Just Seventeen 2

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Sleeping with the device on wasn’t comfortable, but Jollene got used to it after two nights of futile fiddling with it. The was no loopholes or hinges to exploit. JC resumed classes on Monday and she had no choice but to go pantyless, and relied on her decently short skirt to cover whatever could give her away or attract unnecessary attention.

Skipping physical education (PE), she managed to get by her day with not much issues. She was instructed to report to Sam’s place and had been constantly teased by the random vibrations on the belt. She knew meeting Sam would be some kind of relieve be it physically (unlocking the belt) and also sexually (from the random vibrations throughout the day). Upon reaching his place, Sam was already naked with only the belt on, awaiting her. Once they were about two feet apart, their belts came off and the belt administered the jabs automatically.

This time, Sam felt weak and fell lifelessly onto the sofa in his living room, while Jollene felt hyperactive. She immediately took his dick into her mouth and sucked it to its usual(?) elongated length. After she got what she wanted, she sat over his legs facing the TV and turned it on. A screen filled with alternating black and white squares rotated continuously and she began riding Sam instinctively. He knew what was happening despite his low energy level, and was hypnotised along with Jollene. With his mind sucked in by the TV and the pleasure over his dick, his consciousness was heightened with even less control over himself.

Jollene’s eyes fixated on the screen while she rode him. Her mind was no longer in her control, no matter how hard she tried to turn away from the TV. Then, his main door opened and a man with a hood over his head entered.

Man: ‘Turn around and face Sam.’

Jollene followed his orders and changed her direction, but no longer moved her hips. Her legs were opened between his hips and body had rose till only the tip of Sam’s dick was inside her. The man came over and stood behind Jollene. Without knowing what was happening, Sam could only watch in fear as Jollene started sobbing. She had felt his fingers putting lubricant on her asshole and could sense his thick fingers wriggling inside of her. He pulled his fingers out after a few seconds and moved his body closer behind her.

Her eyes and nose started leaking tears and mucus while the man pushed his dick inside her butt hole. ‘Move your hips lower’, his voice was undeniable, there was no way to go against his wishes. Sam once again felt his dick in warmth and moist while the man kept adjusting his height.

Man: ‘Good. Very good girl. Now, move.’

She resumed riding Sam’s dick but this time it was also with a large dick in her anus. The man took control of the pace and direction after a while, forcing his dick into her virgin ass, while Sam could feel his dick inside, only separated by her vaginal walls. Jollene stopped crying some time later and moved in sync with his thrusts, pleasuring both guys inside her.

The double penetration took even lesser time to give her the orgasm she had been wanting and it felt even stronger with the stimulation in both entrances. As there were two rods in her, the tightness was even more, Sam could not last even five minutes before he unloaded his yummy sperms into her. She kept on going without rest and Sam’s body was shaking from the constant grinding against his over-sensitive dick.

The man grabbed her waist and took over the pounding, going faster than ever as he groaned in pleasure. His cum had pumped into her anus and he left them after cleaning himself up. He exited shortly after and left Jollene still riding Sam slowly.

The TV switched to another channel and the both of them snapped out of the hypnosis. Jollene fell on her side and Sam recovered enough energy to move himself. As his dick was still standing, there was no reason to just leave it like that. So, he went over to Jollene and carried her to his bed. There, he took advantage of the strengthless girl and once again penetrated her pussy. Without the man, it did not feel as crowded, but it was more comfortable, knowing she was his this time.

He turned her to the sides and sat over one of her thighs, while ramming his dick into her. Jollene felt much better with his help and could moan to her heart’s desire. Romping like bunnies, he kept going as long as his erection kept up and she could feel his manhood getting addicted to her pussy. Without warning, Sam pulled out his dick after delivering an intense orgasm to Jollene, and went over to her mouth and pushed his dick in.

She took it willingly and smiling, while letting him fuck her mouth until he paused, and felt the droplets of cum exit his pee hole, it was all that’s left of him. She sucked him clean and then let him clean up as she fell into sleep. How could Sam let this end? The uncomfortable cage was worth it. He replaced the curved steel bar on Jollene and made sure to hear it lock before falling asleep beside her.

Waking up after a few hours, she saw the damn belt on her and was tempted to keep coming back to Sam. She managed to find the way to replace the cage on his penis and also made sure it locked before leaving his place. That night, Sam was woken up by the invisible force milking his dick and was once again thrown into exhaustion by the unwanted masturbation.

How long more would this have to go on?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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