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Luna’s favourite lesson was finally here and she rushed into the female’s toilet to avoid the rest of the class changing into their PE attire. Under her pile of clothes, she had hidden a wireless vibrator that she wanted to try so badly, but never had a chance to. Once she got into the cubicle, her blouse and skirt came off, along with her shorts that was going to be worn for sports. Having a habit of going pantyless under her shorts, she felt extreme natural in it and sat on the toilet taking a pee before the bullet went inside. With a little tease to her clit, her pussy took merely seconds to get wet and the toy disappeared safely inside of her. Her shorts, shirt was put on and the first few steps was a little awkward while she tried to get used to that toy inside.

Mr. Tay: ‘Do your warm ups, then go for two laps around the field. Today’s lesson will be more relaxed. I will be bringing you guys through a new set of stretching exercises that will help your muscles a lot.’

She did the standard five sets of warm up exercises, before feeling her sports bra to activate the toy. While she did that, no one suspected anything since she appeared to be just adjusting her sports bra. A little excitement overcame her and she went ahead to start the two rounds around the field, with an unusual burst of energy. The rest of the girls were affected by her enthusiasm and followed right behind her, with the guys dashing to catch up and overtake them.

With vibration buzzing silently in her shorts, Luna’s movements was causing the sides of her vagina to rub against it, and turning her on even more. She knew that every move she made would feel different, and could not wait for the stretching exercises to come. Her two laps took a good three minutes to complete and she ended in an area filled with the rest of her class panting and a few of them looking flushed.

Mr. Tay: ‘Now, stand shoulder width apart. And bend downwards fully.. slowly bring your body up until you are standing upright.’

Luna got into position and lowered herself, feeling the vibrator pushing hard against the front of her groin. It was directly on her G-spot and it felt so good she almost did not want to recover into standing position. After that, the teacher continued to give instructions and Luna followed.

Going into a squat position made her give a soft moan that a few of her classmates could hear, but did not think much of it as a few of them was doing the same with the muscles being stretched. As one leg straightened, the vibrator was held against the other side and it was about to give her an orgasm. Although it was not yet at the highest speed, the exercises was making the toy fuck her gently.

The next one was to get on her knees against the floor, and lean forward until her back was straight. Holding for a few seconds was all she needed to get her pussy to climax and she just stayed in that pose while her body trembled at the pleasure surge. Although it took her a while to recover, none of her friends noticed anything strange.

Luna: ‘Mr. Tay, I need to go to the toilet.’

She walked to the ladies with the changing room attached and pulled her sweaty clothes off. The vibrator came out of her and she held it into the bowl while giving it a flush. After it was cleaned, she put it aside and went to tend her pussy.

Looking at her sore flesh, her fingers went to give it a massage that kept going. Obviously, a clit rub would not be enough, so, she slid her hand down and fingers went into her pussy, feeling a little stretched from the toy inside her earlier. She went faster along with her body’s wishes and could not stop herself even when the lesson had ended, bringing the rest of the girls into the room to change.

Friend: ‘Luna? You in here?’

Luna: ‘Yeah. Stomachache.’
Friend: ‘I’ll see you in class then.’

She kept masturbating throughout the short conversation and the orgasms were simply addicting. As she lost track of time, the door opened to the changing room and a male voice disrupted her private moment.

Jenson: ‘Luna?’
Luna: ‘Yes?’
Jenson: ‘You alright? Need me to let the teacher know?’
Luna: ‘No need. I am about done. Just wait for me?

She unlocked the door and he pushed it opened, only to see her naked body with fingers in her pussy and legs widened. He took a step in and shut the door, before she reached for his pants to unzip it. Luna was so horny that she simply hushed him and whipped out his growing cock. Taking it into her mouth, she sucked on it and moved her head along his shaft, making him lose his balance at times.

Luna (whispering): ‘You did this before?’
Jenson (whispering): ‘No.’
Luna (whispering): ‘Good.’

Her mouth left his dick with saliva all over and got on her knees over the toilet cover. Reaching back, she peeled one side of her ass and poked her finger tip into her pussy.

Luna (whispering): ‘In here.’

He held his dick straight in his hand and directed the tip into her opening, before she sat up and hold onto his waist. With a jerk backwards, his dick penetrated into her and he almost lost his balance once again.

Luna (whispering): ‘Play with my tits.’

Jenson reached forward and held her boobs in his hands, playing with her nipples while his hips began to thrust in her direction, sinking that virgin rod in and out of her. As he got more aroused, she felt his speed picked up and bent her body back down so he could go faster and deeper. A slapping sound was produced but quickly silenced by pulling his pants higher to cushion his thighs.

His hand held onto her waist was was bringing her body backwards on his dick, while trying to contain the moans that he was about to lose control of. Luna then felt his dick gave her G-spot one final stroke and it sent her cumming, leaking the translucent white juices down her pussy and onto the cover. Jenson froze in his position as well, too afraid to move into her tightening gap that might just make him cum.

Jenson (whispering): ‘Luna, I think I am about to shoot.’

Luna brought her body back up to him and moved slowly forth and back, letting him enjoy her wetness while she thought of where she wanted him to cum. Turning her face sideway to him, she could see how much he was perspiring, and it made him seemed so much hotter.

Luna (whispering): ‘I want you to cum inside me. Cause it is my first time too. And I want it all inside.’

He pushed her back down and angled his dick slightly upwards, before pounding her at the fastest speed he could give, going non-stop until she gave him a naughty squeeze. Doing that also gave her an orgasm that instant when he clenched his fists on her waist and unloaded his creamy virgin load deep into her, while making slow thrusts to keep shooting.

She perked her body up and held his butt close to her, while her head shivered at the new introduction of sperms into her young body. It felt so good that she wished he could never pull out, but there was still classes going on. Carefully, he stepped back from her and caught the sight of his cum dripping out of her pussy.

Luna grabbed her toy and sat down, scooping the few drops of cum with it before pushing it right into her again. Jenson had wore his pants back and held her uniform for her. She took the skirt and slipped it on, without panties and then her blouse, that was going a little transparent with the years of washing. They left the toilet after careful scans and returned to class, with a new secret they shared.

After a tiring day of class, Luna handed Jenson a piece of folded paper and it was an address on it, not too far from school. He knew something would be happening again, and most probably one he would enjoy thoroughly. After all, what could be better than having a classmate as a fuck buddy?

Luna (whispering): ‘I’ll see you there.’

Part 1 | Part 2

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Secondary 3? I don’t exactly remember le. Haha. I can’t expose what school is she from either.

Won’t she get get pregnant? On the part 2 I have read, ur stories is good, i pretty much like ur stories

There are chances that girls won’t get pregnant even if they had been creampied. Baby making is not always successful.

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