Absent Mind

Desmond had spent close to two hours at the pub with his bunch of guy-girl friends and a few of the young ladies working there accompany beside him as well. Bottles of hard liquor and jugs of beers later, it was all high and crazy as they played games and teased each other. No matter how wild it might get, he knew he would be going home alone since ONS did not appeal to him. After the last cup of beer was emptied into his, the group cheered and finished their drinks. All good and well, they made the payment and Desmond was accompanied out by Michelle, whom he thought would be going to just drop him off at a taxi stand and return to work. But it wasn’t the case.

Michelle: ‘I’ll get you home safely. My shift has ended anyway.’

The last thing he remembered was getting into a cab with her and the rest were history. When he woke up, it was because drops of water hit his face. Desmond found himself naked, with his wrists and ankles secured to straps tied to the corners of the bed and the sheets he laid on were smelling very girlish, around the room were table and cupboards, filled with cosmetics and clothes. Michelle, who was standing with her legs opened above his head smiled as he woke up and felt the saliva on his face. She squatted down and positioned her pussy over his mouth, grinding in small motions around his lips until he stuck his tongue out to lick her.

He wasn’t in a position to reject or disobey since he had something that could be cut off easily if she wanted to. Gosh, he can’t even imagine that, even eating shit would be better than that pain. Her moans filled up the room as his tongue swiped along her slit in an up-down action, sucking and clamping her clit occasionally with his lips. Desmond wasn’t that lousy in pleasuring girls either.

Soon, she slid her body down to his stomach and sat over him while she reached to the side of the bed to pull out what seemed like a mask used for oxygenating hospital patients. She placed it over his mouth and a scent of chemicals made him hold his breath for as long as he could. Of course, she knew how to counter that as well. One hand holding the mask, the other hand reached backwards to his testicles and she gave it a gentle massage, toying with the egg-shaped spheres within it. Desmond could not tolerate that at all and took a deep breath of air, and his vision immediately blurred, strength gone like the wind. But amidst that drain of energy, he found his dick to be feeling hotter and bigger, opposite reaction to what his body experienced.

Michelle waited for a while for him to be really relaxed and left the mask by the pillow, in case he needed it. She moved her hips lower to his waist and finally, he could feel the cold wetness of her pussy touching the tip of his ‘head’. She leaned her body forward onto his and slowly glided down, letting her pussy lips spread to his width and pushed down the little head, right where his dick was secured with the mushroom cap, before he closed his eyes in ecstasy, just when her pussy swallowed his length, along the shaft that seemed never-ending until her pussy touched his shaven groin.

Once fully inserted, she began moving her hips in a roving manner, sitting down firmly, but rotating her hips in rounds and moving it back and forth like how the OSIM iGallop worked. She was like that massage device, going in a rhythm so sychronised that Desmond knew was the once and only time he felt so right. It was a perfect pussy he was enjoying that matched how his body liked it. It did get a little monotonous as she went at it for a good fifteen minutes without much changes, and throughout the whole time, it was as breathtaking as it was from the start.

She finally got the message and placed her calves on the bed, before lifting her butt up and letting it down. In this position, Michelle pushed her vaginal walls closely together and went bouncing on him as Desmond went a little crazy and groaned as well. It was truly sexy for her to watch how her partner got tortured because of her skills.

There was not much she could do with him lying down but it was great for her, the control of the speed, depth, was all with her and she had been cumming from time to time with his size and stamina that it was one of the most worthwhile nights she had. Desmond was drifting in and out of sleep but it didn’t matter as long as that rod of his does not soften. After a long night, close to 30 minutes of riding later, Michelle was getting tired too, but she knew he would prefer to cum.

Turning a valve on the air tube leading to the mask, a swish of air was heard and she covered it over his face, until he finally regained his consciousness and strength. She untied the straps and let him free, before she bent over in front of him into doggie. It did take Desmond a while to get his strength back, but as he rested, he got to his knees and plunged his hard dick inside her pussy.

It was his turn to get a feel of how soft, wet and relaxed this scary slut was. He held onto her butt tightly and reached for her hair, before she stretched her arms backwards so he could hold onto them instead. He jerked her body backwards and made sure his dick was all the way into where she never even felt possible, and kept ramming his meat between the delicate pink flaps of raw pussy flesh.

Michelle screamed loudly as he went faster and faster, way beyond what she could handle and the size of his dick actually grew inside her as well, rendering her squeezes oversensitive. With her pussy fully stimulated at all areas, she found herself climaxing non-stop and the gushes of juices from her pussy had hit record amounts too. Desmond transferred all his fears and relieves of it into sexual energy and kept pumping into her, until he was ready to cum.

Desmond: ‘I am cumming right inside you!’

He let go off her arms and pulled her waist right back at his dick, which her pussy was then filled like a water balloon but instead of water, cum took its place inside her. The humongous flood of sperms exploded into her like a pipe burst and she could totally feel how much there was. His hands remained tight on her waist and close to his body as well. She could not struggle at all.

Once he was slowing down, he took his dick out of her and turned her to the side. He quickly went over to her mouth and pinched onto her nose before dipping his cum-covered dick into her mouth, pushing her jaws close before giving her a few thrusts down her throat. He grabbed the gas mask after he was done and turned the valve to the initial setting, before covering it over her mouth, letting her inhale the weakening mix of chemicals.

Well, Desmond did not really just let her rest that way. He took the chance to rape her twice and making sure all the cum went into her pussy or mouth, before he tied her up so she would not do it to him if she woke up. Michelle loved to dominate and submit. So in anyway, she enjoyed herself even though the rape did happen, it was more of a fantasy came true for her.

Days to come, he would sneak into her house with a duplicate set of keys and put the mask with sleeping gas on when she fell asleep. After she’s out, he would then proceed to rape her to his heart’s content, and let the night past for her to rest until day. No one would know right?

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