Chemical Romance

*Loud thud followed by soft moans*

At first, I thought my late-returning, party-sister had just knocked something over. But when I heard strange, awkward moans and breathless panting, I couldn’t help but imagine her in an emergency.

(I asked) ‘Vic? Are you ok?’

(In her hoarse voice) ‘Yes.. I’m fine.. go back to sleep.’

Unwanting to leave things to odds, I went up to the sofa she was speaking from and peered over the top, to find her frantically, masturbating herself under her black, tube dress with her eyes closed.

(I choked) ‘vic?’

(She whispered irritated) ‘oh fuck! Why do you have to come over?!’

‘Umm.. ok? I’ll just head back now.. ‘

(She called out) ‘wait wait! don’t go!’

By then, she had sat herself upright and made space for me to join her, though I was too embarrassed to look her in the eyes after seeing what she just did. Her panicky talk ‘having secrets’, didn’t last very long once she started shivering, to my very deep, concerns.

(I asked) ‘What’s wrong? Did you take something?’

(In a trembling voice) ‘yeyes.. I did.. ‘

(I worriedly asked) ‘Do you feel cold? Or thirsty? What do you need? I’ll go get it.’

Before I could stand up, she grabbed my hand and held me down, staring straight into my eyes in a suspicious manner. Out of nowhere, she suddenly pulled that hand towards her legs and stuck me inbetween, revealing the flood of a pussy that she had been trying to suppress.

(She moaned) ‘oh yes.. I need this.. please don’t stop.. the drugs I took.. it makes me.. oh fuck yes!’

At that point in time, I had shifted my fingers from her clit, into her pussy. With her hands freed, she wasted no time and pulled my face in for a kiss, like we were lovers, instead of siblings.

As I fingered her deeper and harder, she began to undo my boxers as well, being as easy as yanking down the waistband without any more obstacles to my cock. Jerking me while I finger-fucked her, she gradually shifted her body into a doggystyle position, to suddenly take me in her mouth without saying a word.

Of course, I was overwhelmed by our ‘progress’, but tried my best to maintain the tempo I was gouging her pussy at. Soon, she was wet beyond containment and we both knew what was about to happen.

Right before she could climb over my legs, I shoved her down onto the sofa and kept her on her back, as I struggled with the morality of my ‘assistance’.

(She moaned sensually) ‘kor.. don’t you want to put this inside me?’

Her hands, did not stop stroking me as she asked that question, answered by the evident erection that I couldn’t distract myself from. Little effort, was required of her to gently guide me to her fleshy mound, then swiftly invited into her home.

The silent scream of pleasure, was all I needed to start pumping, in missionary, deep and hard into her. No other sounds could be heard besides the creaking of leather rubbing against each other, unlike how our hips were doing the same quietly.

Within minutes, she had arrived at her first orgasm and it just launched us further into peril, of her tightened, unmanageable pussy.

(I asked while groaning) ‘Who.. gave you those pills?’

(She moaned) ‘A.. a random.. guy.. ‘

‘Did he fuck you?’

‘Yes.. no.. al.. almost.. but I didn’t let him.. ‘

‘So you just came straight home?’


Upon hearing that, part of me was relieved. But there was still the effects to bear. So with one final push, I flipped her over onto her chest and raised her ass up, shoving my cock between her tiny, firm butt into her pussy.

Unleashing the last bit of energy I had for the day, I pounded her as fast as I could until she climaxed again, this time expending all her strength to even ‘ease’ herself.

As for me, once I saw her body going limp, I pulled my cock out of her and got caught in her hand.

(She said breathlessly) ‘kor.. let me finish you off.. to thank you.. for your.. Haaalp.. ‘

I slumped into the couch and let her climb face-front over my legs, cock sliding easily into her pussy for her to ride one out. In the peaceful, tamed, graceful rocking of her hips, we both reached another climax where my load found its place deep in her vagina.

That night, we took a shower together, and slept in our own respective rooms. Everything seemed to be back to normal until the next evening, where she suddenly stormed into my room looking all dishevelled.

‘What’s wrong this time?’

‘Kor.. I was about to.. masturbate when I felt the same thing like last night.. ‘


‘I can’t think of anything but your cock.’

With that, she stripped her nightdress off and did what we did the previous night, this time, in the comfort of my bed. After a few nights of wild, violent fucking, we went to take a blood test for the mysterious chemical in her system, and found out that she was given a new, sex drug.

Besides the obvious effect on the person’s libido, he/ she would also create a deeply-sexual, mental bond with whoever he/ she fucked while on the drug. Commonly detected in trafficked persons used for sex work, it possessed a medical classification beyond ‘banned’.

In my sister’s case, unknown to our parents and doctors, it would be my (nightly) job to provide as much relief to her as best as I could.

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