03 First Sunset.

Guys, this is part 3 of White Wolf’s story you have been waiting for a long time. I shall not take up anymore of your time and let you guys proceed with his tale of Xin Yi’s love story.


Yours Truly

I hope you didn’t think we ended just after Xin Yi gave me a blowjob. It was not even noon yet. And I did say our first time together might just be sooner than I thought.

In hindsight, it still surprises me that Xin Yi could have been so liberal about sexual intimacy. At that age, I’d always thought that the liberal ones were the Ah Lians and Ah Bengs. That goes to show just how naive I was. Back then, they were not merely hooligans and gangsters. Sure, they were delinquents, but they also took very good care of everyone else in spite of their personal conflicts with authority figures. That led many of us peers, even prefects, to address them as our Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Still, not all of them were certainly that kindly, and more than a few of them were notorious for picking fights and intimidating others just for their own personal gain.

Of course, feel free to imagine the dialogue in Chinese or dialect, but Xin Yi and I often spoke purely in English. We were perhaps the first generation to truly be born and bred into an English-speaking culture. I think it was because our parents both worked for MNCs and realised that English would be important for us in a globalised world. My father has always regretted not being able to obtain a degree.

It has been pretty introspective for me to set down my own experiences like this.

Christmas approaches.

It marks the end of yet another year.

Another year alone.


Hey You,

You were right.

I can never find someone to replace the one I lost. Every girl I was with had a special place in my heart. That wasn’t to say that I was obsessed with them. No, I realised that the people we loved can never be replaced. They will always hold a unique spot in our lives. A spot that is bittersweet with memories, but also heartwarming whenever I stopped to think about them. I used to think that every one of them took away a piece of my heart, but that was not true. It was only many years later that I realised we’d exchanged our hearts with each other, and I was not used to living with a piece of someone else.

You will always have a very special place in my heart that is bittersweet and heartwarming.

I don’t think it will be possible for me to ever forget about you. I still stop to admire the sunset and sunrises, often wondering what you are doing at that very moment. Do you still remember what you said to me?

I still remember that afternoon, our very first sunset together, your face was aglow with the golden light of the dipping sun across the horizon. I had you wrapped in my arms, our partially dressed bodies were pressed together as you gave me that secretive little smile of yours and said, “No matter where we are, we will still share the same sun and moon, stand under the same starry sky, admire the same Earth.”

I stood in silence and gazed into your sunlit eyes. We kissed, and you shed a tear.

You are still my little poet.

My one and only.

My soulmate.

Yours Truly,

White Wolf


As Xin Yi snuggled into my arms, I set my schoolbag against the wall and settled back against it. Her pinafore was still on top of her pink schoolbag just to the left. The sun felt perfect with my girlfriend curling up on my chest like a cat. Nodding off, I gave Xin Yi one last kiss and fell asleep. On hindsight, I find it incredible that nobody caught us. Singapore was really a different place back then. The population was much smaller.

When I woke, Xin Yi’s lips were on mine. I enveloped her in my embrace, pulling her closer as her tongue probed between my lips. I parted my own lips on reflex, groaning as our tongues met in a dance about each other. She had unbuttoned her school blouse, leaving her bra on; she had also unbuttoned my shirt while I was sleeping and my school shorts was next to her pinafore.

Breaking our kiss and pressing her C-cup breasts against me, Xin Yi slid down to deal with my underwear, freeing my rapidly growing erection and tossing my stained underwear to the side. Her slender fingers were cool as they wrapped around my penis, slowly pulling back my foreskin ever so sensually. A hiss escaped me as I drew a deep breath through gritted teeth, fascinated by every movement that my adorable girlfriend was making, uncertain of what I could possibly do in that situation.

I wanted to get up, but she pushed me back down and swung a slender leg around to straddle me with her fingers still gently caressing the sensitive head of my erection that was oozing pre-cum. Her eyes catching the sunlight, Xin Yi had an intensity that simmered just behind them. Her long straight hair was a seductive mess around her face, as she smiled sweetly at me. How could someone be so cute and so sensual?

I gulped and let out a breath that I did not know I was holding.

I’m fucked.

Ever so slowly, Xin Yi lowered herself onto the tip of my penis. At the very moment of contact, we both moaned and stiffened. She was so wet below. I twisted my hips a little, effectively nudging the tip of my penis just a little bit further into her, while I reached up to cup her breasts that were still trapped in her white bra. Xin Yi mewled like a kitten as I did that. Peeling away her school blouse and nuzzling at her, I reached behind to clumsily unhook her bra and toss it aside. She was now naked with part of my penis in her.

“Does it hurt?” I gave her a concerned look.

She shook her head, and flashed a wicked smile. She bent down to whisper, “I fingerfuck myself since Sec 1… With two fingers… Does it hurt for you?”

Before I could form a coherent reply, she started lowering herself down onto me until only the head of my penis was inside her. It was incredible, I could feel her pulsing and tightening as she teased me by pulling out. Xin Yi held me against her body as I licked and bit lightly on her nipple, while my hand roughly massaged her other breast. She sank back down again, this time taking in my penis just a little bit more before pulling out, allowing me to feel the velvety softness of her vagina.

And she continued doing that a few more times until I growled in frustration and looked up at her, “Do you mind?”

She smirked down at me with a superior air while pulling out at an excruciating pace, her cheeks flushed with lust and her eyes meeting mine, “Something bothering you?”

I jerked my hips up suddenly and shot up into her, causing her to gasp out loud as her knees went weak and she collapsed onto me. I could feel her having an orgasm as she throbbed and pulsed around my erection, her hips making those small little erratic movements. I felt an overwhelming sense of joy and pride in that.

“Oh… Fuck…” She murmured with her eyes glazed over.

“Fuck you,” I said with a vicious smile on my face, “for doing that.” I laid out her pinafore on the ground so that she could be comfortable and then sat up with my penis still in her, so that she would be lying down in missionary. She then did something that was an incredible turn on.

Despite her disheveled and sexy hair, Xin Yi put on her most innocent look with those vulnerable wide eyes and looked up at me, causing my erection to swell bigger if possible. “Could you please be gentle with me? I’m just an innocent secondary school prefect…” She said in her sweetest angelic voice.

It was my turn to smirk down at her with a superior air, “Oh… So I guess the innocent secondary school prefect wants me to stop now?” I teasingly murmured as I began to pull out of her slowly, denying myself the overpowering temptation to roughly take my pleasure with her. Xin Yi’s face scrunched up as she tried to maintain the face of an innocent angel…

It was futile.

Her little role-play fell apart as her soft lips parted to allow for a good loud moan to escape. Whining, she deciding to take a different approach by using her arms to squeeze her boobs together, forming a delicious cleavage for my viewing pleasure, “Fuck me… Please?” I couldn’t help but shove my hard penis all the way back inside her again, a familiar sensation building in my loins as I dove in and out of her savagely, relishing the idea of ravishing my sweet innocent girlfriend. I have no idea how porn stars can last so long because intercourse in reality will not last even 10 minutes. It’s really the foreplay that makes things so damn worth it.

I tore into her with relish, our eyes meeting and our fingers curling around each other.

Xin Yi.

My sweetheart.

My angel.

I bent down, leaning heavily on my elbows as I desperately plunged into her again and again, wanting to be one with her.

As if she felt the strength of my intentions, my angel curled up a little, kissed me, and mewled, “Cum for me.”

“Baby… Oh baby… Gonna cum.” I felt a surge deep inside me build up, threatening to overwhelm me any moment.

“Uh… Uh… Fuck! Oh!” She was still holding my gaze with those wide eyes of hers, sucking upon her fingers while her boobs were quivering due to the force our lovemaking, “Oh! Darling… Darling… Ah…” She murmured incoherently.

“Baby, cumming! Ugh!” I grasped her breasts roughly, almost mauling them as I lost all manner of self-control and plunged as deep into her as I could. It felt strange inside as she started convulsing and jerking below me, I felt like I was pushing through something else. I must have pushed through her cervix.

“Darling, cumming! Cumming!” Xin Yi gasped as her hips heaved about sporadically in the throes of her orgasm. When I felt her cervix rubbing on the head of my penis, it was tipped me over the edge, causing me to spurt out shot after short of hot semen into her. Through it all, we held each other’s gaze lovingly as we climaxed for what must be an eternity. With every twitch of my hips, she would also react the same way. I bent down and kissed her roughly as she reciprocated with a fierce intensity.

I had never felt so good in my life.

She sat up and leaned onto my chest, clutching me tightly while I was still throbbing in her, savouring the joy of merely being with someone who accepts me as I am. Xin Yi curled her tiny fingers behind my neck and leaned back, allowing me to drink in her naked beauty before me.

“Do you want to take notes?” She teased.

I huffed at her and enjoyed the feeling of being joined intimately with her, wisely choosing to say nothing. Then again…

“Boobs are perky and soft. Nipples measure almost a centimeter across… Nurse, could you please stop laughing and focus on making notes? My hands are full!” I said in a mock serious tone with a wide grin across my face, all the while I was using my hands to lift and massage her breasts, causing Xin Yi to squeal and giggle. The resulting hilarity caused my penis to shrink and fall out of her, allowing Xin Yi to stand up and try to flee my professional scrutiny.

I jumped up and locked her in my arms, twirling her about around the empty common space.

With the warm breeze from the early afternoon sun, and the peaceful quiet of the neighborhood around us, my first time was better than I could have imagined. As if she read my mind, Xin Yi fell silent and then whispered, “My first time was better than I thought.”

“Mmm?” I arched an eyebrow and frowned quizzically.

“Thank you,” She tiptoed to give me a small kiss as I leaned down to rest my cheek against the top of her head.

The comfortable silence, coupled with our first shared experience, and our passionate lovemaking created a moment that we would never forget. She reached out for her bra at the same time I moved to reach for my shirt. As I put an arm through a sleeve, the sun dipped over the horizon, painting the sky in hues of deep crimson and flowery pink. Spellbound, I watched her hair taken on a golden glow as the sun cast her petite body in a silhouette of feminine beauty and power. She had cast her gaze out upon the sunset. A sunset as mesmerising as she was.

Women, do not doubt your own femininity. It is a graceful and elegant power that rivals the masculinity of men.

I buttoned up my shirt and hugged her from behind, feeling her lean gently back against me as we both looked out at the blazing orange streaks of cirrus clouds arcing across a cherry-red sky. Perhaps it was the shift in her shoulders, or the tilt of her head, but I knew she was smiling. I looked down to meet her gaze, and catch her giving me that secretive smile of hers as she said, “No matter where we are, we will still share the same sun and moon, stand under the same starry sky, admire the same Earth.”

It was at that moment that I stopped doubting myself, and I stopped doubting her.

I stopped doubting that we were rushing and going too fast, too soon.

I begun believing in us.

Taking a small step around, I looked again into her sunlit eyes, falling into those sparkling depths once again. I embraced my lover as she rose up to meet my lips with a tenderness that set my heart aching again. As we stood back, I saw a tear trickle escape the swirling twinkle of her eye. Wordlessly, I brushed the tear away.

I didn’t have to ask why she shed a tear.

After all, I had just shed one too.

Story published with permission, courtesy of White Wolf.

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Dear Dark Wolf,

Thank you for the feedback. It is extremely frustrating for me to still spot plenty of grammatical errors and mistakes even though I usually spend a month on proofreading my chapters.

Yours Truly,
White Wolf

I believe there will be more. But do give him some time as I think he is much more detailed and careful than I am, taking into consideration that he writes for a deeper cause than to entertain (unlike me, writing to vent my.. urges?).

Dear g,

It is as Jhae has said. There will be stories, but I take great care in crafting them. That’s why I don’t churn out chapters weekly.

Yours Truly,
White Wolf

Haha. It’s alright. His stories are indeed more intimate with lots of emotional and physical details and considerations. Mine are just straight to the sex. :p

amazing story . that alone brings me close to tears . most of the time we overlook love and think about sex but a perfect balance of both really brings out the best . thank you whitewolf for bringing out such an amazing yet emotional story . it is indeed excellent . i salute you .

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