Almost Nude

Snapping the hook together between her new black Nubra, Shyan pulled the laced dress over her head and looked into the mirror at her bare pussy. The dress was meant to have an underlay, but the adventurous her decided to do without it, replacing the inner wear with a pair of black knickers. It was slightly longer than boxers so she felt safe in it, but even she thought that this outfit was a little too much for the conservative Singaporeans.

Swallowing countless times to distract the unsettling mind, the clock strike 6pm and it was her cue to leave house. Her boyfriend was already downstairs when she stepped out of the lift, and he just gave her a long stare. Holding onto her hand, they walked towards the MRT station with staring eyes. Those behind them would wonder about the presence of a bra, and the ones in the opposite direction would ogle at that slim figure without and obstruction for a good scan.

They boarded the crowded train for Bugis and the carriage was packed as usual, being a weekend and all. Pulled apart by the influx of passengers, they could keep their hands together. Apart from that, there was no way he could tell, that the guy behind his girlfriend, already had his hand on her back. As the train continued on its journey, he raised his briefcase to ‘accidentally’ lift her skater dress, until it was hooked onto the zip. Quickly shifting his hand under, Shyan gasped at the warm palm on her bum, and it did not just stop there. Fingers were digging in front her waist and cupping over the cold fleshy butt cheeks. She had tried turning her head to look at that pervert, but he always give her a shove to scare her into falling forward.

His hand went up and down her butt a few times, before taking a break at her waist. The thought that it was over, never came true. His arms went around her body and slipped right into her groin, where the baby-smooth skin gave no resistance to his advances. One of her hands was holding onto boyfriend, and the other on the overhead grips. His weatherworn digits then pushed their way between the dry but powdered slit of raw flesh, rubbing her until her juices admitted her horniness.

As she tried to keep her legs closed, the guy granted her a sideway shove and she opened those slim limbs, so he could curl his finger into her. The noises she wanted to make was barely held back, and his finger was moving faster as the stops got more frequent towards City Hall. The knickers had already soaked much of the juices, and he just keeping her tap running. Finger fucking her discreetly, it was the craziest thing that happened to her and the trail of liquid down her legs soon worried her.

The train got more packed at Dhoby Ghaut, forcing his body on her back, and he reached his fingers deeper. Her head tilted upwards in the sight of the people around her, including her boyfriend, and then gave off a gentle shiver like the ones she experienced while peeing. By then, the hand had disappeared and the single stream down her leg had a bit more fluids running through.

Finally, their stop arrived and he yanked her out of the inconsiderate passengers who stood around her admiring that sexy figure. Whoever fingered her, had hidden himself well without that guilty expression she was looking out for.

Boyfriend: ‘You okay? You look so red.’

Shyan: ‘Just hot. The train is too packed.’

Boyfriend: ‘Yeah. And you in this.. *sigh* Take my jacket.’

He threw the warm fleece over her and boarded the green line towards Bugis, where more hands brushed under her dress at the perky ass, which her boyfriend would spend a long time banging. That night, juices were leaking at times people molested her. Those hands who were more gentle had turned her on and those impatient grabbers just disgusted her.

In under an hour of shopping, she dragged her boyfriend into an area with rows of unoccupied shops, and made him fuck her with the other moaning sounds heard on that floor. She was especially tight and wet by then, and was treated to a mind-blowing orgasm that drained her energy into a state of disability.

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