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Many a time, we find ourselves in a limbo with our emotions. Having lost a loved one, burdened with sadness, anger, jealousy, or simply overwhelmed with frustration that we couldn’t share with the person we should be talking to.

Some of us have gotten used to holding those thoughts within ourselves, be it our minds, or hearts. It is those very things we want to share that will help us feel better, yet it will most likely strain the ‘perfect’ relationship we are trying to have.

Perhaps we have shared all our secrets, perhaps we have promised to hash everything out, perhaps, we even promised each other that we will not be separated no matter what.

Still, deep in our hearts, we know the risks, we know what might happen, we fear the worst, if everything was truly laid on the table.

So here is a number I have provided. *A one-way communication channel, that will be read, that will be understood, which you will never hear a response from (currently on WhatsApp, Telegram, signal, SMS)*.

Because all we needed (sometimes), is a person who will read, but not have anything to say.

As a personal guarantee, out of duty and respect for the empathy of us, any texts, information, photos, videos, voice notes, received via that number, will not leave the dedicated, single-purpose phone.

Save that number, put his/ her name, assign a photo, and text away. If you’re worried about security, use disappearing messages, delete your messages as soon as you send them, that number is there for you, and you only.

Disclaimer: Any spam or advertising messages will be deleted and its number(s) blocked. This is not the official channel to reach me if you require a response, for that, please visit the Contact page.

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