I Came to Dance

(Girl yelling) ‘OHHH.. YEAHHH!’

Before I knew it, a girl had came up to me, at my table right in front of the dance floor, and began grinding her ass on my groin. Thinking that she would either move away or be ‘claimed’ in a few minutes, I didn’t resist her advances and simply remained still, enjoying the unexpected intimacy while being ‘polite’.

Under the blinding laser-show and heart-thumping music, I could not get a good look at her despite her spins and using me as a makeshift dance pole. There was, ultimately no need for me to see her any closer since I didn’t think any of us was there for long-lasting friendships.

After going through two more (music) tracks, the lights had been dimmed to such a level I could not see anything, save for the diffusion of the lasers hitting – things. Somehow, during the mess of all that dirty, crazy dancing, the girl began to unzip my pants, in privacy of the unwarranted darkness.

For one, my head was still spinning, as my body started to process the amount of alcohol I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle. Needless to say, I felt extremely unsafe and vulnerable the moment she whipped my cock out of my pants.

To provide some sort of cover, she replanted her ass over my cock and stealthily, tucked my dick head into her panties, right at where her pussy was. She then promptly resumed swaying to the music, at the same time sliding my shaft vertically across her increasingly-wet slit.

At one point in time, I felt her backing up too far onto my groin, bent my penis a little to far for comfort, before she reached between her thighs to ‘reposition’ me – into her pussy.

And just like that, I was getting fucked in front of so many people, who probably knew-but-kept-silent about our erratic movements. It was partly of my doing too, to be that consumed by the random pussy sliding up and down my erection.

After five or so minutes of the uncomfortable sex, she let me out and I pulled my zipper up, only to have her drag me into another corner where couples were daringly engaging in varying levels of intimacy along the wall.

My disoriented behaviour, gave her the chance to push me up against the wall, undo my pants, and slide my cock right back into her warm, wet hole. Next, my hands were slapped onto her hips as she humped me backwards, before I finally took over to give her the hard, doggystyle banging she deserved.

Watching her head fling up and down in ecstasy, I was suddenly refreshed with the vigour, ferocity, and lust to ram my cock so deeply into her until she was moaning. In the bewildered looks surrounding us, we showed no signs of shame as I hammered her dumb, somewhat instigating a few other couples to do the same.

In a few minutes, her body began shaking as she neared orgasm, forcing me to hold her firmly down onto my cock as she shook. All of a sudden, her vagina formed a vacuum around me and let her involuntary tremors deliver my trigger-point.

(Crying into her ear) ‘FUCK! I’M CUMMING!’

I carefully let go of her and she collapsed onto her fours, then turning slowly, but eagerly towards me. With her hair strewn across her face, there wasn’t a chance to take another look at her once she placed her mouth over my dick, slamming her face into my groin for a deep-throat, face-fuck.

Her violent engagement, coupled with a gagless reflex, shoved me so far down her throat that it momentarily felt better than her pussy. Within thirty seconds, she was relieved of her job as I throbbed hard, pumping load after load of cum down her throat.

The cleanup was done pretty quickly, and thoroughly as she gave me a hard, forceful suck on her way ‘out’, leaving me with emptied balls for a clean refill.

(She said) ‘Mmm.. shall we go home now?’

When I saw who that was, I finally understood what a ‘void’ meant. She was my step-sister, who also knew that our parents, were fucking other people behind each other’s back, sometimes in our own home.

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