Blinded for Better

(Raymond whispered) ‘dear.. can I tie you up tonight?’

‘Haha! You know you start doing it and I will probably go with it right?’

‘Aiya.. I ask in case you not in the mood ma.’

With a cheeky grin that his wife could not see, he placed her on her belly and tied her wrists to the bed posts, excitement clearly audible by how quickly he shuffled towards her legs. Instead of spreading her legs out like the previous (and only) time they had bondage sex, Raymond bent her knees under her body this time to recreate a doggystyle position that only involved her lower-body.

(Ella asked) ‘Oh? That’s new!’

For as long as the married couple had known each other, even going as far back as their first date, she was, in a way, inclined to place all her trust in him, since she was born blind. Despite her shortcoming, they worked out well as a couple, tying the knot within a few ‘short’ years.

Their daily lives, especially in sexual terms, became a little wilder, after they moved into their own home. While Ella was contented with the normal, mundane kind of sex, Raymond has been the one trying out ‘new’ things that frequently surprised his lovely wife.

That night, it was just another night of living out one of his fetishes, made easier without the need for a blindfold over the hotwife in his ‘possession’.

(Raymond whispered seductively) ‘remember us talking about the threesome?’

‘uh huh.. please don’t tell me it’s happening tonight?!’

‘Why not?’

‘Umm.. I’m not.. prepared?’

‘Oh? You’re not?’

Without hesitation, he ran a hand down her bare back, over her bum, and between the ass crack where she was moist at just the right amount. As ‘unprepared’ as Ella was, she knew that there was no denying, about how ready she was to be filled up with his cock.

The unexpected change of plans, didn’t really change things as she would still be getting cock, but just not his immediately.

(Ella asked softly) ‘is he here? you will be around right?’

‘Don’t worry. He’s not here yet. And yes dear.. I’ll be holding your hand the whole time.’

(Ella asked) ‘Ok. Does he know what to do? Did you tell him what I like?’

‘Let’s find out. I’ll text him now.. while I’m inside you. Hehe.’

Immediately after finishing his sentence, he scurried to her feet and poked his cock straight into her pussy, that was brimming with juices. A few thrusts, was all he needed to get balls-deep into his wife, who was gasping in pleasure as there were no foreplay to ‘open’ her up.

As he began to slowly slide his cock in and out of her, he read the text that he was sending the participant.

(Raymond reading aloud) ‘Please don’t be alarmed to find me inside my wife, as you make your way, in caps, inside my house now.’

Almost instantly, they heard their front door opened, followed by some footsteps, and she then sensed the slight change in pressure of the master bedroom they were in. More ruffling of clothes were heard, before Ella felt a warm, yet malleable, stick of meat at her hand.

(Ella in trembling voice) ‘Hi.’

(Man replied) ‘Hi.’

Suddenly, her other hand received another rod of a similar texture, shortly followed by another ‘hi’.

(Ella in spiteful tone) ‘Hey dear! I thought only one! HUMPH!’

Despite her ‘reluctance’, she still closed her fists around those two cocks, and jerked them as best as she could while getting pounded by Raymond. A few minutes of the ‘foursome’ later, her sharp senses were confounded by the depressions on the mattress, hinting at a fifth person whom briefly showed up by stepping into the space between her opened arms.

(Ella asked) ‘Three?!’

Before she could hear another else, she had already parted her lips around the cock that had touched her chin, taking it at the same rhythm as she was being fucked in. Somehow, Ella was taking the crowd well, possibly better than Raymond who couldn’t believe how ‘coordinated’ she was.

After pumping his cock raw into her for a while more, he pulled out and let her ‘left hand’ take over, spending a few more seconds to cap himself.

(Man cried) ‘Shit.. she’s sooo.. tight! Ahhh.. ahhh.. ahhh.. ‘

Needless to say, Ella’s initial ‘shyness’ went away as his cock stretched her deep, although not as thick as Raymond. In a few tries, he found the angle that pleased him most, prodding right onto Ella’s G-spot that none of them (the couple) knew where.

Her moans grew dangerously loud in no time and the guy receiving the blowjob was getting harder at her sloppiness. The banging gradually became harder, forcing her mouth lower down the cock that she lost her perception of his size. Saliva, began dripping onto the sheets as the BJ-guy groaned in agony, backing up against the headboard at the same time.

(Man groaned) ‘CUMMING! CA.. MINGGHHHH!’

In an experated voice, he displayed a cringing look as his chest collapsed forward, giving her one last push down BJ-guy’s cock.

(BJ-guy apologetically grunted) ‘OH FUCK! SORRY SORRY! NGHH.. NGHH.. NGHH!’

Raymond couldn’t believe his eyes as thick, stringy cum waterfall-ed out of his wife’s mouth, still trembling as her lips shut and opened to the incoming loads. Once the two guys were done, Raymond jumped at the chance to realign things, by ushering them out of the way.

By then, Ella was in a disheveled state. A messy head of hair, cum-slathered cheeks, and twitching hips. How, could she have ever looked so sexy without the guys’ help?

(Man 3 asked) ‘Umm.. is she still.. good?’

(Ella panting) ‘Wait.. this is.. too.. ‘

(Raymond answered) ‘Yeah. Cap yourself and go for it.’

That said, he moved over to her face and guided her mouth to his cock, that was hard beyond description. Knowing that her dear hubby was right in front of her, she hastily devoured him and proceeded to suck the life out of him, long before another cock was inside her.

Once the third man began humping her, she let go of her discomfort and let her mouth went as deep as the man hammered, reaching down her throat that was gagging slightly. Move saliva began dribbling down Raymond’s cock as she neared climax, mainly caused by the impressive, oversized-dick that stretched her out so thinly to expose all her nerve-endings.

The three-way, mindless sex filled their bodies up with so much endorphins, adrenaline, and lust that the third man was only there to fuel their passion.

After ten or so minutes of intense, non-stop sex, her pussy could no longer take any more, locking-up in an ever-tight state that the third man would finish in.

(Man 3 calmly warned) ‘I’m going to shoot. Five seconds.’

Exactly on the dot, he came for another full minute before pulling the ballooned condom out of her, to which Raymond made his wife touch before thanking him for his ‘input’.

With the room empty save for them, Raymond untied her exhausted body, rolled her over (onto her back) and laid next to her to catch their breaths.

(Ella breathlessly) ‘That.. was unexpectedly.. ‘


Ella noticed the worried-undertone in his voice and did the only thing she could thing of, straddling her strangely, overly-wet pussy over his dying erection. It only took her a few bounce to get him up again, to the former hardness. Since she had ample amount of strength at her hips, she wasted none of it and rode him to the heavens, slamming her flooded pussy hard and fast until he squealed.

It would be another five minutes of her merciless, violent, cowgirl ride, to drain his sanity before he caved in, geyser-ing his load of hot, sticky cum right into the depth of her vagina.

Once the married couple had expended all of their strength, lust, and passion for each other, they promptly fell asleep whilst he was still inside.

As for the morning-sex, it couldn’t get any easier when his morning-wood woke her up before he knew it. It was only because of her situation, that he, or in this case, they, could get their urgent leave(s) approved. For the rest of the day, they invited the third guy back, for some assistance to keep Ella’s legs jelly and her pussy sore.

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