‘Daddy? Shall we take the stairs?’

As soon as she said that, my heart began thumping wildly, not to the fear of exercise, but.. the fear of exercise. Before I could answer her, she grabbed my wrist and pulled me up the stairs, stopping only when we had cleared two floors.

Once we reached the space, between two flights of stair on the third level, Mabel swiftly chucked her bag down and proceeded to strip her panties out from underneath her JC skirt, doing a ‘wriggle’ as I watched the Gudetama panties disappear into one of her pockets.

(Mabel whispered) ‘hurry up! tsk!’

Still wrestling my moral dilemma, she took things into her own hands and undid my pants, going just far enough to whip my cock out, and stuffed her face full of it. The shock, and slight-unwillingness I faced, quickly gave way to the pleasure delivered by her soft lips, sliding up and down my shaft. Both of us knew, how ‘wrong’ this was, but none of us was apparently strong enough to resist, how good we would make each other feel next.

Leaning against a wall for balance, my mind was blown to bits in no time, mainly smothered by her attentive, and well-trained mouth and hand stroking me so ever carefully as she sucked me high. She knew, and more likely better than me, that the foreplay, though short, in terms of ‘duration’, was more than sufficient for me to achieve my maximum size she would ever get out of me.

(She whispered) ‘daddy?’

‘Yeah. I’ve got this.. you little slut.. ‘

The delighted grin she was about to show disappeared as soon as I grabbed a bunch of her hair, to pull on until she got on her feet. In disregard of her emotions, I spun her around and shoved her towards the railing, where her belly took most of the impact. Squeezing the back of her neck with one hand, I used the other to flip her skirt up, far enough to reveal that smooth, fair bum of hers.

A quick check, with my middle finger, showed that she was ready, for immediate penetration in lieu of any more foreplay. Without warning, or giving her time to think, I pushed her waist firmly down on the railing as I guided my cock to her pussy.

(She panicked) ‘daddy! am i.. AHMMMM!’

Luckily, I managed to silence her moan with a slap across her face before she could sound her alarm, for everyone to know that I had mercilessly rammed my cock into her shockingly-wet pussy. From there on, it was just her muffled moans that filled the stairwell as I hammered the life out of her, sliding my cock in and out of her vagina that kept ‘pushing’ me out.

Maintaining my rhythm, I made sure to pull out extra ‘fast’, and enter her extra slow. The extended, unneeded delay tortured her so badly that it caused a never-before, unseen sexual response from her body. Juices, began to flow in abundance out of her pussy, dribbling down my balls and onto the ground, while she could still achieve climax, from my experience in her tightening pussy.

(She moaned) ‘daddy.. i’m.. faint.. ting.. ‘

Upon hearing that, I slipped an arm under, and across her chest to hold her up as I picked up my pace, forcing my rock solid cock as deep and as gracefully as I could into her collapsing vagina. Two minutes of fucking in that tempo later, her body finally started to tremble, for an orgasm that shocked her awake.

Out of nowhere, she pushed me away and crumbled onto the ground behind her, going straight into a convulsion that I couldn’t help but worry about, despite her silly grin throughout the ordeal. In time, the fit went away, and I didn’t know what else to do except to hold her tightly in my arms.

(She whispered) ‘daddy? that was the best orgasm I ever had.. shhh.. ‘

That said, she got up and we straightened our clothes, making our way back home where mummy has cooked a sumptous dinner. After food, Mabel excused herself into her room and left the dishes to us, along with all the freedom mummy need to get into my pants.

Beginning with a blowjob in the open kitchen to reward me for doing the dishes, we moved into the shower for me to bathe us two while I remained balls-deep inside her in doggystyle. Once we were cleaned, we cuddled on the couch in the living room for more oral-royal treatment, before she straddled on my cock for some passionate-kiss-fuck.

To end the night with a bang, we played one of our sex videos on the big screen and fucked in front of our tele-sex, until I pumped her full of my cum. That night, she fell asleep to my massage on her creamy pussy, before I went unconscious due to exhaustion.

Since it wasn’t the first time it happened, I wasn’t too surprised when I was awakened by her sexy, tantalising kisses on my sleeping face.

(Mummy asked) ‘dear.. can i?’

‘Uh huh.’

Despite sounding less enthusiastic than I actually was, it was one of those nights that I didn’t mind going again. We resumed kissing and it didn’t take long before I felt a hand going around my cock, jerking it back to full life. Just as I was about to reach for her genital, a wet orifice, resembling a mouth, suddenly went over my re-erection, stopping me in my track.

In shock, I peered downward to see someone else, Mabel specifically, going down on me hungrily.

(Mummy whispered) ‘daddy.. watch.. ‘

Unable to take my eyes off the horrific sight, mummy slid a hand over our girl’s head and began pushing her down, deeper over my cock which emitted a wet, slurping noise. Mummy then climbed over my face in 69 and joined our daughter, in giving me a double-head experience that I didn’t know how to enjoy.

Soon, without sight, my body gradually succumbed to the unconventional blowjob, between two pairs of lips, taking turns to suck me at varying depth until I couldn’t hold in any more.

(I groaned) ‘DEAR! I.. ‘

‘Haaa.. ok. I know.’

She dismounted my face and replaced her head in front of me, to continue kissing me while another, unmistakable orifice took my senses away. While it was exhilarating to have incestuous sex in public areas, it was totally another, to have incestuous sex in the presence of my baby-maker.

Mabel’s tightness, was distinctly different from mummy’s, as she remained at her tightest throughout her whole ride. Being overwhelmed by pure disbelief and the unimaginable series of events, there was no way I would ‘try’ to delay the inevitable.

(I groaned) ‘MABEL! DADDY’S GONNA.. GONNA.. ‘

In sheer hopelessness, I peered straight into mummy’s eyes as she observed my desperation, for some kind of guidance from her.

(She whispered) ‘Pump it all.. ‘

Before she could complete that sentence, my hips jerked up and down so violently as I vacated my balls, right into our little girl who was still grinding mindlessly. Just as mummy turned her attention to Mabel, I caught her smiling, as silly as Mabel was when mummy helped her off.

(Mummy told Mabel) ‘Sleep in our bed tonight. Daddy will rub you to sleep.’

Obeying mummy’s instructions, I disheartenly rubbed Mabel to sleep, while mummy did the ‘same’ for me.

(Mummy whispered) ‘I love how you love us. Goodnight dear.’

The next day, the ladies went to get their morning-after pills, and brought home brochures for ‘male vasectomy’. With no plans for more children, I went ahead with the procedure and lived a ever-confusing life after that.

I feel that it is just wrong to take Viagra without the intention to procreate.

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