Friend’s Mum

Anthony: ‘Hi Auntie.’

Auntie: ‘You can call me Kelly. So you are the guy my daughter is going out with?’

Anthony: ‘Yeah.’

Auntie: ‘Finally she brought you home for me to see.’

Lin had her hands around his arm the entire time to show her mum how much she was into him, and the lack of usual criticism was playing well to her advantage. Seeing that her daughter had spent the night out on her project, Aunt sat Anthony down and went to the kitchen to make drinks for them. Her dad appeared out of the master bedroom gave a simple ‘hi’, before stepping out of the house to work. He yelled for Lin and she shouted in reply for him to wait. It was a routine to send her to school on his way to work, and they left together after she showered and put on a fresh set of clothes.

Leaving her mum and Anthony, she made her introduction and initiated small talks about their girl, chatting about her work and his work life. Anthony was filled with respect for her mum as she did her own trading from home and was still the main breadwinner, while her husband work tirelessly for long hours. Also, her voluptuous figure was barely hidden from her lacy night slip and hot denim shorts. Those fair long legs, like her full sun-deprived blossoms were hard to resist even for Anthony who was dating her girl.

Anthony: ‘So Kelly, what do you do at home when they leave for work? Apart from trading?’

Auntie: ‘Hmm..Nothing much. Mostly watch TV or house chores. Why?’

Anthony: ‘Just curious. Since the house looked so clean, I don’t believe you just watch TV and sleep. You exercise too right?’

Kelly: ‘Haha. Yes I do. On the treadmill in her room. You want to take a look at Lin’s room?’

Anthony had not explored much of the house except for the kitchen, where he visited the loo. She brought him to Lin’s room and turned on the air conditioning, going to her desktop to check on her investments. Knowing that Lin owned a laptop, it was no surprise her mum used the computer to do her work, after all, she has got nothing to hide.

He was done looking at the cabinets with her medals and awards from younger days, and looked at Kelly who was lying on the bed in front of the computer, breasts slanting to the sides in the braless form. Without anything else to do, he sat at the empty end of the bed and asked about her hobbies. While he was listening, her arms had reached his thighs and were massaging him, moving upwards to the sensitive inner thigh of his leg.

Feeling at a lost, he dare not move away and just enjoyed the free touching, that was erecting his jeans.

Kelly: ‘You look so uncomfortable. You want to remove your pants? I’m feeling hot too.’

She sat up and pulled her shorts away, making him wonder if there was anything below it. He got up and did the same, keeping only his underwear on. In the most seductive manner, she walked to him and sat beside, pushing him to lie on the soft bed belonging to his love.

He felt her fall beside him and then her hand, moving up his leg into his underwear. It was so unbelievable to him that a married woman without much to worry about, would advance on someone his age, and he was her daughter’s boyfriend! Her fingers had already gone around his dick and was stroking him in his undies, letting the cotton fabric stimulate his little head.

Kelly: ‘Shall we remove these too?’

She gave a tug on the elastic waistband and let it snap on his skin. He wriggled those annoying clothes off and laid motionless back onto the bed. She got up and shifted further from him, before her mouth opened to devour his dick. That moment was the best he had ever felt up to this point of his life. That warm, playful tongue was swirling around his penis, toying with it in a way Lin had never done for him before.

Her mouth slowly went up and down his rod, unhurriedly satisfying that deprived dick. It was too overwhelming for her not to test if this young man was right for her girl – sexually. She did not spend too much time on him, as there were other things to do too. She picked herself up and went to his legs, climbing on top of him while feeling his stomach and chest. Stopped her pussy slightly above the groin, her juices were already over his dick, rubbing some over as she climbed.

With everything in place, her body moved backwards slowly and started the upward drill into her pussy. His meat pierced through that opening with a pop, and dug its way into her, separating her closely stuck walls. It was so satisfying to once again feel a young guy in her, and she was trying hard to contain her moans. The joyride began and it was Anthony who started making noises first.

Lin was never good in her body coordination when on top, unlike her mum, who was skilfully grinding him to a point his body could cum any moment. Seeing that desperate look on his face, she was a little worried about his stamina, and had to ask some very.. personal questions.

Kelly: ‘Ant, do you shoot very fast with Lin?’

Anthony (surprised): ‘Umm.. No.’

Kelly: ‘Then why do you look like you are suffering?’

Anthony: ‘Auntie.. you’re much better than Lin. She can’t move like you.’

Kelly: ‘Oh. So it’s her? Alright then. I shall finish this up so I can buy something for her.’

Finish this up? She could do that?! He bit his lips as her pussy squeezed down on his dick, trying in vain to hold it all in. Her steady rhythm hopping on top was an unwavering one, maintain good tempo bearing in mind that her job had to be done.

For Anthony, it was once in his life that he could feel this good, and it sucked to be ending so quickly. The final moments had him grunting helplessly while his cum sprayed into his soon-to-be mother-in-law, like a explosion going off in space, contracting and unloading. His energy was fully drained by the time she lifted herself away, leaving him on the bed while she wore her pants back.

Kelly: ‘Like it little boy?’

Anthony: ‘Yeah. As long as my daughter doesn’t complain that you bully her.. you can ask for it whenever you come over k?’

His dick twitched in excitement upon hearing that and he pulled her blankets over his leaking dick, tucking himself into bed for some rest. When he woke up, Lin had already been home and sitting on the new machine next to the treadmill, OSIM iGallop, while watching him sleep like a little baby.

Lin: ‘Mum just bought this for me. Saying that it can help tone my body and improve my stamina. I think it will help when I am on top of you too. Shall we see if it worked?’

The comparison he made with Kelly and Lin lit the bulb and he was unsure if she could get him back up after the earlier session. Her head went under the blanket and sucked his dick in short gentle pulses, drawing circles with her tongue until he was big. So, he was indeed ready for the second round.

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