One among you out there has written a story for J, and he has gotten permission to post it on his blog for all to enjoy. This female writer has been writing on and off, so you’ll see her casual use of words depicting various scenes. Enjoy yourselves guys. This is a light and relaxing entry, with some girl-on-girl action. I know you will love that.

Here is a story I wrote. By the way, they are sisters in real life.

She walks into the house complaining about her tiring day – filming from the crack of dawn to nearly midnight, fans making her sign autographs and take pictures with them after she exited the TV station, being harassed by paparazzi when she was on her way home. Standard procedure everyday. I never get jealous that she’s more popular than me because her life seems really stressful and I think I’ll suffer a mental breakdown if I live that way.

“I need a warm shower and a nice long sleep!” she exclaims. As I hear the sound of water running, I imagine her rubbing strawberry-scented shower gel in circular motions over her large, firm breasts. She has such lovely breasts, I wonder why she wants to keep them out of view as much as possible. Unknowingly, I start massaging my own breasts in my bra and my other hand slides into my panties, and I rub my fingertips over my private parts.

Pleasure overtakes me and I strip myself naked. I penetrate myself with two fingers and am amazed at how tight I am despite the fact that I have given birth before and make love with my husband regularly.

The sudden realization hits me : I am a married mother and have to be a good role model to my daughter and I have to be faithful to my husband, besides how is it right for anyone to fantasise about their own sister?

But pleasure overrides my conscience and I continue fingering myself, proceeding to stroke the walls of my vagina. My husband was not at home anyway, and my daughter was fast asleep. Besides, sex is a form of expressing your love to someone, and I do love Tavia. She had always been there for me when no one else was. I remembered how when I was 12, I was being beaten by my stepfather and Tavia saved me from a fatal blow.

| The Flashback Starts |

Dad : You naughty girl! How many times did I tell you not to loiter around in shopping malls after school!
Me (crying) : I’m sorry Dad, it’s not going to happen again.
Dad : That’s what you always say! I need to punish you already! *starts beating*
Tavia : Stop it! *runs forward and shields me*
Dad : Get off, busybody! *pushed Tavia away and she fell down the stairs*

– a while later –

Me : Are you ok?
Tavia : Yes, I’m fine as long as you are.
Me : Thanks for saving me.
Tavia : You’re my sister, it’s my duty to protect you.

| The Flashback Ends |

Ever since then, I had been in love with Tavia but dared not tell anyone. I knew it’s wrong to be in love with my own sister. For 25 years I have been keeping this secret, not even daring to leak it to my closest friends.

Speaking of leak, I feel the need to pee. I pull on a light pink silk nightgown and make my way to the bathroom. Surprisingly the door was not locked.

“Oh no, I forgot to lock the door again!” she exclaims when I enter the bathroom. But the minute I notice my sister’s naked body I forget that I need to pee.

I throw off the nightgown and walk into the shower stall. “Griselda, what are you doing?” she asks, to which my reply is “Something I’ve wanted to do for 25 years.” before I pin her to the wall and force a kiss on her lips causing her to whimper in fear and clutch tightly onto my breasts in an attempt to stop me but instead it arouses me more and I start kissing harder.

When I release her to catch my breath, she too is gasping for air. “Griselda… Kiss me again…” she begs. “But… Please… Be gentle this time.” I willingly concede. She wraps her arms around me and I circle her clitoris with my fingertips. I gently penetrate her with one finger and allow her to feel me inside her before sliding another finger into her vagina.

“Oh my god, you’re so tight.” I gasp as I break the kiss. “Him Law… He has a small dick.” she replies, and she sounds as if she is almost out of breath which I think is sexy as hell.

She quickly pulls me to her bedroom and jabs my shoulder lightly causing me to fall backwards onto her bed. With two fingers she spreads apart my pussy lips and pokes lovingly at my opening with the same two fingers.

“Ugh, never mind about this! I just want to fuck you right now!” she exclaims and jumps onto me, positions me for scissoring and jerks her hips back and forth so that her private parts rub against mine, and she locks lips with me once again.

We came at the same time, mixing our fluids together as if to bind us to each other for eternity. “Tavia, I love you.” I manage to speak through my weak breath. “I love you too.” she replies. We both fall asleep in each other’s arms, and I smile knowing that my one true love feels the same way towards me.

Story published with permission, courtesy of an unnamed writer.

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