Small Mistake

Miko could not even pause making out with her boyfriend even though they were a few steps away from her door. Tony flipped her miniskirt upwards and pushed her against the corridor wall to face the main road. He then unzipped his pants and took his dick out before putting it at the entrance of her dripping wet hole. Since about forty minutes ago, they had been teasing each other after they got on a cab and, the blowjob she gave him by her stairs had gotten him big enough for sex right on the spot. Piercing his rod through her pussy, he did not bother with lasting long and went fast in and out of her. Biting her lips hard, she managed not to moan too loudly and as his dick was squeezed hard, her body froze as the orgasm resonated up her spine into her mind. Tony did not waste that moment of her contraction and increased his speed, and kept pounding her butt until he was about to cum. Pulling his dick out quickly, he gave her a little breather before forcing it back into her unexpectedly, and went full speed with all he’s got until his load blew into her so hard that he could not move for a while as he felt her pussy squeezing and relaxing, milking his balls until they were empty. Perspiring profusely, they finally satisfied their hunger and they made their way into her house.

Tony: ‘I’m going to use the toilet. You go rest first?’

He went to the toilet attached to the kitchen and relieved his dick of urine which he had suddenly felt after cumming. After he was done, he cleaned the drying juices over his dick and went into her room. As there was no light, he could only make out the bed and quickly hopped into it after placing his stuff down. Slipping as lightly as he could under the blanket, he found himself facing her back and placed his hand over her waist. Slowly, he glided his hand down south and the familiar hairless pussy welcomed him. Carefully lifting one of her legs towards the back, her pussy was exposed and was in full contact with his restless fingers.

Using his middle finger, he circled around his clit and she responded a little by arching her body back and forth. Soon, she was moaning softly as he increased his pace. The soft moans were specially arousing for him and it was considered a killer feature on Miko, she could always turn him on with her voice. Pushing her other leg on the bed with his knee, she went into a lying-couching position which he could penetrate her again. Sliding lower down her back, he went into a similar position too and poked his dick into her wet pussy. It was especially tight and that was what he enjoyed most of her body, it would feel like he was doing a virgin every time they had sex. Since they started fucking in their early teens, she felt as good as new each time. As gently as he could, he moved his hips and once again felt high from her squeezing. It just felt so close and intimate that no words could explain.

It was lucky of him to have found a Japanese-Chinese mixed blood girl as his girlfriend. She slowly turned her body flat facing the bed and let Tony exit her pussy. Climbing over her back, he pried opened her legs and slipped right in again, humping her from the back. Holding onto her waist, he lifted her hips and she complied, granting him a doggie style while in slumber.

Without anymore thoughts of how lucky he was, he thrust his hips even harder into her, reaching into her deepest spot and enjoying the tightness. Miko’s moans got faster and within seconds, he could feel her vaginal walls grabbing tightly over his dick. He had always looked forward to her orgasms as it would meant that her pussy would continuously be in climax mode and the orgasms would go on non-stop. Ramming his dick even faster, he felt the gush of juices and went crazy.

It was the first time he felt her squirting this much. The monster in him took over and he went like a bunny, going hyper speed until his second load exploded into her pussy. The sensation was so great this round he kept going until the third load followed and his dick had no choice but to shrink in surrender. He stayed in her after the string of climaxes and almost dozed off before he woke up suddenly.

He pulled his small weakened brother out of her pussy and turned on his camera flashlight, to snap a photo while he dug her pussy for his sperms he gave her. Once he was done, he washed himself again and went back to bed, under the sheets with Miko again. This time, she was facing him and he shared her pillow, ready to kiss her. The light from her phone’s front camera lit up and she turned it towards himself.

It was NOT Miko. It was her sister he had fucked. Shit.

He had only seen her in a photo which Miko kept in her wallet. And although she was way younger, she had the same gorgeous natural brown hair and a tight body. But never he harboured any thoughts of fucking her since he had access to Miko who would gladly fulfil any desires he had. He watched in shock and was desperately thinking of an excuse or solution to this mess.

Yuko, the innocent girl who had just physically received her first sex education, placed her index finger on her lips and she even gave Tony a kiss. She closed her eyes and went back to sleep, but with a hidden smile on her face. He quickly took his belongings and went into the living room, and laid on the couch wide awake, with thoughts of the innocent mistake running through his head.

Miko (whispering): ‘Why are you on the sofa?’
Tony (whispering): ‘I wanted some time alone.’

Miko led him into the room at 3am and while she snored in her unique JAV style voice, Tony could not sleep at all. Did Yuko enjoyed it so much she would be willing to have sex with him again? That was what he was thinking about all night.

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