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In this always-up-to-date guide, you will find adult videos that have earned their place in my hard drive. Not only do most of them have excellent casts, interesting AND intriguing story lines make them somewhat more engaging.

6th Nov 2017

6th Feb 2016

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PSA: One to Ruin it All

‘PSA’ stands for Public Service Announcement, and I am highlighting a ploy at that gravitude. Also, a little update about the PLUS section (skip to the end for this).

We have seen many people, especially girls, marketing their ‘photo sets’ for sale, and damn the screenshots/ samples are tempting. Besides the occasionally-exorbitant prices (though relative to one’s level of income), one thing that we all try to make do with is authenticity. Sure, there is no way we can confirm what we are buying, really belong to the individuals. On top of that, the internet is simply too huge for even Google’s reverse image search to cover.

Before we touch on the prevention methods, let’s summarise the few situations we might have found ourselves in after we made the purchase.

1. The files never arrived.
2. Photos are clearly ripped from the internet.
3. Body, faces, seem to belong to more than one person.
4. Quality so low boobs become brown coloured buns.

That is exactly how photo ‘leaks’ happen, widely spreading the photos/ videos they were scammed to buy. Distrust leads to fewer transactions, demands for proof before purchase increases, sideline-ing the few genuine, honest sellers.

Here comes the better part – prevention.

1. If the sample photo/s seem too good to be true (e.g. perfect figure, overly-daring poses, faces included), they are probably taken from Reddit. Go ahead, amaze yourself.

2. If the description says something like, ‘if you don’t trust me, don’t buy it’, do as it says. Genuine, sincere sellers take the time to walk you through your uncertainties, overcome your fears, earn your trust. As much as they want your money, they want happy, return customers.

3. Second best defense, buy through a trusted source. If you enjoy photos and videos purchased from a user you highly suspect isn’t the original source, that is good enough to keep buying.

4. Don’t buy such photos/ photo sets/ videos/ sexting services at all.

5. Only from trusted source like me! More details below ;)

If you look to your left (on a desktop browser), or the drop-down menu (on mobile browser), you will see this PLUS banner that is so intriguing yet irriting, since it is not open to anyone. However! Everything is about to change since Maeve is about to join in on this, with my participation. *wink wink* That said, let me put a disclaimer upfront.

I knew her outside this erotica realm, and her interest in participating has been long-established but proved difficult to integrate safely. We have been physically close for some time now, and have decided to come into this as partners.

You guys will soon see an image of us (or just her) marketing a way to communicate with us. It will most likely be on Kik, with the option to talk to either her, or both of us. So yay! Stay tuned!


He is humourous, she is mean. He goes straight to the point, she maybe-s. He is the hermit, she’s the chariot. As they stood before each other, he had his hand on her neck, thumb brushing across her cheek as she tilted her head sideways. It wasn’t the touch that was on their minds. It was the challenge.

Their eyes locked in gaze, occasionally darting to the left and right of the person before. Their lips slightly apart, breathing out intentions and thoughts that none of them could ever guess. The mutual feeling they had for each other, had matched their personalities. The opposites and similarities, their differences in methodology, their conflicting attitudes, their same hectic schedules.

Lovers had always knew what bonded them wasn’t anything materialistic, neither were beliefs or tastes for worldly desires. These two knew exactly what would join them as one. Perhaps it might work, perhaps it wouldn’t. In the emptiness of the corridor, she was leaning on the wall relaxed, he was standing firmly on the ground. Something in them was growing eager, shown through the depth of their breaths, and coldness of his touch despite the long contact.

In her mind, she was trying to sense his faithfulness, for she knew she can be that wilful. And in his heart, he was decoding her vision for them, for he knew, he is easily malleable.

The watch hanging on the sling of his bag ticked louder, and she had not removed her hand from his which had held onto her for better insight, cause she was looking as deep as he was into her. Maybe for once, this standstill in time had allowed her to feel on her own accord, instead of the mere hardwork and dedication the other side had done to earn her feelings. He knew it would take two to make this work, and he tries hard to convince her she can.

Their lips came dangerously close without realisation, but it was an inch short of complete trust. How could one moment make up for what needed to be built over time?, she thought to herself. In reply to her hesitation, he answered with the same silence, What if this one moment is what you have missed out for the relationships you built over time?

She heard him, and he saw in her eyes what she understood. Words might describe what will happen, but can never tell what anyone of us is going to do. Sex might strengthen love, but only if love is stronger than the act of love. How many of us had felt security never before during sex, but the feeling disappears as soon as the deed is done? Only to be desiring for it again to have that sense of belonging again?

Whatever she had done, it never went past that point, she felt the same promise again, but they never lasted. All he had done, was to show that no matter if he made love to his partners, he will never love himself as much. This short minutes they spent in each other’s mind, showed her what he could provide. A freedom limited by her principles and guilt. As long as she feels fine doing what she loves, he feels fine. And for him, a willing freedom limited by what she hopes he would get right. Not by warnings or hints, but by logic and discipline.

Yes, she knew him by what he does and experienced. Yes, he knew her by the character moulded by the people and events around her. His feelings for other skimmed just above the surface no matter how deep the world expects everyone to be affected. Her feelings run deep no matter how insignificant most people would consider the situations to be.

They are strong in the presence of strengths, and it is not ‘you can make up for my weakness and I can make up for yours’ that she is looking for. It’s ‘you’ll take care of me at my weakest moment and I will take care of you.’ She is adventurous enough to take on anything that meant danger, and thus him. Cause he will be the one danger, she will never fall beyond.

His compassion, seen as a weakness to her, is the strongest cushion he can provide. And when he deflates, the strong chariot is the one to lead him into the sun to puff him up again, to let him bounce off the cliff only to catch him at the base.

The very vicious cycle that all lovers wishes to eliminate, the irregularities, the kinks and bumps in each others’ character, will be the one thing that will hold this two tightly together.

Now, with their lips a breath away, will they join as one? One that will precede the most unimaginable love, sex, social, emotional lives they can never think of having.

How (not) to get a Fwb or NSA

For a start, this entry is more for the guys than the girls. Cause there seems to be no limits to what guys will do to get a girl, for any reasons at all. As much as some of you might get offended, I hope you can read between the lines.

What do you guys think of the ladies who are looking for fwb? Are they horny beyond a single man’s capacity to please them? Or filling a void in their emotional state only a dick would fit? If you are a lady reading this, you will know it’s none of the above. Nowhere close at all.

1. Any woman can satisfy themselves without a man’s help. They have their fingers, household tools or toys. Most importantly, they have their minds. Women are a species we (men) can never fully grasp (not even Jhae), because they can get themselves off with just thoughts. Yes, their minds are that powerful.

2. Nothing physical can ever fill their emotional or spiritual needs. It can go two ways, either ‘no dick is big enough’, or ‘the smallest one will touch the deepest spot’. Men are physical creatures (women a smaller extent), ruled by instincts for survival and meeting demands of ‘needs’. Perhaps we will never be as good as how a women can decipher their own emotions. Look how hard we are trying.

Ladies seek men for a few things much further than ‘making babies’ in our current society. Stability, a strong figure to guide them and provide a pillar that is deep enough for them to go further at what they were doing – that’s a ‘lifelong partner’ for you.

Second, it is to relieve a sexual urge. And it works only two ways. Either it’s a cold, lifeless toy they have full control over, or a warm animated body that has full control over themselves. Here is the jizz. Do you guys have full control over yourselves? Perhaps the moment you posted ‘looking for fwb’ was what caused you to be kicked out of the list.

While women are looking to satisfy their emotional needs so they can function better, we men are looking to satisfy our physical needs so we can function normally. See what picture we are painting for the ladies?

Lastly, if you know a lady is looking for lifelong partner, please have some respect and clarify your intents. It might even gain you some respect and hopefully a chance at it. Whatever you are tempted to do to an honest lady looking for a lifelong parter, be it leverage or false hope, it’s going to cause more hurt to your own karma.

3. How to get a fwb?

One, be independent. Don’t act like you have an opening for someone to make your life better. Be more like ‘Your life is already at its best, and you’re looking for someone to share it with’. Makes sense?

Two. Instead of trying to get what you ask for, or pretending to be someone the ladies need, how about making friends for a start? Don’t overlook what FWB means. Seriously, does anyone of us get what we want in life? I have to work hard for it. Investing time, effort, patience.

You know ladies are more emotional. They seek understanding or comprehension more than anything. If you can’t provide a shoulder to lean on, then they won’t need your dick to work out on.

4. Why you will never get a FWB? (Seriously, if you are offended, then keep doing what you do.)

This is the most important part. You can actually work backwards from here to find the solution. Can I use CAPS for this part? IF A LADY WANTS A DICK, WOULD THEY HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE WHO IS LOOKING TO LOAN THEIRS? There you have it. If they are looking to get laid, they don’t have to look far. There are always bigger, thicker, longer nearby.

They can write ‘More than 8 inches’ and most of us will be out of the picture. I know I don’t have 100% of what it takes to be a lady’s FWB, so I work on what I am good at. We are all capable of making friends, spending time on dinners, long walks, heart-to-heart chats.

If they can share their darkest secrets from their sexual side casually with you, AND with an open mind (or even looking) for a FWB, you might stand a chance. What they have shared with you, are things that they can’t tell to normal friends. Even ‘best friends’ might not reach that boundary. I don’t really know how to put this, you will know it when you have gone beyond friends with her. Note: This is not to be confused with ‘love’, cause there ARE secrets not meant for their lifelong partners.

This is what I learnt throughout my failed relationships. If you can provide all the emotional and spiritual support a woman needs, she will provide all you need to stay beside her. For marriages, for the FWBs. One look, and ladies can tell if you are serious or just up for FWBs, from then on, you are judged. Score well from the start.

One wrong move, and the ladies’ just-to-be safe mechanism kicks in, and you’re out. No second chances. Get it right the first time. While everybody is raising hands at any ladies looking for a FWB, are you game enough to keep your hands down to stand out from the rest?

This entry is inspired by Ena, writer of Promiscuous Secret (now in dysfunct).

Review – M Hotel

You and your girl managed to squeeze two days out of your busy calendar to spend quality time together. What now?

There’s no better place/ activity than to go on a staycation to get those raging hormones of you two, satiated. Sure, you might say that your house is available, but what about her spiritual needs? That healing, connecting, letting-loose, carefree, unrestrained factor? This is the moment for you to finally unwind, perhaps a chance to not do anything. Yeaaaaas, I knowwwww, hotels in Singapore are expensive, and you don’t want your woman to feel lesser by bringing her to those kind of hotels for a staycation.

But hey, why not push things a little further? I have assumed a reasonable budget of S$200 for one night of all-out, crazy sex, PLUS buffet breakfast. Will you consider that? Now, this, will be my honest, unbiased review of M Hotel, followed by PROs and CONs at the end of this entry.

Located in the CBD, there is only one time (or two days) that I will recommend – the weekends. Why Saturday and Sunday?! Or Sunday and Monday?! Because all sorts of traffic, human, cars, and even businesses are mostly absent or closed, on those days. But will there be food if we are hungry? Of course there is! Assuming that you are not going to fork a single cent more at the hotel, there’s a 7-Eleven and a 24-hr McDonald’s within three minutes’ walk. Such convenience if you have forgotten to bring protection right?

For one, I got my room at S$200+, breakfast included. That said, the breakfast spread isn’t all that impressive, but it has comfort items like sausages, eggs, juices, salad bar, ham, bread, buns, soup. I would say that it’s more homely than hearty. The experience in the restaurant was priceless though. Surrounded by tourist-businessman-look-alike guests, I did feel a little touristy. It was pure entertainment to watch hunger claim souls.

Okay, enough of nonsense. Let me break that one reason for you guys to choose this place. This is one of the two hotels I have found on Expedia that has bathtub in their lowest grade rooms. Any room – will have one. Doesn’t that just brings your mind to bath bombs? Yeah! ;)


PROs: Bathtub in every room. Walls, doors, so thick I couldn’t hear anyone else on my level. Smoking and non-smoking rooms available. Spacious, like really. I don’t have a wide angle shot but it is big. Easy to get into the ‘vacation’ mood thanks to their interior design, professionalism. Free 24-hr access to gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi.

CONs: Not-so-nice view outside my window. TV has no AirPlay or AndroidCast feature, neither are the HDMI/ USB/ AV ports accessible. In my case, the aircon remote wasn’t working. But a call to the front desk fixed it. Complimentary breakfast is so-so but filling. Don’t expect much out of the lunch buffet if you are planning to go for it (not included in stay).

Will I stay again? Yes.

Guide: Extra Protection 2

Introducing VeraCrypt. Like OTFE (which I have recommended in my previous guide), this software similarly creates a volume-style container to host all your naughty, sensitive stuff on. If you have been using a standard password for all your accounts ever, perhaps it’s time to come up with a new one to follow the times.


Above is the so-called ‘Home’ screen you will always see when you want to unlock your Chamber of Secrets. Also, this will be the window you will see when you want to create a ‘Volume’. See that ‘Create Volume’ button? Upon clicking on that, you will be given three options.

  1. Create a file container
  2. Encrypt an external storage device (you can also make an invisible volume inside)
  3. Encrypt an existing partition or the whole hard drive

For simplicity and technical reasons, I haven’t tried any other options apart from the first one due to safety’s/ lack of confidence to undo/ scaredy-cat issues.

Moving on (From the first option), you will see this window;


Read it carefully and you will realise how expansive is this security tool. Choose either one, and the volume-creating-wizard will walk you through all the way.

The end product of your designated, digital hideout should look like this;


An unreadable file. Yes. Unreadable until you locate that file using the VeraCrypt software.

Going back to the first image, you will pick a drive (letter) that you like, ‘Select File…’ that you just created, and ‘Mount’! Voila! Of course you have to punch in your password. Word is, they say, if you forget your password.. The only way to recover your files is to try to “crack” the password or the key, but it could take thousands or millions of years (depending on the length and quality of the password or keyfiles, on the software/hardware performance, algorithms, and other factors). according to their FAQ.

This little guide is just a method of securing digital files that I think may benefit some of you, shady or not, it’s always good to use some form of protection eh?