Sister’s Toys

Kaelyn returned home after a tiring day at school and her family was out at work as usual. Her sister, Mae, and mum had to work after their dad had a demotion due to the crisis and they had to earn that extra bit to make a living. She went into her room and changed into her usual attire of shorts and an extra long shirt. After making sure no one else was home, she sneaked into her sister’s room and pulled out the shoebox under her bed, which had kept her curious for as long as she caught glimpses of it since she was ten. Now that she had began her poly years, her rebellious side had caught up with her and thus the exploration of her sister’s room.

Opening Mae’s wardrobe, rows of clubbing wear and sexy lingerie surprised her and she could not resist but put on a set of skin close dress, without panties or bra underneath. Admiring her own figure, she wished this piece of clothes was hers. She remembered the box and pulled it out, only to further turn herself on when she saw a dildo that’s about her palm length, a bullet vibrator attached to a controller with wires tangled, nipples clamps and batteries of all sizes.

She took the dildo and replaced the box back in its original position. Going back to her room, Kaelyn put on her iPhone 5 headphones and laid on her bed. She selected a porn flick to stream moans and manly voices, covering her eyes with a part of her blankets. Slowly, she opened her legs and the dildo went in, bit by bit claiming ownership of her virgin pussy. The satisfying sensation kept her hands pushing more of the toy inside and she was soon fucking herself with unrestrained moaning.

Right then, Mae ended her work way earlier and dropped her bag at the door, going into her room to find a few things out of place. She stripped down to her bra and panties, before hearing a louder gasp and moan coming out of her sister’s room. It wasn’t unusual to hear sisters moaning during their masturbation time, but it was only one in the noon! Definitely too hot for a good ‘alone time’. Giving no thoughts to the sounds from Kaelyn’s room, she pulled out the same shoebox that was in the wrong position and noticed the prominent rubber dick missing.

Angry at first, she pushed her sister’s door gently and saw her using the toy, hands thrusting ferociously between Kaelyn’s legs. Tiptoeing into the room, Mae suddenly pulled away the blindfold and temporarily blinded her. She took her hands away from the toy and Mae rammed the toy deeper into her sister.

Mae: ‘You like it? Why didn’t you ask before taking my things?’

She was punishing her at the same time as she asked. Very quickly, she sat onto her sister’s stomach and was pumping the toy in and out, making Kaelyn moan and groan uncontrollably. Her body was thrashing about for her to stop but she had a firm position on top. Mae was turned on too by the fact that her sister’s pussy was overflowing with juices and the toy was driving her crazy. Kaelyn’s body had a better response to the huge dildo.

Immobilised by her sister’s weight, Kaelyn sat up and reached for her sister’s breasts, kneading and grabbing it hard, hoping she would stop blowing her mind up. No matter what she did, Mae did not stop fucking her and so Kae slipped her hands into her panties, fingering her pussy easily since her fingers were still wet with her own juices. A jerk from her hips and she threw her sister off to the side. Kae got up and sat on her, pinning both her hands above her head, all the while with the dildo still inside.

Without realising, one of Mae’s thighs was still between her legs and she raised it slightly to keep the dildo moving. Kae’s hips grind on her thighs and the moans were still coming. She let one of her hands go and pulled the dildo out of her pussy, only to stick it into her sister, forcing her panties to the side.

Kaelyn: ‘Jie! Relax can? I just borrowed it!’

She bent over to her ears and began nibbling on it with her lips, making Mae moan in ecstasy too. With one of her hands behind, she kept the dildo going in and out of her neatly trimmed slit and Mae was not done giving in. She reached into Kaelyn’s pussy with her free and and pushed her manicured fingers inside, using the small space between her sister’s pelvic and her stomach, digging into her sweet spot. The two girls kept going as a race until Kaelyn climaxed and fell onto her body tired.

Mae (whispering): ‘Your first time?’

Kaelyn: ‘Hmm~’

Mae let her slid off her body and they laid side by side, lips attracted to each other in a subtle tongue fight. The older sister got up after a while and went into her room, leaving her sister to massage her pussy that was sore after the dildo fuck. After a few moments, she walked into the room with a dildo that was shaped like a penis on both ends. One side being thicker than the other. She gave the thinner end to Kaelyn and took the thicker end into her pussy.

She climbed on top of Kaelyn once again with less resistance they were connected to the long dildo. With Mae holding at the ‘U’ part of the toy, she pulled against it and the toy penetrated into them at the same time. Kaelyn held her hand at the part too and the girls started off to a wild afternoon. Kaelyn focused on getting the thick part ramming against her sister and Mae was in charge of guiding the smaller head into her sister.

As Mae slowly lost her sanity, she sat backwards and upright, before spraying a gush of clear cum over her sister’s body and they stopped momentarily. Catching their breathes, they laid motionless for a while. This time, Kaelyn slipped away back to her sister’s room and took out a belt-like contraption. It had a dildo towards the wearer’s side and also a holder seemingly for the dildo they used earlier.

She slipped the leather panties on and felt the little head into herself, before taking the single headed dildo and attaching it to the front. She went between her sister’s legs and raised her hips, until she was perfectly angled for some doggie style lovin’. Kaelyn pushed the dick into her sister and immediately she arched her body backwards in shock. Kaelyn did not waste a single second in getting ready and pounded against her sister’s fine ass relentlessly, determined to fuck the brains out of her.

On and on she went, making Mae weak and orgasming countless time. The small dildo that was in herself had made her cum about twice and she was totally addicted to dominating her sister. At one point, she felt her own orgasm coming and she rammed even faster, before the last few strokes of pussy-tearing thrusts threw Mae into climax and the two girls fell onto the bed lifeless, too weak to move even an inch.

Weakly, Mae got up and removed her sister’s strap on, before taking a long while to slip it on her own waist. The belt at its tightest setting could barely stay on her slim waist but her pussy squeezed tight on the dildo inside. It could still work out well.

Mae’s turn came to torture her disrespectful sister and she shoved it inside her without warning. Kaelyn was lying on her side and the dildo still went in smoothly. She grabbed the pillow tightly as her pussy took the emotionless toy strokes after strokes, and the two girls kept going as long as their orgasms came, giving them more energy after each round.

Mae knew the toy better and the sac under the dildo wasn’t just for fun. She gave herself one more round of climax before thrashing the dildo into her poor little sister struggling for her life, and as her sister’s eyes opened for the most intense orgasm, Mae squeezed hard at the rubber testicles and a jet of cream colour lubricant pumped through the transparent dildo, filling her sister’s pussy up to the brim that the sweet smelling liquid flowed out.

She smiled widely watching her sister’s pussy spit out whatever fluid it could not contain and watched it dribbled down her ass onto her bedsheets. Mae pulled out and removed the belt, before dropping herself beside her sister. Who knew both of them could be so comfortable with each other? They made out for a good five minutes before hopping into the showers with the double headed toy, slouching into the foam covered bathtub for an undisclosed session of pleasuring themselves, with each other.

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