Am I really back?

To start things off, this is more of a reflection post and an erotic one. And to date, I am sure most of you are used to reading my personal thoughts among the kinky write-ups.

After a long break from this website (minus the times I had to clean up my tagboard), I am glad to be writing again, with some time on my hands. At the same time, the person who got me back to my keyboard got me thinking as well. During my indefinite haitus, multiple blogs popped up and the rare times I checked on the statistics of my site (for spam comments and bandwidth hungry viruses), I managed to link some of the new writers up.

This rant isn’t about them, rather the new course I am embarking on regarding ‘erotica’. As of now, the stories scheduled for delivery up to the 6th of Feb 2017 will consist of writing styles similar to what you are reading now. But what is coming after that?

Ena, writer of Promiscuous Secret, Mel, writer of Rough Orders, Amy, a friend with an Indon-Chinese bloodline, all have inspired me to take a leap out of the conventional sex-filled stories that serve one purpose. While most of us are happy to get the cyber-jabs of happiness or euphoria, it wouldn’t do any better than ‘indulgence’.

Perhaps crazy me IS thinking about maturing, improving, evolving, not through the variety of contents, but through the same powerful tool he used here – words. Sure, I can’t promise I wouldn’t go back to the steamy writing, but I find it harder to purely write sexual entries.

Have you guys read the contribution I made to Ena’s blog? Not much action yeah? I didn’t understand why either. I am now suspecting the break I took showed me how much I had missed out, filling it with all the emotions and hours of peacefulness to just think but not express. It wasn’t the pent up frustrations I want to vent, it wasn’t the stored up urges I had mentally collected I want to share, I actually have to say I am more clear headed than ever.

Meanwhile, I cannot tell you guys what direction my blog is heading, but do expect the entries to be different. I have written an article on ‘How (not) to get a NSA or FWB’, ‘Eyes (a few seconds frozen and written from Love’s point of view)’, among a few kinky stories I attempted to get back to writing.

I’m single at the point of this entry, and the small desire to be loved again prompted me to take a different perspective on sex and love. Sure some of you might be together with someone who loves sex, and some of you love someone like sex. And some of us just wonder why none of them comes.

I hope you guys are doing fine so far, still ranking my blog as your first :p It has been a really long time. And as much as I would like to say ‘it feels good to be back’, I have no fixed answer to whether I will stay for long. I am in fact thinking if it is the right choice to write again.

It was a loss I suffered that started this blog,
it was the loss that gave him a break from here.
It was hope that brought me back here,
Will he ever find the answer from this place?

Food for thought: Have you read the stories here thinking ‘what kind of person is he?’ Or do you read them as experiences of a single mind?

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