A Beer

After attending a birthday party of her friend, Vanessa was on her way home but was feeling more awake than usual. She could go home to masturbate and rest, or stop by for a cup of ice milo at a coffee shop nearby for some peaceful time to herself. She walked to the shop and placed her bag at the outdoor dining area, before bringing her wallet to the counter. Right before she took a few steps, she saw that the drinks stall was closed and headed back to her belongings in disappointment.

Ah Kiong: ‘Girl, you want to join us for a few beers? We still got a few bottles.’

Vanessa took a glance at the two teens smoking away and figured she would just have a glass before heading home. She placed her bag on an empty seat and took a chair beside one of them. The two of them had tattoos along their arms and legs, but were quite well-mannered by her standard. She took the filled glass and drank away while the two guys introduced themselves.

Ah Boy: ‘You can call me Ah Boy. And him, Ah Kiong.’

Vanessa told them her name and answered a few of their questions on age and what she was doing. She could tell that they were scanning her body, fair and thin, under her grey body suit and a tight leather bondage skirt. As she indulged in the free beer, the three of them chatted and she even took up a cigarette from Ah Boy. Just as they were finishing the last bottle, Ah Kiong poured whatever that was left in the bottle into her mug, with a pill that went into it and sizzled at the bottom.

Getting weary and drunk, she did not realise the extra pill and finished the beer with cheers from them. As she sat stoned, the effect of the pill kicked in and she was feeling more tired than before. As her phone showed two, the lights went off at that area and the two guys got up from their seats. They helped her to a lift nearby and while inside, Ah Boy was already feeling up her breasts and the other was just holding onto her bag.

Once the lift reached the highest level, they brought her one flight of stairs down and tried to pull her top off but to no avail. Realising that she was in a bodysuit, Kiong unzipped her skirt to remove it and then took out a pocket knife to free the part of the cloth at her pussy. Immediately, her top snapped loose and Boy pulled it all the way out of her arms. Being naked and weak, she could not react but could see everything that was happening. They placed her on the concrete floor and started the rape.

Boy sat beside her head and kissed her like how a rapist would force himself, and Kiong was unzipping his pants while spreading her legs for a quick lick. With his tongue swiping up and down her slit, she felt his finger rubbing on her clit as well and was getting wet on her own. Her body was feeling so warm with the alcohol and drug, making her feel as high as she could get. Once Kiong’s pants was down, he leaned in on her and shoved his dick into her cunt, splitting her vagina open and stretching it open.

Boy’s pants was also removed but he had turned her head to the side, and in a kneeling position, he bent his body down, letting his hip lower on her face. Her lifeless mouth was forced open with that dick entering and it was a moment when she had two dicks in her. One pounding vigorously at her pussy, while the other was fucking her mouth. Apparently, the drug had numbed her gag reflex and she was feeling him go throat deep. The both of them was literally enjoying themselves with that fateful rape.

They knew that they did not have the whole day, and Kiong did not have a good stamina to begin with. In that short five minutes, she had managed to make him cum and he just thrust his dick real deep into her while his filthy cum pumped up his shaft into her. The guys were totally oblivious to the tears rolling down her face, as they were so caught up in abusing this convenient sexy body.

As the drug wore off, she found a bit of strength to resist and Boy whispered loudly to Kiong to switch position. Kiong went to the lower steps and sat himself down, before Boy turned her over on her fours. The guy on the steps just pulled her to him and pushed her head down on his dick, which immediately went down to her throat as he helped himself to her sweet lips.

Boy made his way behind her and rammed his raw meat into her, pushing the escaping cum deep along with his hot piece of rod. Without holding back, he held onto her waist and pounded her hard, letting his dick savour the awesome wet pussy that it was in. As her body jerked to and fro, her mouth was working on his dick, though she wasn’t actually doing anything.

Kiong simply leaned back and relaxed while Boy did all the work, pumping his cock so hard that Vanessa cummed unwillingly for the first time in her 20 years of life. As his speed increased, she went through another orgasm before he held his position deep inside her, before her second wave of cum flushed into her pussy and filled her up. Horrified at the amount, she tried to fight back but could not move with Kiong holding onto her head.

At moment, Kiong also came and shot his load into her mouth, spraying that bitter liquid onto her tongue and kept her still until he was done. The two guys released her at the same time and she collapsed onto her side while gasping for air. With her mouth and pussy leaking cum out, they took her phone and snapped a few pictures to remind her of the sad mistake, and another few photos were taken on their phone.

Picking up their phones, they disappeared into the lift and Vanessa was left all to herself. She sat herself up after a long rest and took out a piece of wet tissue to clean her pussy. After which, she stuck a finger into it and tried to dig out whatever cum she could. Looking at her clean finger, she broke down and cried harder as she realised that they had pushed all their sperms so deep down that she could not expel any.

Crying loudly, she put on her top and tried to pull it as low as it could get. Thankfully, her skirt was tight enough to hold her top in place until she went home to have a two hour shower in an attempt to clean herself. Sobbing to sleep, she had no idea what to do, and if it was ever to be reported.

I could be the only person who knew about this since she could submit her recount anonymously. What should I do to help her?

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Stapleman, I strongly advise your friend to make a report. While I know it’s not easy to talk about something like that,by keeping silent she would be exposing other possible victims.

By keeping silent, she’s giving her tormentors a sense of power and invulnerability and that is wrong. I strongly,strongly encourage her to make a report.

Please. Do make a report ASAP.. I had a friend who had a similar case and went unreported early..Till now she is still marred by the incident and it’s tough on her and on me as a friend as well.. When she decided to make a report, it’s too late because the time frame is too long and the defendant can argue that it’s a fabrication due to misunderstandings.. If it’s recent, please do report it even if it’s the wee hours like now. Singapore ‘ womens charter is strong.

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