Public Grounds

Without turning her head towards me, Maeve stuck an arm out and tucked it under my shirt, to no one’s eyes at a brightly-lit void deck as it was the wee hours. Keeping her head up for passerbys, she pulled the elastic waistband of my shorts down and exposed my manhood, made ‘accessible’ by my preference to leverage on the built-in netting instead of wearing an underwear.

She then seamlessly wrapped her fingers around my cock and held it for a while, before stroking it rhythmically. Occasionally, she would take a peek at it, then hold her gaze at me as she bent her thumb knuckle over my pee hole, to wriggle her fingernail into it.

Knowing full well that it would drive me crazy, I could only take quick glances at her, while I tried to keep a ‘good’ lookout for us. It was almost a routine, for her to repeat that mind-blowing tease at my sensitive tip until pre-cum was oozing.

‘Oops’, she whispered before bending her back down quickly, for my cock to take it as deep as she could before sucking up the nectar. Then, it was a handjob again, fingernail-tease again, to get me irresistibly hard.

Once I could no longer get any bigger, or thicker, or redder, she stood up from her seat and shifted herself between my legs. The black skirt she wore that night, was of the least hindrance as her black, low-cut top proved long enough to still cover her bum.

With her feet, and knees together, she gave her fingers a little lick before bringing that hand down, to somewhere I couldn’t exactly tell. The next thing I felt, was her hand around my shaft, holding me upright as her plump, juiced-up pussy split around my girth.

In two, or three ‘hops’, she had successfully taken me balls-deep into her hot, sloppy-wet vagina. Gyrating her hips on my lap, my dick was getting spun in every direction, and spat out occasionally for another deep, enpowering jab to remind us of our craziness.

After ‘torturing’ me for a short period, she crossed her arms, placed it on the table so narrowly close to us, and started bouncing. The amount of pleasure she felt, was only limited to how fast she could freely move, between the table and us.

It wasn’t long, before her reducing speed told me of her tiredness, thus my turn, to put in some effort. Picking myself up onto my feet, I repositioned us slightly to the left, away from any seats, but mainly so I could straightened my back for maximum velocity.

Aware that we might be more prominent at this height, I wasted no time in swinging my hips back and forth, ramming my cock into her pussy like the man she had awakened. Helpless against my violent, forceful, and admittedly-uncaring thrusts, Maeve suppressed her uncontrollable-moans by screaming into her bent-elbows, whilst being jerked non-stop on the glossy table.

As she began taking deep, rapid breaths, I sensed more ‘difficulty’ pushing through her ‘gate’, especially on the inside where I was being coaxed at every level into the ever-natural desire of inseminating a willing female. The momentary lack of words between us, intentional or not, seemed so liberating, unrestrictive, and uninhibitive, like I was allowed to do the right thing, or.. really just anything, I wanted.

Shortly after she launched into a tremble, I was faced with the familiar, yet always-confusing, situation. I would, if I could, fill her up with my cum at every chance I had, but ‘it wasn’t time’. Despite that, I knew I was still allowed, and probably very welcome, to pump her full of nutrients.

‘Maeve’, a single word exited my lips as I gracefully pulled my cock out of her, slumped back down onto the seat in confidence of my expected-but-unpreferred choice (of not cumming inside her), and helped her back onto her chair. Likewise, she didn’t waste a second to contemplate or be disappointed, and replaced her mouth over my cock.

As soon as she grabbed hold of the bottom of my shaft, I knew I could ‘bounce’ her head as fast, and possibly as hard, as I needed. Needless to say, it was an ab-aching explosion, followed by multiple small ones she (un)helpfully sucked to get everything out.

In time, I was emptied, and she was filled. But none of us could have expected, that doing ‘it’ in public, somehow kept my mind fantasising about how else I, or we, would do it. For safety, we switched locations to a stairwell, where I could plough her to another glorious serving down her throat.

Just as we were catching our breaths after a tidy-up, a WhatsApp message showed up on my phone, ‘Hey. Do you guys need a ride anywhere?’ It came from a special, private chauffeur, whom we paid in his ‘currency’ of ‘sexual favours’, once for sending us to my place.

The only question I had for Maeve, was ‘how?’, and to that, she responded appropriately by bringing my hand to her pussy. ‘Ok. 570***’, I replied his text and he arrived shortly after at that stated block. Like before, Maeve climbed into the front passenger seat and massaged her sore pussy for the entire trip, to the only carpark at Lower Pierce Reservoir.

This time however, unlike before, Maeve took charge and laid the chauffeur down in the backseat, with his legs out of an opened door. As for me, I was hustled out of the vehicle, and made to stand at where his legs were dangling.

How else, if not wetter, would Maeve be after aligning the studs, just so she could lower her overflowing slit down the chauffeur’s cock, in reverse-cowgirl. My part, literally, would be in her mouth for the varying durations she could manage, to suck while riding a stranger’s dick for all his worth.

To end the night off, Maeve kept her hand on the chauffeur’s expended, semi-hard erection for the journey home while I rubbed her clit, with the arm I stuck between the front seats.

There was nothing I had to worry about, since there was nothing, if not ‘fear’, the chauffeur was left with as he sent Maeve home next.

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