Just Seventeen

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Jollene found herself drunk for the first time, and it was because someone had smuggled their own bottle of alcohol into Kbox that she could let herself go wild. Soon, their session ended at 2am and one of the male friends accompanying another of her girlfriends, offered to send her home. As there was no one home when they reached her doorstep, he had to put her almost-dead body down by the side before getting the keys from her bag. For that night, she had put on a simple tank top with gapping arm and neck lines, that paraded her lacy black bra from the sides, as well as her short white skirt that could barely cover her bum.

That night went smoothly with her getting up in the morning, bombarded by a headache but there was something more amiss than that. Looking under the blanket, she found a chastity belt, made of steel for the hips and a narrower steel bar that went between her legs. She did not have his number to contact him nor would contacting her friend to get the guy’s number portray any good side of her. Getting out of bed, she put on a FBT short with no netting for comfort and went about to do her daily business. Luckily, there was no school and neither was she needed to leave house. Still, Jollene had to get the device off her.

Unknown number (SMS): ‘Morning sweetheart. Like the present?’
Jollene: ‘Who are you? And get this damn thing off me!’
Unknown number (SMS): ‘That’s not the way to ask for a favour sweetie.’

She did not receive anymore texts from the stranger despite constant attempts to call and text him. It was until that afternoon, at 12pm on the dot, she received a text to meet him around her block. On top of that, she is required to put on a skirt for her bottoms so he could ‘free’ her. She followed his instructions and once she arrived, she sat down uncomfortably on the stairs and waited.

Then, a door opened and the guy from last night who sent her home appeared from one of the units on that level.

Jollene: ‘You fuck! Why did you put that thing on me?’
Sam: ‘What did I put on you? I also have something locked on me.’

He pulled the waistband of his shorts down and a similar metal restraint showed itself. They also had the same numerical locks securing the devices onto their bodies.

Jollene: ‘What’s that?’

Shyly, Sam looked around to confirm there was no one before pulling his pants down to his thighs. It was a chastity belt designed for guys and it restricted his dick by encasing it in a steel cage with only a hole in front for peeing. Even getting an erection could hurt if he did not positioned it right. With that on, the both of them could not wear any undies. Right then, at the same time, they received an MMS.

It was a picture of their individual selves in a unconscious position in their rooms, since their houses were vacant when they reached home last night. There was no way they could show each other what they received either. After that, a message reached them with instructions on what to do. Jollene then removed her iPhone casing and a piece of paper with the combination fell onto the floor. Quickly turning away from Sam, she fumbled the try the numbers but the lock could not be undone due to it’s position at her back.

Jollene: ‘Can you help me out?’

She turned around and pulled her skirt down. Sam helped to put the numbers in but it did not open either.

Sam: ‘Maybe it’s mine?’

He brought his dick close to her and she had no choice but to reach beneath his testicles to finally unlock his device. A sigh of relieve was heard from him as it fell on the floor with a loud cling.

Unknown number (SMS to Jollene): ‘Suck him to get the next clue.’

Bewildered by the ridiculous request, she showed it to Sam and he was apologetic and rejected the attempt. What if that guy did not honour his words right? The duo sat at the stairs while wondering what to do next. Having no other choices, she asked him to just stroke himself to cum and then tell the stranger that she did it. As he began jerking off, a SMS quickly came in to her cell to not try anything funny and he would know. Fuck. She took his dick in her hands and moved one step lower. Reluctantly, she covered her mouth over his dick and sucked on it, going up and down on him.

The little protruding part of the belt that was in contact with her pussy began vibrating and she sucked harder as her belt resonated in contact with the cement floor. Sitting harder on the belt, her clit was getting maximum attention and she went even faster down on Sam as the climax reached. Suddenly, a hot load of cum spew into her mouth and she swallowed in a haste to anticipate the orgasm that followed, which was amplified by the increase in speed of the belt’s vibration too. With her mind spaced out, Sam held on to her as she almost fell down the steps.

Unknown number (SMS to Sam): ‘Good. Now, wear that cage back if you want to free her.’

As a gentleman, he could live with it and find his own way to free himself. So he put it back on and clicked the lock back in position. The lock then made a mechanical sound and it was impossible to open with the previous combination. The numbers to unlock the girl came in his phone and he released the device off her.

Unknown number (SMS to Jollene): ‘If you want to help him. Ask him to finger you.’

It seemed that the belts had more tricks up to its sleeve (straps). The bar going between her legs were gone but not the one around her hips. It had fitted her waist perfectly and she could get hurt if she tried to saw or cut it apart.

Jollene: ‘He asked you to finger me.’

She changed places with Sam and opened her legs in view of him, which he did not spend too much time thinking before dipping his fingers into her pussy. The first orgasm came quickly and Jollene was in fact enjoying herself and this domination by an unknown person. Sam was doing a good job himself, except that his erection was aching from the size constrain.

Unknown number (SMS to Jollene): ‘Get into doggie. He will continue to finger you from behind.’

She stood up and held onto the railings as his fingers continued going furiously in and out of her, she was getting wetter by the thrusts. Suddenly, a small jab ran into Sam’s butt and his dick got even harder than usual. The cage unlocked itself and it freed his spear of lust. With her dripping pussy in front of him, he was just this close. A yelp escaped from Jollene’s mouth and she reached for her pussy with one of her hands, she had spread her pussy lips opened.

Jollene: ‘I can’t take it anymore, put it in me now.’

Sam wasted no time and rammed his dick into her, which was getting tighter. It was the effect of whatever injected into her. Overwhelmed by his strong entry, her knees gave way and she knelt on two uneven steps with her legs opened. She was getting pounded non-stop. Thrown into a trance, she was feeling higher with every orgasms that seemed to have come at her without a pause. His strong grip on her belt brought her body backwards so he could give her what she yearned for.

Sam: ‘I’m sorry Jo.’

In no time, Jollene’s support on the rails got weaker and Sam couldn’t control his cum that had blown into her pussy. It was filling her up without holding back. Almost vulnerable to an unwanted exposure to anyone passing by, a second jab poked their skins and they blacked out.

Upon recovery, they found themselves properly dressed and cleaned, slouching over each other on the stairs and once again, with his cage and her cock-blocker on. This time, they exchanged numbers and knew they only had each other to confide. That night, the vibrations on Jollene came on and she had no choice but to accept the unwanted stimulation, exhausting herself from all the climaxes she would be receiving. For Sam, an unseen strong force was felt through the cage’s enclosure. It managed to recreate the sensation of a handjob mixed intercourse experience and in front of his very eyes, the invisible force had managed to extract two shots of cum from his rod.

What have they gotten themselves into?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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