Maturity Claims

As Stephanie’s 21st birthday passed midnight, she was all alone in her room, sillily smiling to herself as she unwrapped the one and only present she received. It was from her dad, who was out of job, but constantly running around running errands for people with his van. All along, she considered her family to be low income, but her ambitious nature made her very ashamed of telling others so. She did not have a memorable birthday party like other girls her age, but her two best friends made it as best as they could.

Right as her mind dozed off, while she was still on her bed looking playing the tiny Android device her friends gave, her phone rang loudly and she was shocked. Who would be calling her at 2am? Her birthday just passed and she wouldn’t mind falling asleep to the fond memories that day.

Guy (on phone): ‘Hello? Hello?’

Her phone emitted the faint voice as she remembered picking it up but did not immediately listened to it.

Stephanie: ‘Hello? Who is this?’

Guy: ‘Hi. I am Joseph. And I am at your door. Instructions had been given to me to deliver something to you at this specific time.’

She quickly flipped around the pile of clothes on the floor for her jacket. Since she was all alone at home, her outfit of just a bra and shorts were in no expectation to meet anyone. After pulling the jacket over her shoulders, she opened the door and invited the smartly dressed man into her house.

Steph: ‘Sorry. My family rented this apartment so I would have more space to myself. The other flat is rented out.’

Joseph: ‘No worries. I am from xxx Bank, and I had been your dad’s financial planner for the longest time. I know I look young, but believe it or not, I’ve watched you grow up, since the last agent had handed your dad’s account to me.’

Steph: ‘Is it some overdue bills he did not pay?’

She could not think of anything else her dad could be involved with a bank. The meagre sum of money he earned made her thought that they might not even have insurance as protection. And what that guy meant when he said ‘watched her grow up’ possibly meant the length of time the company had been chasing after whatever debt he had.

Joseph: ‘No no. It’s nothing bad. Here.’

He took out a cheque from a zip lock out of his shirt pocket, since he had been drenched from the heavy rain. S$210, 000 – Two hundred and ten thousand dollars only. She could not believe her eyes. She called her dad who was still working, but there was no answer. Joseph did not just left her confused, he took a folder out of his bag, and showed her a chart with the monthly contribution paid by her father and the handwritten instructions he gave when he started the account. She was not even born by then.

‘Children, what did he meant when he wrote that?’, Stephanie questioned.

‘He opened this account and entered into a investment agreement with us, intending to give the proceeds to his children. And from what I know, your mother had divorced and held custody of your brother, so under the law, you are the only child of him, your father’, he explained while flipping his shirt to dry himself.

‘It’s all yours’, he reassured her once again.

She snapped out of her daze and went to the kitchen to take a towel for him, which he quickly asked for permission to wipe himself up and she pointed to the only room with space, which was hers. He entered the room and shut the door, then drying himself up.

Without warning, Stephanie bursted into the room and gave him a push followed by a slap. One so hard he fell onto her bed and knocked his head against the wall.

Stephanie: ‘My dad told me a few years ago that he just lost 150 thousand, I was too young to understand then. But he made it clear that going out of job would render his investment policy forfeited. Don’t you dare lie to me. What do you want?!’

Joseph apologetically lowered his head and further said in a sadder tone, ‘although the company’s stand was to forfeit the policy, I continued paying for it, seeing the state he was in, I could not just let the money go to waste. I’m sorry for not being truthful.’

True enough, all the documents pointed to his words and was real. The embarrassment went to Stephanie’s face and she was dumbfounded.

Stephanie: ‘Let me dry you up.’

She unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and removed his half-removed pants. Taking the towel in her hands, she wiped him down and accidentally triggered his little head, making it rose to an ache in his underwear. Her sweater’s zip was low and he had a direct view to her breasts. Her hand with the towel over his bulge kept rubbing over his underwear and his small head poked out of the elastic waistband.

She pulled his underwear down and let it drop to his ankles before he stepped out of it and let her dry him. His hands pulled the zip until her cleavage revealed between the zipper and he went around her back to unhook her bra. Stephanie was touched by what he did, and the fact that he kept paying for years made her even more grateful. The only ponder she had was why he would do such a thing for a man he hardly knew.

Her sweater, bra and shorts were off her tight body and he kissed her in empathy. She let her hand drop to his dick and began stroking him, still pre-cum started oozing out non-stop. As the strokes went more smoothly, they climbed into the bed and started making out. She was on top of him, with her mouth on his and one hand on his dick.

He then pulled her body onto him, and slowly raised his hips till it reached her pussy.

Stephanie: ‘Be gentle k?’

He inched into her and her pussy stretched to accommodate him. Within moments, he was fully inside her and she began grinding her hips, it felt good to have a dick rolling around inside her, and he helped too by thrusting his dick in and out of her, mixing the pre-cum and juices together.

Joseph: ‘You know, your dad once asked me if I needed a place to stay, and I could move in with him, provided I paid the money on his behalf. He was a great man. But I did not take up his offer since I could see your house is quite crowded with just the younger you and him.’

Stephanie: ‘Shhh.. ‘

She dismounted from his rod and turned over in doggie, spreading her pussy lips apart as an invite. He got up on his knees, and slowly penetrated between the juicy slices of meat, and rammed her fast and furious, to a point she was moaning out of control. She managed to squeeze him tighter as his dick grew in size while inside.

The fun did not last long for him, since her orgasms made her one notch tighter everytime. Stephanie was long out of her own sanity and was going like a wild tigress, bouncing madly while on top, and moaning as subtly as a kitten while in doggie.

Joseph: ‘I’m cumming Steph!’

In a flash, she freed herself and turned to face him, who was still kneeling. She guided him to sit on her pillow and she laid on his thigh, while sucking him off. She was throwing her head at him, stuffing her mouth full of his meat until his proteins began to fire out of the thick meat sausage. Like a pro, she contained every bit of it in her mouth and swallowed it would as much a twitch on her face.

The two sexed up bodies then fell on their backs opposite each other, trying to catch their breaths. That night, Joseph stayed over but slept on the sofa in the living room, expecting her dad to return, but he did not.

A call at 6am to Stephanie woke both of them up and she cried while dressing up quickly, explaining that the police had called regarding an accident involving her dad. In one night, she found happiness and sorrow, after confirming her dad had passed away, leaving her the biggest gift in his life.

The house was in silence after the two of them parted. Joseph had went to process the claim and a S$150k cheque was credited into her bank account.

Stephanie: ‘I guess you can move in with us now. If I can keep the house.’

As she packed her father’s belongings, Joseph was shocked to hear that another death payout was due, and it was in millions, along with a private apartment he owned – all to his daughter. I wouldn’t say it’s a happy ending, but her dad made sure everything was taken care of in case of such things.

Joseph and Stephanie still lived in the private apartment, but she had used him as a form of release for the temporary sorrow she felt. The nights of wild sex began and lasted, for as long as they were together, till marriage and beyond. With a man versed in investments, they had no lack of anything, while they remained grateful for what Stephanie’s late father had left behind.

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