Just Seventeen 3

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A week went on with Jollene reporting to Sam’s place every two days and it was that weekend when she woke up one morning to find the belt gone. She had felt especially awake and immediately called Sam, who also found himself freed as well.

Jollene: ‘You want to meet up?’
Sam: ‘Yeah. We have to talk about this.’

He made his way to her place this time and as soon as he laid his eyes on her, an erection grew and he knew it was only habitual that his body responded this way. Since the device was on, he was trained unknowingly to extend his ejaculation time and she had also sensed a shortened duration between orgasms, on top of that, she found her muscle control of her pussy to be better. Jollene had also gotten wetter when she saw Sam entered her place, and his bulge, was irresistible.

There was not one word exchanged as they hugged each other and kissed. Their lips connected faithfully as they stripped themselves bare of clothes. She jumped on him and Sam carried her to the kitchen counter. His dick then went into her pussy without effort and they fucked wildly on the counter. Her hands would not release from around his neck and his hands were glued to her waist, using her for balance as well as for pounding his dick hard and deep into her.

After a while, he lifted her once again with his hands on her ass and brought her to the master bedroom, with the huge photo of her parents on the wall. She was placed on her back and the ceiling mirror reflected his well kept figure humping life into her body. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, not intending to let him slip away.

As the clock strike two, it had already been an hour and Jollene requested to change position. She couldn’t just let him do all the work right? The both of them straightened their legs and rolled themselves, placing her on top this time. Spreading her legs over his, she sat on him as her head threw backwards while riding his rock hard dick. He was so well trained he could hold his cum in even as he cummed. And after he ‘cummed’, the little one did not get any little at all. He could go all day.

Jollene was squeezing him with all her might to maximise the continuous orgasms she was enjoying. As the next climax hit her pussy like a finale, there was no way this mind-blowing sex was going to end. She sat backwards and lifted her hips up. Sam held his dick upright as she lowered her ass over his dick. The juices from her pussy had dripped over his dick from sitting backwards and there was enough lubrication for anal.

Sitting back on him, her innards loosened to accommodate his rare visit and the expression on her face was pure happiness. Sam held her butt closely to his body and guided her to turn around, facing the make up table at the side of the bed. He bent his knees and got up to continue rimming her in doggie style.

Looking at her own wretched position, he took control of the speed and rammed really hard into her. The pain was on par with the pleasure she was feeling. It was keeping her awake and alert while her pussy continued contracting and expanding from the satisfaction. Jollene had to express her feelings while he was humping away behind her.

Jollene (screaming): ‘I love this!’

Her encouragement brought Sam to new heights and made him thrust even more fiercely. In a few minutes, his first victory award to freedom was about to be released. Going hyper speed on her, she fell onto the bed moaning in murmurs and as she felt his warmth filling her up, she gathered her remaining energy and pushed back and forth onto his pumping shaft.

Sam did not stop despite his load was fully delivered, giving her another anal orgasm before finally falling backwards on the bed. Jollene fell backwards too and she hugged him tightly while he watched his creamy white fluid leak out from her ass in the mirror. He got up and washed up with her after a short rest.

There was nothing much left of them after the morning sex and they showered each other without anymore lust. However, the juice of Jollene did not stop flowing as the imaginary vibrations in her pussy kept returning every time she closed her eyes. For Sam, he could still feel the invisible force milking his dick and he could, and would cum without shooting whenever he felt like it.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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