Spare Tyre.

Being a fuck buddy with a guy you liked did not feel good at all, and Brenda knew that first hand but could never give up holding on to the one reason that she was needed for. Dawson called Brenda up in the middle of the night, sounding awake and asked her to get to her place immediately. Despite her tiredness, her mind immediately sobered at that request and she slipped a simple black dress from her wardrobe over her nude body. The thought of him needing her at this hour gave her an excuse to be better than his girlfriend, although she understood that he would never thought of it that way. Grabbing her bag, she sneaked out of her house and boarded a taxi that in fact had ended its shift, but could not resist that curvy body in the alluring dress.

As the cab zoomed to his place in the east, the taxi driver had been peeking into his rear mirror to watch Brenda dab the foundation pad and applied lipstick. One of her legs had also raised to the center block but luckily out of his sight. About twenty minutes later, she arrived at Dawson’s block and paid the driver. Bending down into the front passenger seat, the driver almost had a nose bleed as her braless boobs hung freely in her dress.

Brenda: ‘Thanks Uncle.’

She skipped away to the lift and took out her mirror for one final check. Along the corridor to her fuck buddy’s place, she could see his excited head popping out. They finally had each other in their arms and Dawson lifted her straight into his room. While she popped open the wine bottle sitting on his lamp table, he had went into the toilet for a quick wash and change of clothes.

When he appeared again, it was Brenda’s turn to feel herself getting hornier. A plain white towel was all he had around his waist, and that bulge was undeniably tempting. She moved herself to the head of the bed and let him crawl to her, tugging the towel off in the process. A kiss, and another, their lips joined like glue and tongues ravaged like flames.

With one hand supporting himself, his other hand began to make its journey up her calf, to her smooth legs, and disappearing under her dress. His middle fingertip touched the raw sensitive folds of her pussy and a slight tremble travelled up her spine. Her legs opened for him and he poked his way into her, beginning a slow fingering that got her all heated up and wet. She could totally feel the roughness of his worn out fingers brushing against her vaginal walls, and it was so satisfying that her hand had reached to his and tried to get him deeper.

Taking his own sweet time, he watched how she reacted while increasing his speed of his thrusts, making her a little jumpy at the pace. He loved how tight her entrance was, sticking close to his finger that was spreading her pussy that little. As the moans got louder and breathing heavier, another finger joined the first and she was totally relaxed and brought into his world of lust. It was Dawson’s move to get her all high and pleased, so she would do the same for him. With a slight curl of his fingers, she knew her G-spot would be in his mercy and pulled a small bolster over her chest, ready to hang on to it while the orgasms came.

Fingering her quicker than before, Dawson grinned at her legs that raised themselves while her body went into a series of convulsions from the orgasms that shot through her body like a time bomb, sending her into coldness one moment, and feeling very warm the next. With exhaustion draining her energy, the fingers inside her was keeping her charged. After giving her the three climaxes, Brenda got her fair share and helped his hand away.

Dawson gave his honey-coated fingers a lick and leaned backwards to the end of the bed, while Brenda kneeled forward to give him head. Putting a pillow under his head, he laid down and closed his eyes. Feeling a bit of saliva running over the tip of his penis, he took a deep breath in while her mouth opened wide and gave a little kiss from the top, and then pushing her lips tightly around his girth, she worked her way down in one swift move, sending Dawson into the heavens.

The warmth over his little one was so assuring and sexy, but he knew that was just how Brenda always started. Angling her head directly on top, her cheeks remained calm and her head started to move up and down, while her tongue constantly stroked against wherever it could reach. Like a sex machine, she could go on in that same position for a long time, and whenever she needed a break, her mouth would stop at where his mushroom ended and kept her tongue circling over the top. It always drove her boy wild doing that. Going for a few more minutes, she knew her job was almost done when a finishing move was pulled by him.

Dawson held the sides of her head between both hands, he lifted her mouth until she was about midway of his length. He then thrust his hips up and down, while letting her mouth apply a little suction while her tongue stroked the exposed veins at the bottom of his shaft. She would hold onto the base of his dick and let him did what he wanted, lasting about just a minute or so. He would not cum in that position, since it only marked the started of a wild night.

Brenda backed off from his glimmering manhood and waited for him to tell her what position to get into. She understood that Dawson had always wished his girlfriend was as obedient like her, so, in a way she was making up for whatever areas his girl had failed in.

Dawson: ‘Cowgirl first.’

That was a pose that his girlfriend would not get into, being shy and all, but that was all he wanted, to see how horny his girl was for him. Brenda crawled on her knees over Dawson’s body and lifted her dress slightly before lowering herself over him, watching his face as her pussy forced its sealed opening over his dick. As she needed to use extra force to go down over him, the entry would always jolt her when she accidentally slipped deeper than what her mind was expecting. But to help her out, he would always push her waist all the way down and make her squelch in a little pain.

Once she was comfortably seated, her body started rocking on top and he would then toy with her breasts under her dress, grabbing them senseless while she pleasured herself. That day was one of the nights where she would feel a little ache in her heart hearing him call his girlfriend’s name while she was he was fucking.

Dawson: ‘Oh yes Gwen! It feels so good. Keep going.’

Her natural response of moaning would be an attempt to keep him quiet, but that dick inside was doing so well that her orgasms had been sustained since a few seconds ago. That second heartbeat in her pussy was so strong that she wanted, and almost made him cum in that position. But he knew his own body best, and did not let her.

Dawson: ‘Gwen, get on your back and spread your legs. I’m going to fuck till I cum.’

Heartbroken, Brenda reminded him that she is not her and he just ignored it. Once she got on his pillow, his body leaned in and his hips immediately shoved his thick cock in, groaning at the entry and then the violent sex began. His body was just ramming so deep and hard into her that her nails were digging into his back, giving him more rage to keep going.

Dawson (whispering): ‘Gwen, why wouldn’t you just let me fuck you like this? It feels so good, yet you are not giving it to me. Why why why?’

Every statement he made was directed to Gwen, and after every statement, she would be distracted by his lack of sincerity. And to make up for that, her mind would be blown to bits with his speed that was increasing exponentially, and his size growing wider every minute. Her moans had turned into screams and he had to quieten her down with his underwear he shoved into her mouth.

Muffled by it, her eyes turned white as the orgasms kept coming and he was going so deep into her. As the throbbing in his dick got stronger, she clenched his arms so tightly and had to remove the underwear so she could breath better.

Brenda: ‘Baby, are you cumming? Shoot it all inside me.’

That phrase made Dawson went crazy and he just kept pounding her lower body, until she felt his warm man juice squirt and the continuous strokes pushed all his seeds deep into her. Biting his teeth really hard, he kept going despite the sensitivity and went on until the second ejaculation freed into her again.

Brenda was high as fuck while feeling his warmth jiggling inside of her. As he slowed down, she gave a tight squeeze of her pussy and a confused look appeared on his face.

Brenda: ‘You like that baby?’

Dawson: ‘Yeah.’

He pulled out against the vacuum she created and brought it to her mouth for her. She hungrily licked up the juices and teased him a little too much till he fell onto the bed totally exhausted. Turning to him, she cuddled into his chest and hugged while he ran his fingers along her hair.

Dawson: ‘You loved me so much but I can’t bring myself to give Gwen up.’

Brenda: ‘It’s okay baby. You can find me whenever you need me. I’m going to win you from your dick upwards.’

They fell asleep until the next day, when he woke up to see her gone. A few SMS to her went dead and calls did not get picked up either. Had she finally moved on? Or was just tired and asleep?

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