beneath her lashes at me. The same shy smile was still on her as she met my serious eyes and nodded.

“Yes,” she replied in that sweet angelic voice of hers.

“Uh?” I grunted.

She poked me hard in the stomach suddenly and I doubled over as she burst into giggles, “I said… ‘Yes’!”

“Ow…” I rubbed at the spot where she stabbed me with her finger. Oh my god! She said ‘yes’! Holy shit!

The stupidest grin I ever wore in my life found its way on my face as I looked up at her, still bent double. “Yeah!”

“What’s with that look on your face!” She swatted at me playfully, giggling bashfully as I grabbed her hand… And held it clasped within my own. It felt so small and delicate in the palm of my own. Again, I felt that mellow warmth within me. Her eyes met mine as I gazed deeply within, the early evening sun setting a sparkle in them. She blinked twice as I straightened up, looking down into the depths of those eyes that stole my heart away.

Looking into the eyes of my girlfriend.

I took a step closer to her, her other hand finding its way into my free hand. Her smile was gone now, her lips slightly parted.

She shuffled her feet a little, her body leaning ever so slightly against me, our fingers intertwined, her eyes fluttered close as I bent a little to bring my head lower. I could feel her warm breath on my lips as time seemed to slow down once more.

Our lips touched.

It felt like a jolt of electricity passed through the both of us. Her body rose up as our arms wrapped around each other in a tight embrace. Not knowing what I was doing then, I held Xin Yi even tighter and felt her moan into our kiss. Her tongue brushed ever so lightly across my lips and I felt my erection pressing against her. She leaned fully into our kiss as my tongue snaked out against hers and I begun grinding my hard cock against her. We both moaned and my erection got harder as I felt her breasts pressing against me. Our tongues met again and again, mashing about each other. Neither of us had any idea what we were doing…

But that felt really, really good.

It was perhaps an eternity before we finally broke off, panting and gulping for air. Xin Yi’s long hair was a tangled, sweaty mess that made her look incredibly sexy as we held onto each other tightly.

“That felt… Nice,” her angelic voice was husky. I was fully aware of pre-cum staining my underwear. “Yeah,” I sounded strange even to myself, “Really.”

We sprung apart as we heard some footsteps from a distance, conscious of our behaviour in public… Getting caught in that compromising position would be serious trouble. We both looked away in an uncertain silence and greeted our elderly neighbour who was trying to comfort a whining baby. When the old lady was gone, I broke the silence first, “Hey… Where do you stay?”

“There,” She pointed to the second story apartment above us.

“Hmm… Can I have your number?”

That brought a smile to her face, “Aren’t you supposed to get my number first?”

I couldn’t help it. I blushed. How was it that she was so damn shy a moment ago, but so cheeky now? “Okay, I’m sorry! Can I please please please have your number?” I begged in my best imitation of her cutesy voice and doe-eyed look.

“What the hell?” She burst into a fit of laughter, “Well… There’s a queue for that, you know? It’s about this long and starts at my school gate. You will have to take an application form tomorrow for that too.” Xin Yi made an exaggerated gesture into the distance, while shooting me a haughty smirk.

I continued using my cute tactics and pouted, trying to look miserable. That apparently worked since she snorted and rolled her eyes at me. “Ugh, okay. Fine. Since I’m so kind and nice, I shall take pity on you. Na! Take it. My number!” With practiced ease that probably came from taking names down, she reached for a notepad tucked away in her pocket and wrote her number down before tearing it off with a flourish. Pretending to be formal, I took it with both hands and bowed deeply to her, which made her swat my head playfully.

“Tomorrow… We can go to my school together. I also got no school. 9a.m?”

She nodded and suddenly hugged me tightly before quickly walking away for the stairs. Xin Yi’s my girlfriend now. I have a girlfriend. My first girlfriend. I did a little silent victory dance and leapt into the air with a fist pump. Hell yeah! Then, there was a sudden bout of laughter from the stairs as I realised that Xin Yi had just noticed what I did. Shit man, that was not cool! Not cool!

And so she went up the stairs, laughing all the way.

My girlfriend, Xin Yi.

That night, I took a late shower. I masturbated to the memory of our kiss and the feeling of her soft petite body against mine… The touch of her hands, the feel of her lips, the electricity from our tongues meeting. I came really hard and thought to myself: If that was just kissing… Then what would sex be like?

I had no clue.

Part 1 | Part 2

Story published with permission, courtesy of White Wolf.


A fanfic of Tommy and Adam.

Tommy moaned loudly as Adam pounded relentlessly into him, filling him up. “Fuck me, Lambert,” he hissed, raking his nails down Adam´s back. Adam growled low in his throat, increasing his pace and rotating his hips, increasing the pleasure that Tommy was feeling by tenfold. Tommy spread his legs wider and lifted his hips off the bed, allowing Adam better access to his ass. Adam kept hitting that one spot inside Tommy that made him quiver closer and closer to his end.

Adam was bent over Tommy, his raven-black hair with blue streaks all over the place, wet with his perspiration. His breath came in gasps and he continued thrusting into Tommy quickly but erratically. His chest was glued to Tommy´s, his right hand curled around Tommy´s cock, stroking in time with his thrusts.

Tommy was enjoying everything, but somewhere in his pleasure-clouded mind, worry nagged away at him. He knew that he should have gotten Adam to use a condom. When Adam begged him not to use a condom, his lips pushed out
in a pout, eyes imitating those of an innocent puppy, he had caved in easily. Who can resist it when Adam-fucking-Lambert was looking at them in that fashion?

Pushing his worries to the back of his mind, Tommy tensed up when he felt the tight pressure coiling up at the bottom of his belly. “A-Adam… Harder! Please!” Adam grunted, shoving in deep and hard. His dick twitched from within Tommy and he came, moaning Tommy´s name repeatedly. Warm semen filled Tommy´s ass and he screamed with utter pleasure. He clenched up around Adam, his come spraying all over his and Adam´s chests.

As Adam slipped out of him, Tommy shivered; the results of the aftershocks of his orgasm. His ass felt a little sore, but it was nothing he could not bear. Adam´s warm tongue lapped at the shell of Tommy´s ear. “I love you,” he murmured softly. As Adam´s arms snaked around Tommy´s waist to engulf him in a hug, the worry that had been eating away at Tommy resurfaced.

“Oh, no… Fuck, Adam. We didn´t use a condom!” Tommy rasped, his heart pounding at the speed of a hundred beats a minute. His eyes were wide with fear, brown pools of melted chocolate mixed with utter horror. “What´s wrong, baby?” Adam inquired, curiosity in his warm gaze. Of course… This was the first time they fucked, a month into their relationship.

Adam would not know that Tommy was a hermaphrodite, which meant that he was born with two genders. Basically, he did not have a vagina or breasts, but he did have a womb and ovaries. Yes, like a woman, he had periods. And he had
a dick and balls, which meant that he could get pregnant, and make a woman pregnant. That was awesome, right? Hell no. He had intended to tell Adam, but he was afraid that Adam would think he was a freak and break up with him. However, he had to tell him now, all because of a stupid mistake.

Adam tightened his grip on the poor, quaking man in an attempt to calm him down – to get him to stop shaking. Tommy tried to speak, but all that came out of his mouth was an incoherent jumble of words. Adam shook his head in confusion.

“I´m a hermaphrodite. I can… get pregnant,” Tommy confessed, whimpering a little. Adam´s expression flitted from shock to disbelief, finally settling on acceptance. “Baby, that´s great! Wouldn´t it be exciting to have a kid? Imagine… A baby with your face and my eyes…” Adam trailed off at Tommy´s expression. Instead of feeling consoled, he felt, well… outraged.

“It isn´t you who´s gonna give birth, Adam! Of course you can say that! Giving birth will be so fucking painful. I know it will be. And I´m a guy! Don´t you realize how weird everything´s going to be? What if I appear on the headlines, huh? You know what? Fuck you!” Tommy snarled before whisking off to the bathroom for a bath, his fists balled up in anger. He could feel the sharp sting of tears forming in his eyes, but he forced them back. Had he turned back, he would have seen how hurt Adam was with tears already streaming down his face.

Hopping into the shower, Tommy adjusted the temperature of the water so it was warm. Just like how he felt when Adam was cuddling him. He sighed, feeling guilty for snapping at Adam, but he was afraid of everything. Afraid of having a child; afraid of how the world would see him. He knew that Adam would love and support him no matter what, but sometimes, the support of just one person was not enough. Do not get him wrong; he loves Adam, but having only one person who did not label him as `weird´ was not sufficient. Still… There was not a hundred percent chance that he would get pregnant… So should he worry? Maybe. Tommy let his mind wonder as he shampooed his hair. It might be cool to have kids ad raise them up… Tommy grunted. No! It will be painful during birth! How am I going to breastfeed the baby? Would he even survive? What will happen when he grows up? Would he realize that he was special and therefore had two fathers? Tommy sighed as he rinsed his hair. Perhaps…

He would allow whatever happens to happen. He petted his belly gently. There may or may not be a child entering his life. If he was destined to have a child, so be it. He would love him, provide for him and look after him. But he
needed to apologize to Adam first.

Stepping out of the shower feeling fresher and with a more positive mindset, Tommy searched for Adam. He found him curled up on his bed wearing a fresh set of clothes. He cringed away from Tommy´s touch, making Tommy wince a little.
“Adam… I´m sorry for snapping at you. Please forgive me?” Tommy´s voice, gentle and pleading, won Adam over. He rolled over so he was facing Tommy. His eyes were red and puffy, a sign that he had definitely been crying. Tommy felt his heart twist and sink. He had done that to his own Babyboy?

“Adam! I´m so sorry… I love you! I really do…” Tommy proclaimed, reaching out for his lover and pulling him into an embrace. He stroked his hair softly, listening as he wept quietly. “It´s okay… I l-love you too…” Adam mumbled into Tommy´s ear. Tommy leaned forward and pressed his head against Adam´s chest, listening to his steady and comforting and steady heartbeats. “We´ll take his on together?” He whispered hopefully.


Photos published with permission, courtesy of Hayley.

Relatively, Relative 2

Part 1 | Part 2

Ian could not take it anymore. All he wanted to was to fuck his girlfriend. Lying down on her, pinning her down he put his hands underneath her cotton underwear. Like how a smoke detector works, a bell rang in Ally´s head. What was Ian doing? Isn´t this too much? What if he doesn´t like the way I shave? What if he gets turned off by it? There were many questions that ran through her already troubled mind. Ian reassured her to not worry and that he knew what he was doing. She agreed that he could do whatever he wanted except sex. Ian took it as a big sign to do whatever it takes that would make her want to have sex. After pulling her underwear off, he gazed at the beauty of her vagina.

It was well groomed. Very clean-shaven without any bristly stubs or anything that would turn a guy away. He placed his index finger on the outside layer of her hole. It was soft and moist. He ran his finger in tiny circular motions on the hole. She moaned and moaned. Slowly he began to penetrate her with his index finger. Ally screamed. She had never inserted anything into her vagina before. The steady and stable finger of Ian brought her a mixed sense of feelings. It was painful of how the dry finger was causing friction against her inner walls, but at the same time it was fucking, fucking mind-blowing. Soon when her vagina got wetter, she told Ian to not stop, and to even go harder. Something from what she said turned Ian a whole fucking load on. He started going in very intensely. In and out, in and out that was all it took to hear the screaming from Ally. She would moaned like a poor kitten once he took his finger out. He taught her how to play with her clit as he was fingering her.

She would flick it from left to right, wetting the clit and the skin around it with her fingers. Then she would rub it very gently so as to not sore it too quickly. She would rub it from the top to the bottom. Very gently caressing the flap which was very wet, Ally let out a little shriek as she felt the powerful combination of Ian´s fingering and her own clit action.

Ian stood up from the bed and he started masturbating. He could not help it. All he could think of was too fuck but the girl said that she had enough. She was tired and was very sore below. She slept instantly. He looked at her already naked body. The wetness from her vagina flowed down to her thighs. His saliva was all over her breasts, her face and her neck. He saw her sleep soundly with her legs spread open. His hand was wet with saliva and his penis felt so good as his hand was going up and down his shaft in a very intensive manner.

He stopped masturbating. He almost came. He controlled it for a bit and he decided that he was going to fuck Ally. He kneeled on the bed, his knees holding his weight as he lifted knees Ally up. Her knees were over his shoulders as he rubbed his penis against the clit of Ally. He wetted his penis with his saliva till it was dripping down to the bed covers. Without hesitation he just pushed it into her vagina. It was not difficult as she was still wet and his penis was super drenched in saliva. Once the penis went in, he paused. He took a moment to enjoy the warm, moist feeling of his penis inside her. Her vagina was so very tight and it felt so good for Ian.

Ally fidgeted for a bit in her sleep. She was so sound asleep. Ian went in and out of her slowly. This went on for a few minutes till he touched the correct spot in her vagina. This caused Ally to moan very loudly. That got him all crazy and he was fucking her like how a Maglev would enter a tunnel. All force and power from the train, not bothered whether the tunnel could withstand its pure intensity. That woke Ally up as she was in pain. The ferocious fucking of Ian triggered alarm bells in her head and she panicked.

She kicked him away and screamed. She lifted her body from lying down and slapped him in his face. She could not stop crying, she was angry, she was furious. She was upset how he betrayed the trust that she always thought they had. Ian did not take the slap well. He slapped her back and he barked at her for being a coward and not loving him enough to let him to fuck her. Ian blamed how he felt like as if he was being used as she was the only one of the two be satisfied. He slapped her another time and shouted at her to get the fuck out of his house and to never call him.

3 days later, at half past 10, at night, Ally was sobbing to herself in her room.

Part 1 | Part 2

Photos published with permission, courtesy of an unnamed friend.

Relatively, Relative

Part 1 | Part 2

Ally slumped onto her swivel chair as she gave a huge sigh of relief. She was in her own world now, her sacred haven, her sanctuary, her room. She had escaped the ferocious clutches of the many repetitive questions from her many relatives in the living room. It was the first day of the Chinese New Year and Ally´s mum hosted a gathering of the entire extended Tan family in their humble 4-bedroom apartment. Ally did not like being in the same room with her relatives. She could not stand the continuous and never-ending chatter and gossip by them. All she wanted to do was hid in her room till they left; which was something she did every year.

3 multiple beeps from her Nokia hand phone gave her a little jolt as she was dozing off on her chair. With full vigour and excitement, she reached for her hand phone, hoping it would be Ian. To her abysmal dismay, it was her Mum asking her to get out of the room to mingle with her relatives. She dialled the 8-digit number of Ian´s phone. After calling 4 times, her battery went flat and she was too tired to charge it. She checked her instant messenger but her boyfriend was not online. She was worried and sad. There was no other way she could contact him.

Ian would call Ally every day without fail. They would chat on the phone for ages. There was never a topic they could not talk about. They were in love with one another, and the relationship never looked stronger. This all came to a screeching halt 3 days ago.

That was when Ally lost her virginity. It was never planned to happen. The both of them were messing around in Ian´s room. There was nobody at home. The both of them were on Ian´s king-sized bed. Ian had his top off and he was going at it on Ally´s neck. Biting and nibbling her neck, he took his hand at rubbed her thighs. She was wearing a black floral dress, something Ian got for her about a week ago. She loved his warm hands on her cold thighs. His left hand was rubbing her left thigh very softly and gently.

Feeling her skin and squeezing it whenever he could. Ally moaned softly whenever she felt the slight pain of Ian´s squeezes.  Ian took his head of her neck and he saw 3 reddish spots on her neck. He smiled to himself as he saw how turned on Ally was. Her eyes were closed and her hands were all over his chest. He pushed her down gently from a sitting position to a position where he was lying on top of her. She could feel his hardened penis against her vagina. The only thing between them was the silky fabric of her dress and her cotton underwear. She loved how Ian was moving in a very slow upward motion as he was kissing her. She moaned every time his penis was being rubbed against her clit.

Ian was experienced. At the age of 18 he had a long string of girls whom he had have sex with. He lost his virginity at a very young age and he was a quick learner when it came to sex. He read up on what to do to please women more. He had this thirst of knowledge to give satisfaction to women. He enjoyed the look of pleased satisfaction on a girl’s face whenever they ended their sex sessions. He loved how they end up calling him in the next day’s asking for more. He liked that. No, he loved that.

Ally on the other hand was not experienced at all. She never had done anything intimate with any guy except Ian. The only thing she did with Shan and Reese, her previous boyfriends, was cuddling and pecks of kisses on their cheeks. At the age of 16 she was vitally new to the sex world. She made it very clear to Ian that she wanted to keep her virginity till she met someone who might be her potential husband and Ian always promised that he would never fuck her, even if she asked. Ally knew about Ian. About him being all experienced, about him having sex with many girls in the past. What she did not know was that Ian had been fucking girls during their 1-year relationship and that he was going to break his promise on that very fateful day.

The wetness that overflowed from her vagina was damping her cotton underwear. She felt uncomfortable; she wished that she could just take it off and go all free and loose. But she did not dare. She had never exposed anything to Ian except her breasts and that was when Ian had forced open her top the other time.

Ian climbed onto Ally as he buried his face into hers. Kissing every bit of her lip, biting whatever that could be bitten; sucking whatever that could be sucked. His left knee was in between her legs, pushing against her crotch. Ally loved that. She could feel something hard against her vagina and she began to wriggle, feeling better after every move. Ian was smart, he was deceitful.  He knew that Ally was very, very horny at that point of time and there might be a slight chance of the both of them having sex. He brought the dress lower and he could see the harden nipples of Ally. He began inserting his tongue deep into her mouth as he played with her breasts. Pinching the soft tender meat while feeling her nipples, Ian licked the ears of Ally. It turned him on at how innocent this girl was. She giggled gleefully as she felt the tickling sensation of her ears being licked. Ian pulled her hands apart and pushed her deep into the bed as he went on a sexual attack on Ally´s breasts. From one to another he went crazy, wetting it with saliva, biting the soft meat. He left bites all over.

His hardened penis was practically visible, shape-wised from his soccer shorts. He took it off and chucked it to an isolated corner of his dim-lit room. From under him, Ally took his penis by her right hand and started to rub it. She loved how warm it was, how hard and how thick it was. She played with the head of his penis, rubbing it with the fingers which were already wet from sucking. As she ran her index finger from the head to the body the hair on her arms stood. She felt really good, with the hearty licking of her ears, the pinching and rubbing on her breasts and the wriggling action she conjured up against the thighs of her boyfriend. What could be better than this, she thought.

Part 1 | Part 2

Photos published with permission, courtesy of an unnamed friend.