Wild Flowers

As soon as I opened the door of my GrabCar, a hand landed on my shoulder and managed to jerk my drunken ass swiftly around. To no one’s surprise, it was two, fair-skinned Indian ladies, one looking more intoxicated than the other.

(Drunk asked) ‘Can you take us home? Please?’

‘I can’t.. this is a GrabCar.’

(Drunk continued) ‘Then can we get off at your place? Where do you live?’

‘Umm.. ‘

Before I could reply, she fumbled into the backseat and her friend had no choice but to follow, though she did pull me along out of guilt.

(Driver confirmed) ‘Are you J? Going to Toa Payoh right?’


By the time the car moved off, Drunk had fallen asleep, peacefully on Sober’s shoulder. It didn’t take me long too, to get a little drowsy, tipping left and right as the car swerved. It wasn’t until Sober put my head on her other shoulder, did I actually napped for a while.

After we arrived at the carpark of my house, the three of us alighted, with Sober expending the most energy getting us to the void deck. As soon as the familiar, strong fluorescent lights hit my eyelids, I knew I was almost home and continued my way to the lift, where the two ladies followed into as well.

(I asked doubtfully) ‘Are you.. girls coming up?’

(Sober asked) ‘Can we? Just for a while.. ‘

‘Yeah sure.. ‘

I had no idea where they were once we entered the apartment, but I couldn’t be happier to lie in my own bed, face down, in my soft mattress where I could sleep till the cows came home.

Suddenly, another body slammed into my precious bed and emitted a gratifying sigh, like it was her own bed. I summoned all the remaining strength I had to roll myself sideway, to see the lifeless body of Drunk, smiling blissfully with her eyes closed.

(I whispered weakly) ‘hey.. this is my bed.. ‘

As soon as I staked my claim, my eyelids gave way, and shut all the lights (coming from the open door) out. I could sense her moving, but would never expect her to wriggle herself into my arms.

For one, she did smell good, and her roaming hand made it harder for me to push her away. As sloppy as it was, she managed to undo enough of my jeans, to stick her hand into my briefs. With some up-down motion, I was hardened, somewhat unwillingly.

At some point in time, she took a break and placed one of my hands over her groin, where she then rolled her black, high-waist flare skirt up far enough to expose her underwear – a pair of G-string which its triangular part perfectly went over her pussy.

(As Drunk panted) ‘I always get horny when I.. when I drink.. ‘

With that said, she pushed my hand into her thongs to soak me in her wetness, making it so easy for me to slide a finger between the delicate, soft folds of her pussy. At that point, we were moving autonomously, getting each other off on the pleasure we mutually created for each other.

(Sober exclaimed) ‘OH MY GOD! CAN YOU TWO NOT!’

It was only when she grabbed our hands, did we (both) really woke up. Instead of shock, we responded by pulling her into the bed, for Drunk to tickle her until she shouted defeat. Just when I thought the fun was over, Drunk began touching her inappropriately. Even going as far as under her tube top, to caress her boobs until she was bedazzeled.

(Drunk whispered secretively) ‘she’s really sensi.. *Sober interrupted* HEY! What are you.. *Drunk hushed* Okok.. shhh.. shhhhh.. ‘

As she resumed writhing and sighing to Drunk’s fondle, Sober undid her denim hot pants and removed it with my help. In return, she did the same for me and before we knew it, all three of us were naked waist-down.

After Drunk whispered something into Sober’s ear, Sober rolled her body on top of Drunk’s and the girls relocated themselves to the middle of my bed. As Drunk continued to tease the nipples dangling above her, she signalled me to go behind Sober, who was perched in an alluring version of doggystyle.

Next, Drunk stuck a hand down Sober’s pussy and I handed my cock over, to be used as a vibrator on Sober’s clit. Not more than a few seconds later, Sober was moaning for her life as she was stimulated both ways, at her nipples and clit.

Just as juices began to gather at her opening, Sober took over my cock and positioned it right outside her pussy, so she could ‘sit’ right over it. Tightening my grip on her tiny waist, I could only hold my breath as she rocked her body back and forth, fucking me in an off-beat tempo until I took over.

The second I slammed my cock all the way inside her, she became louder, in a raging, insatiable, vengeful way. Perching her chest upright, she grabbed both of Drunk’s breasts as I jerked her up and down, splashing juices with my hard thrusts deep into her vagina.

Sober only managed to rub Drunk’s clit for a couple of minutes before she collapsed in an orgasm, forcing me to pull out of her due to the overwhelming tightness. Drunk swiftly climbed on top of Sober to work her nipples (again), while I inserted my manhood into Drunk.

Obviously wetter than Sober, I hammered her loose-er pussy until she drizzled Sober’s body with her bodily-fluids, before she crashed into her friend.

By then, Sober had regained her strength and was clearly revitalised, from the way she flipped Drunk’s limp body away. This time, she went back into the doggystyle, except that her face was right at my groin.

At the instant she took my cock into her mouth, I knew what my job was and I just mindlessly shoved the entirety of my erection down her throat. Without any gag-reflex, I did felt dominant, enough to keep going faster and harder until I was ready to blow my load.

(I grunted) ‘CUMMING! I’M CUMMING.. NOW!’

Sober pulled her head backwards far enough to contain my cum, but not dirty the sheets. The unexpected, ball-massage thoroughly emptied me, right down to the last drop. Without warning, Sober then jumped off Drunk’s body to give her a passionate kiss, that transferred my load into her mouth, and remained sealed until Drunk swallowed it so she could breathe.

That night, the two girls displayed a comical version of a ‘cold war’, each sleeping on either side of me, and showed signs of irritation when their hands touched while trying to get me ‘up’ again.

During my mid-sleep, toilet visit, Drunk sneaked along and we went for another round that I finished inside of her. The next morning, I was woken up with a blowjob by Sober, that quickly turned into an intense, all-out, cowgirl-sex that would definitely wake Drunk up. That round, too, ended with an explosion deep in the nether region of Sober.

Having had enough of the crazy pair, I went to make some breakfast for our hangover. When I returned, I found them in 69, eating each other out as they were knuckles deep in one another’s pussy.

And the reason they gave? It was to ‘dig and squeeze out my cum (through orgasms) that she (each other) didn’t deserve’. For the better of us, I helped them out with my fingers, while they ate on their fours.

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