Running 2

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Luna and Jenson made their own way to her place and when he reached, he gave her a text. A few minutes passed without any reply but the window along the corridor slid opened.

Luna: ‘The door is not locked.’

Taking a quick look around, he entered her house and went into the room. Seeing that she had changed out into a t-shirt and shorts, he removed his clothes as well, all of it so he could air his body. His dick was the most prominent as it had been glowing and standing out from his body. Having caught her looking at it eagerly, he knew she might just lose control.

Jenson: ‘Like what you see?’

She nodded excitedly and invited him to her bed, while she got up and removed her clothes in front of him. He did not mind that she was not that slim, since she had all the curves and the softness of her skin was how he liked it. She sat beside him and he got her to lie down.

Jenson: ‘Let me see how you taste?’

Her knees raised her calves and spread for him so his mouth could find out. He went down on her and with a kiss, his lips pasted on her clit and drew a suction that stimulated her with a burst of energy. Luna felt how sensitive it was and the rest of his tongue flicking was driving her wild. With the constant flow of her juices, he was so tempted to stop and just plunge his dick in, but he had not tasted her enough yet. While his tongue worked to make her body climax, he had been making scooping actions to catch all of her syrup. As he went on to suck on her clit again, Luna just gave in to the pleasure and came hard, leaking even more juices onto her bed.

Jenson: ‘Good?’
Luna: ‘I like it.’

She got out of the bed and turned him to rest his feet on the floor, while she knelt before him and gave him a wink. Her head dived in for the living piece of meat and gave a very strong suck until he had to stop her. But she knew what to do next and sank her mouth all the way down until her lips touched his base, and heard him exhale a big breath of air. With that assurance, Luna continued to give him deep strokes that sent him lying down on the bed while her bead bounced over his dick.

The slurping sounds made the whole process so wet and sloppy, that he found himself to be unable to forget her oral skills after she was done.

Luna: ‘Shall we move on?’

She got up on her feet and brought him to the kitchen, with the windows wide open. He then carried her up to the flat contact stove top and placed her there, before he went down for a few more licks of her juicy abalone.

Luna: ‘Stop stop. I want you inside me now. Let’s go to my parent’s room instead.’

They went into the room and he threw her on the bed, that was much softer and cooler than hers. He then went on top of her and shoved his waiting fat cock into her and she gasped in surprise.

Luna: ‘You’re so much bigger now.’
Jenson: ‘Thanks to your mouth.’

He started his pounding and Luna kept moaning. The whole time, it was slightly robotic, but she was having so much thoughts running through her mind. Her pussy was begging for more and her fingers rubbing on her clit was just too overwhelming. The random contractions of her pussy made Jenson way much wilder, since he knew he could last longer the second time. As their sweat dirtied the bed, he was groaning controllably as well. The sound sex echoed within the room and her legs went around him to drive him deeper.

After an orgasm hit her three times in a row, she was barely holding it up but her pussy was saying otherwise. Finally, he got up and pulled her along as well. Thinking of a place next to do, she already knew where to go.

Leading him into the living room, she gave him the freedom to do what he wanted and he stood behind her. Giving her back a nudge, she bent over the coffee table standing and felt his dick enter her again. In that standing doggie, she could feel him going deeper and caressing the back part of her pussy, which would make her crazy for unknown reasons. Just as he was about to start, she stopped him and went into her room.

With his clothes in her hands, she asked him to dress up in case her parents returned. For Luna, she wore her t-shirt and a pair of high waist skirt that she lifted up for him. Dick sticking out of his school pants, he held her skirt up and plugged his dick into her again, before resuming the forceful thrust that she enjoyed so much. As the duo began their moans and groans, the TV was turned on to drown a bit of the noise.

Luna could not believe how many times she had cummed today, and he was surprised at how long he could go too. With the doggies fucking mindlessly, it was not long before Jenson felt the sudden urge to cum. Dumbfounded by his body’s change of mind, he pulled out in a hurry and sat on the sofa while explaining himself to Luna.

Jenson: ‘Sorry. But I just felt like cumming suddenly. I didn’t have time to ask.’
Luna: ‘It’s okay. Let me help you finish it.’

This time, she sat beside him and placed her mouth over his dick, giving him a light suck before throw her face down at his crouch. It felt as good as her pussy with Jenson struggling to grab onto something. Instead, his hands finally found her head and and forced her mouth deeper, making use of her convulsing throat to get himself off. He used one of his hand to reach to her pussy that was accessible when she straightened her body, facing towards the inside of the sofa. He wanted her to get pleasured at the same time he was gagging her as well.

Within minutes, she had her share of choking and his lesser-second load of cum sprayed into the back of her throat. He held her still until he was done and when he freed her head, she coughed very hard. Jenson knew he had gone too far but she just pushed his chest against the sofa to keep him still.

Luna: ‘Your cum is so thick! It’s stuck at the back of my throat.’

She ran to the fridge to wash the sticky substance down her throat with milk, before returning to sit beside him.

Jenson: ‘I am sorry for choking you. It just felt too good.’
Luna: ‘It’s alright. Somehow, when I was choking, the orgasms your fingers gave was so much more intense.’

Her first contact with erotic asphyxiation was not very known to her, but Luna had learnt to enjoy it nonetheless. Her parents came home shortly after but did not noticed how naughty their daughter had been. All they saw was two young teenagers sitting on the couch and watching TV. Nothing too bad could have happened right?

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