Stains with Scent

Javen gave a sigh as he left the comfort of his computer chair and went into his parent’s room to pick up their laundry, then into his sister’s, Judy, room to collect hers. Looking at her messy bed, he decided to be a good brother that day and tidied the sheets, tucking the blanket neatly under her pillows. A casual sweep of his hands over her bed revealed something long and hard, which to his curiosity, found a rabbit vibrator. He clicked on the switch underneath and it started to rotate, while an extra tip vibrated noisily.

With a bit of confusion, he placed it back where he found it and went to the two pair of panties that laid on top of the blanket. Taking it up, he caught a scent from it and it was not the usual detergent’s, but a more womanly one. He brought it close to his nose to sniff it, before examining the other one, finding a similar smell to it. He then fumbled them to find the part where his sister’s private parts came in contact with, and found solidified stains on it. One with a slight yellowish tint, and the other one just powdered.

Throwing them into the basket, he did his washing and hung the clothes up to dry, alternating between his computer games and running to the kitchen. It was about two hours when he was finally done and seeing that no one was home, connected his laptop to the living room TV and clicked away on his usual catalog of websites.

About thirty minutes later, Julie came home and went into her room straight, surprised at the tidiness of her room but kept silent about the toy she knew anyone that cleaned her room would find. As the clock strike twelve, Javen saw his sister’s lights went off and made his way to her door. Twisting the knob, he went in and sat on her bed, before she switched the lamp on.

Javen: ‘Joo (short for Julie), I saw some stains on your panties. Want to tell me what happened?’

Julie was too embarrassed to be talking to her own brother about such things, but the fact that she was bottomless under the blanket was making her anxious about him discovering it as well.

Javen: ‘I am going to have a look no matter what.’

With that said, he pulled the blanket away and saw her light pink slit, with the rabbit a palm’s length away. Holding the back of her knees, he raised her legs, and went closer for a look. She knew what he was doing was wrong, but did not stop him since she had never had someone laying hands on her either. It just felt less intimidating if it was someone she knew, right?

He had used his finger to hold her delicate soft folds open and his head was so close to giving her a lick. And that was exactly what he wanted to do as well. Javen brought his mouth closer to her pussy and gave her clit a poke, before running his tongue up her slit. A moan expectedly escaped her mouth and she was holding on tightly to the ends of the pillow in distress. Sensing no resistance, he continued to tickle her clit and made long, slow glides up her pussy.

Javen wanted to experiment with her at the same time, to know how to please a woman. So, he gave her a suck on her clit, and increased his suction until she gave a yelp.

Javen: ‘Sensitive?’

She could only nod shyly with her eyes shut off from the incestuous sight. He took the vibrator that was within reach, and gave the tip a generous coat of his saliva, before placing it at her opening. Moving in inches, he watched her body and expression while she lost control, almost begging him to just insert the whole thing inside. As the extra tip touched on her clit, he held it firmly and switched the thing on, and made his sister go into a struggle to hang on to sanity.

The toy could be left running without his hand on it, since she was so tight and the vacuum inside would keep it steady. But it might not be enough, since he could use it differently. He held the base of the vibrator, and started moving it forth and back, sliding it sensually in and out of her. Julie’s body was thrashing around while he tried to hold her body down with his hand on her tummy.

The toy was thrusting faster as he felt hornier, making Julie go crazy as the orgasm arrived, but was not allowed to rest nor calm herself down. He had noticed the extra cum that was leaking out of her, but it was such a special occasion that he just had to keep going.

Without something to hang on to, she reached around her brother’s waist and pulled the waistband of his boxers open with one hand, while the other reached into it to find his throbbing manhood. Her hand did not take long to start jerking him off quickly, but the lack of lubricant was making it a little painful for him.

She felt the heat in her hand and had no choice but to stop before she hurt him.

Julie: ‘Come to my mouth.’

He waded on his knees to her head and she bent towards it, taking the whole of his dick into her mouth without hesitation. As the toy rammed deeper and harder into her, her mouth was working as hard to suck him, even letting him move his hips to help go deeper. It was a truly messed up situation as his hips were fucking her mouth while his hand work tirelessly.

After a while, she had to push him away to catch her breath and he needed a rest as well. His aching forearms finally gave way but his dick was charged up on the other hand. The both of them panted from the unexpected advances but she was yet to be fully exhausted.

Julie: ‘You want to put it in?’
Javen: ‘The toy?’
Julie: ‘No. That.’

She pointed to his twitching dick and his hand let go off the toy with a hot battery compartment. Julie got herself up to a lazy doggie stance and he climbed slowly onto his knees and went behind her.

Javen: ‘You want to do it in this position?’
Julie: ‘I just don’t want to see you doing me.’

He calmed himself down and turned her over, and threw his singlet over her eyes. Lying on her side, he adjusted one of her legs to straighten out on the bed, and the other one bent so he could raise it up to his chest. Sitting over the outstretched leg, He shoved his dick in while holding it, until he was completely inside her. Hugging onto her leg that was in midair, he started to rock his hips back and forth, while his dick stroked along the insides of her pussy at a special angle.

She had not experienced this position nor this angle before, but it felt better than just the usual missionary or doggie style. They liked this position and no longer intend to switch. Giving it all his strength, he moved his body faster and his dick reached deep inside, stretching her pussy and pushing all of her buttons that was normally untouched.

Unsure if it was by design or luck, the siblings found their perfect match for an intercourse. Javen just could not bring himself to stop no matter how guilty he felt doing it. Julie did not think of him as a brother anymore, but more of a man who would meet her sexual needs, filling her up with that piece of meat that fitted her so well. The moaning continued as the two of them had a building lust inside of their minds, wanting more and needing more.

With his powerful strokes, Julie’s body was slowly losing consciousness from the continuous orgasms, and his dick was nearing its limit with her closely wrapped pussy. Before he came, he stopped and asked her, although knowing that she should not want him to cum inside. Their answers were in consensus and he resumed the pounding, until the very last minute before he pulled out.

Julie: ‘Don’t waste it. Let me have it.’

He went to her head on the pillow again and let her suck him sideways, moving her mouth up and down his shaft, until he was on the verge. Pressing onto her head, he gave a hard thrust not too deep and shot all of his load that was filling her mouth so much that her cheeks were bulging. It took him at least twenty seconds to empty his balls, with her constant sucking and teasing of his pee hole.

As she pulled her mouth away from him, a little suction helped to extract any remaining bits and she turned her body upwards once he was done.

Javen: ‘Let me see?’

She opened her mouth and showed her tongue that was lifting some of it up. She then gave her lips a lick before swallowing all of her brother’s semen, ending the forbidden sex they just had. He took his shirt from the bed and pulled his boxers up, before giving her a goodnight kiss and returning to his room.

Julie: ‘Kor, sleep with me when mom and dad is not home k?’

He gave her a smile and closed her door gently. Lying on his bed, he was not sure if he would do it again, but that was just his thoughts. Another part of him had long made up its mind.

Mom: ‘Just like us with our siblings no?’

Dad: ‘Maybe?’

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Reading your blog just made me extremely wet at work. which is rather disturbing yet i cant stop reading it and getting extremely soaking wet

Thank you for your comment. I’m happy to know that someone out there enjoys reading my stories as much as I love writing them.

Hope you’re having fun!

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