Samantha climbed over Jon’s thighs after lifting her dress up and quickly slipped his dick into her while she lowered herself over him. There was not much time to lose as anybody could come into the toilet, it was at level four of Red Dot Traffic building. The night was slowly passing as their groans and moans echoed in the cubicle. But they were not the only ones there. As she bounced atop of him, the door suddenly swung open and she was pulled away by a pair of arms under hers.

Two men then entered the cubicle and dragged him out, behind Samantha. A door in the corner was opened and they went into it, leaving the corridor all quiet and still. Inside, Samantha was thrown at a couch and she screamed as the guy who dragged her earlier, laid a few hard slaps across her face.

The other men tied Jon onto a chair, so tightly he had no way to wriggle at all. As his girlfriend was panty-less, it made work easier for the guys and they brought her to the back of the sofa, bending her over the headrest facing her boyfriend. Zip sounds then went off like fireworks and the clinging of the belts hit the floor. Jon could not help but watch his girlfriend get used by the strangers.

Once they were naked from the waist down, the guy behind her split her legs, flipped her dress up and a moan escaped from her lips, hinting at the penetration of her pussy. The loud pounding followed and Samantha was moaning against her own will. Noticing the danger of the sounds that were coming out of her, another man went to her face and pinched her nose, letting her catch one last look at her boyfriend before his dick sank into her lips and his hips thrust happily at her.

Choking and moaning, it hurt Jon badly as he could not imagine the pain she was enduring. The guy at her mouth did not last too long and the thick pile of cum filled up her throat, forcing her to swallow if not suffocate. The gulps went unwilling and he left her mouth to rest. The male pounding her from behind did not take too long either and pumped hard into her as his sperms sprayed into her and filled her up with his seeds.

Finally, it was the last guy’s turn.┬áSmiling widely, he clumsily squeezed a tube of lubricant at her butt and used her crack to lube himself up as well. After a few deep breaths, Samantha screamed through his hand at her mouth as his dick poked into her tight anus. It certainly took a few minutes as her eyes rolled back and voice turned hoarse. She tried to fight with all her might for freedom but it did not work, instead, tiring her out faster.

With her lifeless body bent over the sofa, the man began moving faster, sinking this dick in and out of her ass. The pressure inside was overwhelming and he especially loved it when Samantha used that bit of strength in her to try and push him out, he would ram her with the equivalent force and try to go deeper.

The pain and weird feeling inside her body was stirring up an addiction that felt better than normal intercourse. Without warning, a hot-cold sensation fired through her body and her pussy collapsed onto itself, contracting beyond her usual tightness and the gush of juices leaked like never before. The orgasms did not stop just like that, in fact, it went on non-stop as long as his dick kept stroking the insides of her butt and together with her own hands rubbing her clit to ease the pain.

Although it was rape she was going through, it opened up something in her that made her felt dirtier than usual, and much more hornier than ever. The man gave a loud groan and gave her the deepest and hardest few thrusts into her butt, before letting the meat squeeze out its tube of sperms into her, soothing the pain with a generous load of warm cum.

They quickly got dressed and ran out of the room, leaving Jon in restraints, and Samantha’s body leaking of cum in all three holes. Her mind was exhausted, but her body was not ready to end any time soon. After all, the person she was in love with, was sitting in front of her, in bounds for her pleasure and usage.

As the moonlight disappeared, their eyes had gotten used to the darkness and she got off the sofa to him. With a pair of scissors she found, his pants and underwear turned into shreds. Sure enough, he wasn’t turned on after what happened, but with her mouth working on his rod, it didn’t take long either.

Her lips gave him a tight seal around the shaft, closely sucking on the skins around and under. That line of pleasure under his shaft was kept warm and wet with her tongue stroking against it. And once in a while, she would stop at his cute mushroom and suck on the lollipop while his pee hole received the royal stimulation.

Once his dick was throbbing with life, Samantha sat on him with her back facing him. Her hands rested on his upper thighs as support while her calves helped her to bounce a little up and down, grinding his dick inside her while her pussy gasps in excitement. Yes, the cum of the other man was inside her, but that was exactly what made it so slippery and exotic.

Her pussy contracted to the tightest with her free hand rubbing on her clit, pushing Jon to the edge of cumming right there and then. Her anus was still leaking lubricant and that was the next stop for him. She lifted herself higher out of her pussy and sat over his dick, this time, penetrating her anus. Jon jumped up from the over sensitive contact but his hands were holding him down.

Samantha did not care about how he felt but his dick was way bigger than the last guy’s. It felt so full and urgent, like toilet urgent. Once she began moving, the effects of anal sex soon got into her and her hips kept going without rest, slapping on his legs, and whenever she got tired, she would just grind her hips around his groin, making sure he was in agony.

Soon, Jon knew what was coming.

Jon: ‘Sweetheart, I’m cumming!’

With that signal, she continued her pace on top of him quicker and deeper, making sure Jon begged for mercy. Finally, the last straw came and his legs threw around while his dick fired all the 6 rounds of bullets into her. Samantha was still riding in case you’re wondering, and that just drove Jon wild and crazy. Just as the chair tipped to the side, she got up and let him fall, before untying him and letting him go.

The duo did not make a report after that incident, but began on their new adventures in all her love holes. Sometimes, requiring help from a few more guys to plug them all.

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