#11 Weekly ‘Release’

Every week (or so), I will strive to present one of the best/ most interesting/ latest JAV clips to aid the healthy, preferably-weekly release  of one’s sexual tension. After years of ‘research’, as raw and uncensored as we prefer porn to be, the most captivating ones might just be covered in the occasional mosaics. 

Science, would be the most distant topic from pornography, especially in the Japanese ones as they even, occasionally, defy physics. However, in this weird ‘chemistry experiment’, you will see some effort to make this clip quite believable. The couple began with a proper, ‘control’ round of sex before they applied some yam-puree-mixed-with-lube/ glycerine solution to her genitals. As a disclaimer, yam is known to cause mild itching on contact with skin. So while it may be slightly stimulating, it’s a whole new problem if the itching gets too intense or lasts too long for comfort.

The rest of the clip is just normal sex and/ or masturbation, with the said-solution. Responses seem to be quite authentic, although we’ll never know for sure.

Rating: Quite interesting, and even funny to watch. Especially the first ~4 minutes.

A typical, husband’s colleague-stay-over story, but made slightly interesting as the ‘wife’ (play by Sora Shiina), appears to be reluctant, not unwilling, to give in to the guest. After that, the rests are typical cheating-under-same-household scenes. The only thing to note is the gorgeous appearance of the female lead.

Rating: Can skip if she is not your type.

*You might just see some familiar (a.k.a. old) covers, because they are THAT good.

#10 Weekly ‘Release’

Every week (or so), I will strive to present one of the best/ most interesting/ latest JAV clips to aid the healthy, preferably-weekly release  of one’s sexual tension. After years of ‘research’, as raw and uncensored as we prefer porn to be, the most captivating ones might just be covered in the occasional mosaics. 

Another impressive work by S1 NO.1 STYLE. Despite being in ‘yet another’ one-on-one, single-location setting, Sakura Ena has seemed to found a void to fill with her innocent, somewhat-blur/ confused look during production. In very subtle body cues, you can tell that her personality, wasn’t those ‘fierce’, ‘wild’ type that the male lead has displayed. The way she tries to catch up (being always one-step-behind), was what made this video worth sitting through. Not exactly a professional, but her undying efforts to gain ‘acknowledgement’ might make her a little more lovable.

Rating: If you like last week’s recommendation and have nothing to watch.

Shock, was what I felt when I saw the extent of how ‘rape’ was portrayed in that (luckily) controlled environment. AV, especially made in J, can get a little absurd, or make one question their morality. But when I first saw Aino Kishi react so naturally in the sexual assault scene, I almost turned my head away. Realistic, authentic, genuine, those are all the words I will list to spark any interests anyone has in such genre. kthxbai.

Rating: Must watch at least once. May or may not like.

*You might just see some familiar (a.k.a. old) covers, because they are THAT good.

Curious Condoms

First, it was Durex Featherlite that has earned its place on my blog, excelling in thinness, availability and reliability.

Then, came Okamoto Crown, outdoing Durex with its price, cutting the cost of responsible sex almost in half, and only took a few more minutes for me to locate a Guardian or Unity that carry it. Although they were slightly less accessible, the savings surely made up for it.

Finally, out of necessity or improvement in Q.O.L. (quality of life), I tried Okamoto 0.02 Hydro-Polyurethane, a latex-free alternative to doing it without. Starting at S$15.50 (on sale, or from Mustafa) to S$19.90 (retail price), it was definitely the first box you turned away from. And on top of its price, there’s ONLY 8 in one box! Such value!

Before more people jump to conclusion, let me share the only benefit (that’s possibly life-changing) I learnt firsthand from using over 5 boxes of this product. This breakdown is so short you don’t even have to bear with me.

Because it is not made from latex, it transmits heat better.

Just like how my lowly-educated ass has it figured out, latex is a derivative of rubber, and besides stretching itself long enough to deliver a painful snap, it is also a poor conductor of heat. So, ‘polyurethane’, made from plastic, would do a better job at sharing your body heat, like if you did it without protection. That heat exchange during sex? Is actually quite important and might improve how you two ‘connect’.

If you have S$20 to spare, or in dire need to surprise her without actually surprising her, give this condom a try! Too bad for you if she ended up liking this more than the latex ones, just don’t tell her how much 8 of them costs.

#9 Weekly ‘Release’

Every week (or so), I will strive to present one of the best/ most interesting/ latest JAV clips to aid the healthy, preferably-weekly release  of one’s sexual tension. After years of ‘research’, as raw and uncensored as we prefer porn to be, the most captivating ones might just be covered in the occasional mosaics. 

It was this simple, one-on-one, single-location clip that actually opened my eyes to companies like S1 NO.1 STYLE that try to replicate the sheer wildness of love-making in professional settings. The female lead, Tsurata Kana, was able to perfectly express the light-headedness one would feel in the presence of someone she lust dearly for, as well as the uncontrollable-desire for more during sex, before collapsing in bed with a blissful smile.

Rating: Must Watch!

Imai Paora, has a personality that I wouldn’t give anything less than my full attention to. From how she answered questions, to getting naked and following their instructions, she was in smiles and seem to be enjoying herself. A bit of shyness, slight hesitations while progressing with the clip, she was easy to fall in love with.

Rating: You can be jerking, and be mesmerised by her at the same time.

*You might just see some familiar (a.k.a. old) covers, because they are THAT good.

The (Passing) Age of Silicone Pussy

Tenga Egg (top view)

Just a few years ago, it would be the fantasy of the younger-us to own a silicone toy, priced relative to the ‘touch’, ‘feel’ and ‘look’ of it. Those three benchmarks, were almost as crucial as ‘build-quality’, ‘exterior design’ and ‘extra gimmicks’, in the replication of the female reproductive organ. And let’s not forget that the pricier of them were even capable of pumping, twisting and heating itself up for you!

But as knowledgeable as I would like to sound, the interiors of such toys didn’t make much sense to me, since they (kind of) felt the same once I was in it. And after a few short minutes, all that was left was clean-up.

Contrary to the advertised ‘high build quality’, ‘ground-up redesign’, ‘101 customisation options’, I was more concerned about its price, size, ease-of-cleaning, and of course, the as-advertised quality. Thankfully, the Tenga Flip 2G, H.E.P.S (manual, blowjob toy), and an unbranded, Made-in-PRC, airplane cup held up well over the years since I last bought another toy to try ;).

Now that the era of Tinder, SKOUT and other hookup apps have arrived, what we are facing now is, as I would like to call it, an ‘invasion’.

Basic, sexual urges are now everybody’s problem, as they are advertised, marketed, and even forced into your DMs like you have ever mentioned the word, ‘sex’, online. If, for just a minute, you could take a look at the man-looking-for-woman section (on Locanto or Craigslist), I bet that you’ll start wondering if anyone would even enter such a page.

In a way, we, men, have chased them off to the far corners, void of any respect, trust, morality, and most likely, humanity. It has seemed that a vast number of men, have made women their sole solution to sexual urges we have evolved to suppress, or express in other forms.

Let’s be pragmatic here. Sex-for-reproduction is in less demand than sex-for-pleasure. So I am assuming the need to ejaculate as a timer-based need.

It is surely sad that many of us have neglected the existence of good, well-designed toys in place of affecting others adversely with personal (first world) problems. Save up that money for a one-time, ‘special’ massage and invest in a Tenga Flip, that you will use with all the porn you have ever downloaded. There is just NO bad reason to own one.

As distant as the silicone pussy age is, they are always on sale. Rekindle your passion to take a close look at them again, at the advertisements, video demo, quality, designs, and get one you feel most confident of.

You will never be rejected, or have to say-the-right-things (for sex) again. When you are in the mood, WHAM! BAAM! PUTTT! Heck! The clean up can wait.

Bring the silicone pussy age back again. Change our invasive ways, give everyone a little more space, and earn some good will along the way.

One day, you will have no more use for that inanimate, lifeless object again, or.. will you need it even more so after marriage? Either way, ‘she’ will always be there for you, to be used alone, or when your S.O. (significant other) asked to show her how you kept your head clear all these years.

No longer up-to-date: R21

As of 22nd Feb 2018, a new format will be adopted in regards to JAV recommendations. From next Monday (26th Feb), you will be able to read a short review of the videos I recommend. I hope that that will be able to streamline your process of finding good, fap-worthy clips.

In this always-up-to-date guide, you will find adult videos that have earned their place in my hard drive. Not only do most of them have excellent casts, interesting AND intriguing story lines make them somewhat more engaging.

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6th Feb 2016

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He is humourous, she is mean. He goes straight to the point, she maybe-s. He is the hermit, she’s the chariot. As they stood before each other, he had his hand on her neck, thumb brushing across her cheek as she tilted her head sideways. It wasn’t the touch that was on their minds. It was the challenge.

Their eyes locked in gaze, occasionally darting to the left and right of the person before. Their lips slightly apart, breathing out intentions and thoughts that none of them could ever guess. The mutual feeling they had for each other, had matched their personalities. The opposites and similarities, their differences in methodology, their conflicting attitudes, their same hectic schedules.

Lovers had always knew what bonded them wasn’t anything materialistic, neither were beliefs or tastes for worldly desires. These two knew exactly what would join them as one. Perhaps it might work, perhaps it wouldn’t. In the emptiness of the corridor, she was leaning on the wall relaxed, he was standing firmly on the ground. Something in them was growing eager, shown through the depth of their breaths, and coldness of his touch despite the long contact.

In her mind, she was trying to sense his faithfulness, for she knew she can be that wilful. And in his heart, he was decoding her vision for them, for he knew, he is easily malleable.

The watch hanging on the sling of his bag ticked louder, and she had not removed her hand from his which had held onto her for better insight, cause she was looking as deep as he was into her. Maybe for once, this standstill in time had allowed her to feel on her own accord, instead of the mere hardwork and dedication the other side had done to earn her feelings. He knew it would take two to make this work, and he tries hard to convince her she can.

Their lips came dangerously close without realisation, but it was an inch short of complete trust. How could one moment make up for what needed to be built over time?, she thought to herself. In reply to her hesitation, he answered with the same silence, What if this one moment is what you have missed out for the relationships you built over time?

She heard him, and he saw in her eyes what she understood. Words might describe what will happen, but can never tell what anyone of us is going to do. Sex might strengthen love, but only if love is stronger than the act of love. How many of us had felt security never before during sex, but the feeling disappears as soon as the deed is done? Only to be desiring for it again to have that sense of belonging again?

Whatever she had done, it never went past that point, she felt the same promise again, but they never lasted. All he had done, was to show that no matter if he made love to his partners, he will never love himself as much. This short minutes they spent in each other’s mind, showed her what he could provide. A freedom limited by her principles and guilt. As long as she feels fine doing what she loves, he feels fine. And for him, a willing freedom limited by what she hopes he would get right. Not by warnings or hints, but by logic and discipline.

Yes, she knew him by what he does and experienced. Yes, he knew her by the character moulded by the people and events around her. His feelings for other skimmed just above the surface no matter how deep the world expects everyone to be affected. Her feelings run deep no matter how insignificant most people would consider the situations to be.

They are strong in the presence of strengths, and it is not ‘you can make up for my weakness and I can make up for yours’ that she is looking for. It’s ‘you’ll take care of me at my weakest moment and I will take care of you.’ She is adventurous enough to take on anything that meant danger, and thus him. Cause he will be the one danger, she will never fall beyond.

His compassion, seen as a weakness to her, is the strongest cushion he can provide. And when he deflates, the strong chariot is the one to lead him into the sun to puff him up again, to let him bounce off the cliff only to catch him at the base.

The very vicious cycle that all lovers wishes to eliminate, the irregularities, the kinks and bumps in each others’ character, will be the one thing that will hold this two tightly together.

Now, with their lips a breath away, will they join as one? One that will precede the most unimaginable love, sex, social, emotional lives they can never think of having.