Wishful Thinking

Girl: ‘Umm.. are you J?’
Me: ‘Anyone could be. Why?’

She showed me her phone’s screen that had a WeChat conversation going on, with ‘Blk 2xx’ as the last message received. I gave her a smile and watched her sit next to me, long t-shirt lifted up to a dangerously short length as she peered curiously into my screen.

Girl: ‘Can I read it?’

I nudged my iPad to her and she spent the next minute silently scrolling, hand pressing harder into her thighs as she reached the bottom. I could tell her suppressed excitement, but what could I expect at a brightly lit void deck? I knew this place too well to know what can happen.

Girl: ‘I was shocked when you told me the block. I just wanted to see if you are here even though you didn’t tell me which area you are writing at.’
Me: ‘Haha. Lucky you then. I could be in Jurong.’
Girl: ‘Yeah! I know right!’

I saved the draft of the story I just completed and she picked her phone from the table, looking ready to leave.

Girl: ‘You want to go somewhere else? I would love to know more about you.’

A frown showed her my puzzled look and she folded my iPad case while I gathered my phone. Leading the way, we went to a staircase, not surprising to be available in this old estate of Singapore. As soon as I made myself comfortable, she was touching herself on the black boyshorts she wore below.

Girl (whispering): ‘Sorry. I couldn’t take it anymore after reading your story.’

I gave her a sigh and she let her hand go of her legs.

Girl (whispering): ‘Want to help me out?’

Could I say no? I reached for her panties and rubbed her out while she lowered my shorts, masturbating the hardened rod that had been there since she appeared. Looking not any older than 20, her gentle hand was driving me crazy. We spent some time getting her off at the dark stairwell before she got too heated up and removed her panties.

With heavy breathing, she came up to my ears and asked, ‘can you do me here? I’ve brought protection along.’ She pushed a condom into my hand and I immediately returned it. ‘You’ll have to put it on for me.’

She bit her lips and ripped the wrapper up. The super thin rubber capped over me easily and we went to the corner of where two flights of steps connected. I held one of her legs over my forearm, facing each other while she guided my dick closer. Shirts touching, I did a little squat to get right in and she wrapped her arms around my neck for balance.

Her hips slammed against mine as I made little thrusts, sinking me right in to her sweet spot. Soft ‘oh yes’ came from the demure girl-next-door with each stroke, till she suddenly jumped on me and bit my shoulders real hard.

Looking at the wet teeth marks on my shirt, she got off and apologised for the lack of control – as she came.

Me (whispering): ‘It’s alright. No one will ask me anything.’
Girl (whispering): ‘You wanna do me from behind?’
Me (whispering): ‘Would love to.’

Her narrow waist bent forward against the wall and I dug right in, jerking her boobs I couldn’t see under her shirt. As we fucked harder and harder, we were up against the wall with her butt sticking out, receiving each blow from my joy stick.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey, I’m about to.’
Girl (whispering): ‘Wait wait.’

She dismounted off me and removed the condom. Standing behind me, she held my dick and helped me out, reminding me to tell her when the moment came. Wet with a little of her bodily fluids, the handjob went damn well in front of a wall.

Me: ‘Now now!’

Her other hand came to cover the tip as I squirted violently into her hand, trying hard not to go on my knees. She was forcing every bit out of me with her jerking hand moving non-stop.

Me (whispering): ‘i’m done.’

She went over to the steps and sat down, knowing I would follow suit. What could she possibly do with her dirtied hands? Looking at her bewildered, she had made a little ‘cup’ to contain my cum. Her lips pouted and she slurped the proteins up like a plate of half-boiled eggs.

Me: ‘Hey nooo.. ‘

I pulled her hand away from her mouth right that instant. Nobody is to do that for me, especially a stranger. She licked her lips and cleared her throat, fully understanding my concern for her weird action.

Girl: ‘This is the cum of my favourite writer. I don’t want to waste these smart little guys.’

I sighed once again through my nose and let her lick everything up. The happiness on her face.. I didn’t know if that was something I would be honoured for. She cleaned her hands with her black undies and I was asked to send her to her doorstep.

Girl: ‘Let me know when you’re downstairs again k? Wait for me outside for a while.’

Her door closed after she entered and a minute later, her window along the corridor opened. Upon standing closer to her, she grabbed me by the neck and kissed on my lips.

Girl (whispering): ‘Don’t worry. I’ve washed my mouth. But never washing these.’

She held up her soiled panties and I told her sternly to wash them for hygiene’s sake. As well as making a promise to ‘dirty’ them again next time so she wouldn’t really keep that pair unwashed somewhere.

We parted ways and she collapsed happily on the bed, shirt pulled up to her chest and legs apart as my farewell sight. Do erotica writers even deserves such encounters we never expected?

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